Texas Chicken Menu and Price List (Updated 2022)

The Complete Texas Chicken Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

Texas Chicken is an awesome place to hang out with family and friends while bonding over really good fried chicken. Offering a wide selection ranging from original to spicy servings of fried chicken, burgers and wrapsTexas Chicken’s menu is sure to have something for everyone.

Not to forget, their most noteworthy menu item is their honey butter biscuits. Sweet and salty, it’s the perfect combination for binging on a budget! Apart from their meals, one of the main reason Malaysian’s love Texas Chicken is their unlimited drink refill option that comes with your order!

**Note: The prices listed merely serve as a guide at the time it was written. If you wish to check out the seasonal specials, feast your eyes on their official site!

Big Deals Bigger Satisfaction

Menu ItemPrice
Smoky BBQ FlatbreadRM5.70
Spicy Korean Rice BowlRM6.10
Spicy Korean Mash BowlRM4.10
Chicken Gravy FlatbreadRM5.70
Chicken Gravy Mash BowlRM4.10
Chicken Gravy BiscuitRM4.10
Tex-Masala FlatbreadRM6.99
Tex-Masala Mash BowlRM4.51
Tex-Masala Rice BowlRM6.99

Star Box Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Zesty Crunch BurgerRM14.49
Zesty Crunch WrapRM14.49
Tex SamplerRM12.99
Mexicana WrapRM17.99
Mexicana BurgerRM17.99

Mega Meals

Menu ItemPrice From
Mega MealsRM29.99

Feel the Crunch

Feel the Crunch
Menu ItemPrice
2 Piece Chicken Regular ComboRM16.99
3 Piece Chicken Regular ComboRM20.20
2 Piece ChickenRM11.90
3 Piece ComboRM17.49

Wrapped with Freshness

Wrapped with Freshness
Menu ItemPrice
Classic BurgerRM6.99
Tender WrapRM6.99
Mexicana WrapRM11.80
Tex WrapRM10.80
Mexicana BurgerRM11.80
Spicy Tex SupremeRM10.80
Tex Wrap Regular ComboRM 14.45
Tex Wrap Large ComboRM16.25
Spicy Tex Supreme Regular ComboRM14.45
Spicy Tex Supreme Large ComboRM16.25
Mexicana Wrap Regular ComboRM16.70
Mexicana Wrap Large ComboRM18.50
Mexicana Burger Regular ComboRM16.70
Mexicana Burger Large ComboRM18.50

Family and Friends

Family and Friends
Menu ItemPrice
5 Pieces of ChickenRM27.99
8 Pieces of ChickenRM45.80
12 Pieces of ChickenRM60.50
5 Piece Chicken ComboRM39.99
8 Piece Chicken ComboRM59.90
12 Piece Chicken ComboRM79.99

Classic Sides

Classic Sides
Menu ItemPrice
6 Pc Jalapeno BombersRM7.75
Honey Butter BiscuitRM2.25
Mashed PotatoesRM3.00
Flavoured RiceRM3.49

Crunchy Deals

Menu ItemPrice
Classic Burger ComboRM5.99
1 pc Chicken ComboRM5.99
Tender Wrap ComboRM5.99
Porridge ComboRM5.99


Menu ItemPrice
3 Pieces Tenders with 1 dipping sauceRM7.90
6 Pieces Nuggets with 1 dipping sauceRM9.49
12 Pieces Tenders with 3 dipping sauceRM29.90
12 Pieces NuggetsRM16.90

Sweet Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Apple PieRM3.50
Mango PuddingRM2.99


Texas Chicken Beverages
Menu ItemPrice
Carbonated DrinksRM4.51
Iced MiloRM5.90
Mineral WaterRM3.90

Dipping Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Ranch SauceRM1.80
Honey Mustard SauceRM1.80
Creamy Jalapeno SauceRM1.80
BBQ SauceRM1.80

Where to Order Texas Chicken in Malaysia

With more than 35 outlets in Malaysia, you can get your fix of Texas With more than 35 outlets in Malaysia, you can get your fix of Texas Chicken just about anywhere! They pride themselves on their huge restaurants with the iconic red and blue cushioned seats- encouraging large groups to visit, kick back and relax. With the addition of the unlimited refill option, many Malaysians choose Texas Chicken as a prime lepak spot!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to have your meals at home, download the foodpanda app and have your chicken and biscuits delivered to your doorstep!

Latest Menu Item from Texas Chicken Malaysia

Ayam 8 Lada Bersaudara

Ayam 8 Lada Bersaudara

Spicy Korean Rice Bowl

Spicy Korean Rice Bowl

Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Fans of Texas Chicken Malaysia

Check out who else loves Texas Chicken.

History of Texas Chicken Malaysia

History of Texas Chicken

Did you know Texas Chicken actually started out as Church’s Chicken back in the early 1950’s? Founder, George W. Church Sr. first started selling his iconic fried chicken and biscuits in downtown San Antonio. His restaurant was one of the few take-away eating spots of its kind.

Back in the days, people would pop in for a bag of their favourite chicken and head back home. From there, other iconic sides and additions began to surface on their menu, the first side menu introduced being the Jalapeno Bombers.

It was a much needed spice addition, according to Church Jr, as immediately, sales went up. After that, they brought in other sides such as the chicken tenders, nuggets fries and a whole host of delicious desserts.

In Malaysia, alike most predominantly Muslim countries Church’s Chicken rebranded itself to Texas Chicken. This brought in fans of their fried chicken and honey butter biscuits than they had ever imagined. Since its first opening in 2013, Texas Chicken has around 35 outlets in Malaysia and are planning to keep growing. More chicken for us!

Reach out to Texas Chicken Malaysia

Want to keep up with Texas Chicken’s latest promos and menu items? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

If you’re interested, join their team or fill up their feedback form on their website!

Texas Chicken FAQs

Is this restaurant halal?

Yes, all Texas Chicken branches are halal, unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

Is the food here dairy-free?

Except for desserts and cheeseburgers, all other menu items are dairy-free, including the burger buns.

Does Texas Chicken cater for events?

Yes. Catering and food truck services are available. Click here for more information.

Does Texas Chicken offer gift vouchers?

Yes. All vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Find out more about gift vouchers here.

Does Texas Chicken offer free Wi-Fi for dine in customers?

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi services are currently unavailable in Texas Chicken branches.


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