Pho Vietz Menu & Price List (Update 2023)

Pho Vietz Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

We aren’t exactly sure when the hype for Vietnamese food made its debut here in Malaysia, but whether you pronounce it as “fa” or “fo”, we all love the delicious noodle soup. Pho Vietz blesses us with authentic Vietnamese cuisines, equipped with the restaurant’s open concept for diners to observe the preparation of their food, including Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and Bun Cha Gio (Vietnamese pork vermicelli).

Pho Vietz restaurants, situated in strategic mall locations, are often crowded during peak hours. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a complete and updated list of their menu so that you can decide what to order even before arriving!

Pho Vietz Complete Menu

Famous Vietnamese BaguetteRM 13.90
Vietz Baguette with Grilled Pork Patties  RM 12.90
Veggie Spring RollsRM 9.90
Veggie Spring Roll Dried VermicelliRM 17.90
Stir-fried Lemongrass with Soy Chicken Rice SetRM 18.90
Stir-fried Basil with Soy Chicken Rice SetRM 18.90
Veggie Flat Rice RollRM 12.90
4 Beef Combo Noodle SoupRM 22.90
3 Beef Combo Noodle SoupRM 22.90
2 Beef Combo Noodle SoupRM 22.90
Sliced Beef Noodle SoupRM 25.90
Hue Style Spicy BeefRM 22.90
Vietz Chicken Noodle SoupRM 22.90
Vietz Pork Rib Noodle SoupRM 22.90
Vietz Pork Balls Noodle SoupRM 22.90
Marinated Grill Pork Dried VermicelliRM 17.90
Lemongrass Chicken Dried VermicelliRM 17.90
Vietz Spring Roll Dried VermicelliRM 17.90
Grilled Pork Patties Dried VermicelliRM 18.90
Stir-fried Beef Vermicelli with LemongrassRM 20.90
Seafood Fried Hor FunRM 26.90
Stir-fried Beef Hor FunRM 22.90
Braised Pork Belly with Coconut Juice SetRM 29.90
Braised Pork Belly with Coconut JuiceRM 25.90
Marinated Grilled Chicken Chop RiceRM 19.90
Marinated Grilled Pork Belly RiceRM 19.90
Sweet Potato Curry Chicken SetRM 20.90
Sweet Potato Curry ChickenRM 16.90
Caramel Sliced Pork Belly SetRM 20.90
Caramel Pork BellyRM 16.90
Caramel Fish Claypot SetRM 21.90
Caramel Fish ClaypotRM 19.90
Beef Stew with RiceRM 22.90
Beef StewRM 18.90
Beef Stew with BaguetteRM 22.90
Braised Chicken Whole Leg RiceRM 20.90
Stir-fried Beef Celery SetRM 21.90
Stir-fried Beef CeleryRM 18.60
Vietz Spring RollRM 10.90
Tiger Prawn RollRM 12.00
Steamed Flat Rice RollRM 13.10
Fried Fish CakeRM 10.90
Fried Foo ChukRM 10.90
Vietz Grilled Pork PattiesRM 12.90
Vietz Prawn SaladRM 15.90

History of Pho Vietz

Pho Vietz’s kitchen is helmed by lead chef Kenny Ton Ngoc Hiep, a true Vietnamese ex-pat with over 20 years of experience in authentic Vietnamese cuisine and international ventures into Asia, Europe and Africa. Along with co-owner Eric, Kenny aims to share the extraordinary flavours of Pho Vietz while staying true to his roots. The restaurant chain has various outlets across the Klang Valley, serving over 50 tantalising choices of appetisers, noodles, rice, street food and desserts. They also sell popular instant noodles imported straight from Vietnam, as well as premium fish sauce, condiments and crackers.

In the heart of the restaurant is a sandwich counter, where the heavenly creations of Banh Mi are made. The Vietnamese sandwich comprises of fresh, healthy ingredients like slices of chicken or pork and a mix of herbs and vegetables between a warm, crunchy baguette. Another speciality is the Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, packed with generous portions of pork ribs and beef.

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Where are the outlets located?

Pho Vietz has restaurants in Atria Mall, Empire Subang, 1 Utama, Pavilion, Mid Valley and Starling Mall. They also have an outlet at Queensbay Mall in Penang.

Is Pho Vietz Halal?

No, they serve pork.

Do they deliver?

Pho Vietz is on GrabFood and FoodPanda! You can order on the apps and have your food delivered directly to your doorstep.


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