Papparich Delivery: How to Order Papparich Delivery in Malaysia

Papparich Delivery - How to Order Papparich Delivery in Malaysia

Always a go-to for a good cup of coffee and authentic Malaysian cuisine; PappaRich has become a Malaysian favourite restaurant chain. With its trademark logo of an elderly man enjoying a cup of coffee, a PappaRich outlet is hard to miss. It has a homely ambience and aroma inviting customers for a little break. It also has dishes that are suitable for almost every meal of the day! Fluffy kaya toast fitting for breakfast, spicy nasi lemak and noodles ideal for lunch and et cetera.

Setting up its first outlet in Malaysia in 2006; PappaRich has since expanded to be this restaurant titan it is today. It has over 60 outlets across Malaysia. It sticks true to its vision; “To be recognized as the global brand name for authentic Malaysian cuisine around the world”. Hence, the occupation of PappaRich did not stop at merely Malaysia. The extent of its influence even going across continents, reaching the USA in 2014.

Introducing Malaysian flavours to the world, PappaRich prides itself in its quality and freshness of its ingredients. This may be what makes the dishes they serve such a delight; being enjoyed by various individuals regardless of culture and nationality.


Ways to Order PappaRich

Way to Order PappaRich
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Though the traditional dine-in experience in PappaRich may still be the most ideal, it may not always be the most convenient. For those who wish to take the dining experience to the comforts of their home; rejoice as delivery services are available!

With delivery services provided through third-party delivery platforms such as foodpanda, 365Eat, and GrabFood, it can get confusing if you are not used to ordering PappaRich online. To help you with that, we have compiled all the available platforms with tips that will hopefully allow you to navigate through your ordering process more efficiently.   

1. Delivery Services

Although there used to be delivery service from its official website in the name of Papa Delivery; it has unfortunately discontinued.

However, this does not mean that the delivery of your favourite PappaRich cuisine to your home is no longer possible. In fact, PappaRich is now partnered with third-party delivery platforms to make this service available once again!

Some of the more notable platforms that PappaRich is currently partnering with is foopanda, 365Eat, and GrabFood. Often offering vouchers and promotions, it would be advisable to look through each of these platforms to score the best deal out of your order. (Tip:  Look out for the festive seasons as that usually has free delivery services!)

Deviating slightly from delivery services, PappaRich also has an official application. It’s called PappaRich Malaysia, which is available for download via the Google Play Store, and App Store.

After downloading this application on your devices, you will then have to create a PapaTreats account. Don’t worry, it barely takes you a few minutes to complete. Once done, you will be part of the loyalty programme, involving the collecting of stamps with every visit to a PappaRich outlet. Collecting these stamps will allow you to exchange it for a reward.

Aside from that, the app will also update you on the latest deals and news from PappaRich. This would be especially useful for you if you don’t want to miss any delicious new updates from PappaRich.

2. PappaRich Takeaway Service

For those who prefer to eat at home, but don’t mind picking up their orders themselves; PappaRich also offers takeaway services that can be accessed through third-party delivery platforms such as foodpanda.

To do this, simply select the pick-up option when placing your order via foodpanda; and you’ll then be able to collect your order from your preferred PappaRich outlet and time. This feature is suitable for those who want to save on the delivery fee and don’t mind the drive out to collect their order.

Extra: Online Purchase of PappaRich’s Coffee

Aside from their cuisines, PappaRich’s coffee is undeniably another attraction point of PappaRich. The popularity of their coffee had risen to the point where they have begun selling instant versions of their coffee. The purchase of said products allows us to recreate PappaRich’s coffee easily in our homes. Hence, giving us the luxury of enjoying a good cup of coffee at any time that we like. The purchase of their coffee is available in most outlets, as well as from their official website. You can click here to access. This allows delivery of the products to your doorsteps!

With that, you have the complete guide for ordering PappaRich online. Hopefully, after this, you would be able to order your favourite Malaysian cuisine from PappaRich without much of a fuss!

And, that’s about it folks! If you’re curious on which other brands offering delivery services, browse through Lokataste Food Delivery!


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