Domino Pizza Delivery: How to order Domino Pizza Delivery in Malaysia

Domino Pizza Delivery - How to order Domino Pizza Delivery in Malaysia

When the word pizza is mentioned, several pizza chains will probably pop in the heads of Malaysians; and one of them being Domino’s Pizza. With 240 outlets all across Malaysia, any debates on the best pizza chain in Malaysia would not be complete without the mention of Domino’s. With Domino’s coming to prominence in 1997 in Malaysia with its first outlet; this pizza chain has since become a go-to for many to satisfy their pizza cravings.

Originating from a single pizza store called “DomiNick’s” in Michigan, Domino’s has come a long way to become the peoples’ favourite it is today. Besides the delicious toppings and its gooey cheese, another distinctive characteristic that sets apart Domino’s from its close contender—Pizza Hut, is in the crust. It offers a choice of six crusts: Classic Hand Tossed, Crunchy Thin Crust, New York Crust, Cheese Burst Double Decker, Extreme Edge, and Cheesy Pan Crust. Domino’s pizza is sure to satisfy any Pizza lover’s crust preference.

The diverse menu from Domino’s is another exciting aspect of this chain store as well. Other dishes such as Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese and Chicken Lasagna are available despite it being a pizza chain. The variety in Domino’s is simply extensive! Even if you aren’t a pizza lover, you could still have a meal in Domino’s without much dissatisfaction. Also, they have desserts which are absolute treats. For example, the CinnaStix.


Ways to Order Domino’s

Being the pioneer for online fast food delivery, launching the first fast food online delivery portal in 2003, it is no wonder that Domino’s has become almost an automatic option when Malaysians think of ordering fast-food.

With delivery services provided through third-party delivery platforms such as foodpanda and GrabFood, it can get confusing if you are not used to ordering Domino’s online. To help you with that, we have compiled all the available platforms. We all included tips that will hopefully allow you to navigate through your ordering process more efficiently.    

1. Delivery Services

Offering delivery service from its official website, Domino’s delivery service is easily accessed from the web (click this link). Besides the website, Domino’s delivery service can also be accessed from their app, which you can download from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

The way these platforms receive your order is similar, where it only requires you to enter your location and order. Downloading the Domino’s app is recommended for frequent customers, as it is more accessible–even available on the mobile phone, and also offers the function where it keeps note of your previous orders, and also notify you of any latest promotions.

A unique function of ordering a delivery service of Domino’s is that they let you track the status of your order, which displays the progress of preparing your delivery order.

Having pride in their quick delivery service, Domino’s also has this protocol, where if the delivery takes more than 30 minutes, a late delivery voucher will be given as compensation. You have to agree, is a generous deal considering that delivery is free with a minimum order of RM20.

Aside from that, Domino’s is also partnered with foodpanda and Grab Food, which broadens the options available to order Domino’s. As these platforms often offer coupons and promotions, it may be a good idea to consider these platforms to order Domino’s as well.

2. Domino’s Takeaway Service

For those who prefer to eat at home, but don’t mind picking up their orders themselves, Domino’s also offers takeaway services that can be accessed through their app or website mentioned above. The takeaway service will be suitable for those who want to make small orders that are below RM20, as delivery service is only offered from a total of RM20 and above.

Extra: Domino’s Membership Card

Nando’s also has a membership programme, which is something that you ought to consider getting if you are an avid customer of Domino’s. With RM50, you will get an express card that is valid for a year, which gives you numerous privileges. One such benefits being the buy 1 free 1 pizza deal all year long.

For those who want to continue using this service even once the membership period has expired, the fee for renewing your membership will be at a lower cost than the initial payment. However, one downside of this service is that it is not available for delivery, and is only applicable for dine-in or takeaway.

With that, you have the complete guide for ordering Domino’s online. Hopefully, after this, you would be able to order your favourite Domino’s pizza without much of a fuss!

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