McDonald Delivery: Order McDonald Delivery in Malaysia

McDonald Delivery - Order McDonald Delivery in Malaysia

Starting its operation in 1982, setting its first outlet in Malaysia at Jalan Bukit Bintang, McDonald’s has become a fast-food chain that is well-loved by Malaysians. Even from miles away, anyone would be able to spot this fast-food chain with its trademark bright red signboard with its golden arches.

The popularity of McDonald’s has reached the point where it has become almost an automatic thought to include McDonald’s as one of the first options when thinking of satisfying our fast food craving—its top contender often being KFC.

The history of McDonald’s starting in 1961 with Ray Kroc opening the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, this fast-food chain has expanded its reach to other parts of the world—becoming one of the largest restaurant organisations in the world having 33000 outlets across 119 countries.

Ranking 30th in the list of countries with a McDonald’s outlet, it is no wonder that McDonald’s has become a well affiliated fast-food chain in Malaysia having 282 operating branches all over the country. Often spotted in malls, McDonald’s has become the Malaysian go-to for its burgers and fried chicken, accompanied by crunchy fries on the side.


Ways to Order McDonald’s Malaysia

Ways to Order McDonald's Malaysia

With its drive-thru service introduced first, McDonald’s delivery service soon followed after, being introduced in 1994. Following the trend of time, McDonald’s delivery switched its platform from the traditional call-and-deliver to a 100% online platform in 2016.

With so many McDonald delivery services, it can get tedious ordering McDonald’s online. To help you with that, we have compiled all the available delivery platforms. Besides, there are also tips that allow you to browse through your ordering process more efficiently.

1. Delivery services

With a minimum order of RM18, McDonald offers delivery service from its official website with a delivery fee of merely RM4—their delivery service easily accessed from the web (click here).

To order from their website, it is best to open an account to ease the future ordering processes. This is especially true for those who intend to order McDonald delivery frequently. An account would allow you to save your order histories, as well as enjoy promotions.

Besides that, for further convenience and accessibility, McDonald offers delivery services through mobile app. You can download the app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you have created an account via the online website, log into the app using the same credentials.

A unique characteristic of McDonald delivery is that it is available around the clock—offering 24 hours delivery service. Unfortunately, the availability of the delivery service is always dependent on your location.

If you live too far away from a McDonald’s branch, it may be impossible to have your order delivered to you. To check this, you could input your location and check if there’s a nearby McDonald’s outlet here.

Aside from that, McDonald’s is also partnered with Uber Eats, GrabFood, and foodpanda. This broadens the delivery options available to order McDonald’s. For UberEats, first-time orders can enjoy a discount of RM5. This possibly being a point of consideration to order from this platform.

Aside from that, all of these platforms often provide coupons and promotions. Hence, it may be a good idea to consider these third-party delivery platforms to order McDonald as well.

2. McDonald’s Drive-thru Service

McDonald's Drive-thru Service

Aside from its delivery services, McDonald also offers drive-thru services, which is available in several branches. With a minimum spending of RM20, you can attain a “Drive-thru VIP” sticker. By having this sticker, it would entitle you to enjoy exclusive promotions such as having a free McFreeze. For those who don’t mind driving out, this may be another option to consider.

With that, you have the complete guide for ordering McDonald’s online. Hopefully, after this, you would be able to order your favourite McDonald’s fast food without much of a fuss!

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