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Secret Recipe is a popular Malaysian café franchise that was founded in 1997, famous for its extensive range of high-quality gourmet cakes. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the fastest growing fusion café and bakeries in the region with over 440 outlets worldwide currently.

Below is the latest Secret Recipe menu and pricing in Malaysia.

**Note: The prices below serve as a standard guide and may be subjected to change. Explore the most recent updates on the official Secret Recipe menu here.


Seafood Spring RollRM 9.00
Deep Fried WontonRM 9.00
Crispy Chicken Fingers with Chilli GlazeRM 12.00
Chicken SatayRM11.00
Caesar’s SaladRM 12.00
Crispy Chicken SaladRM 16.00
Mixed Nutty SaladRM 16.00
Mushroom SoupRM 8.00
Pumpkin SoupRM 8.00
Minestrone SoupRM 8.00


Nasi Goreng Ayam RangupRM 19.00
Secret Recipe Fried Rice with SatayRM 19.00
Special Seafood Mee MamakRM 19.00
Noodle in Tom Yum SoupRM 18.00
Curry MeeRM 19.00
Thai Style Fried RiceRM 19.00
Singapore LaksaRM 19.00
Vietnamese Beef Noodle SoupRM 20.00
Noodle in Tom Yum KungRM 21.00
Special Beef NoodleRM 20.00
Curry Seafood LaksaRM 23.50
Ipoh Hor FunRM 15.50
Penang Asam LaksaRM 16.50


Hainanese Chicken ChopRM 18.00
Grilled Black Pepper ChickenRM 19.00
Grilled Mushroom ChickenRM 19.00
Golden Crispy ChickenRM 19.00
Country Fried ChickenRM 22.00
Chicken ParmigianaRM 22.00
Chicken Cordon BleuRM 20.00
Fish and ChipsRM 20.00
Caribbean Style Fish FilletRM 22.00
Mozzarella Baked FishRM 22.00
Pan-grilled Dory with Lobster SauceRM 22.00
LasagneRM 20.50
Norwegian Salmon SteakRM 44.00
Spaghetti Bolognese (Chicken or Beef)RM 19.00
Spaghetti Meatball (Chicken or Beef)RM 20.00
Spaghetti Aglio OlioRM 19.00
Aglio Olio with ShrimpRM 21.00
Aglio Olio Crispy Beef StripsRM 20.00
Thai Seafood SpaghettiRM 21.00
Irish Lamb ShankRM 44.00
Stewed Aussie Beef SteakRM 26.00


Kid’s Chicken BurgerRM 16.00
Kid’s Cheesy Fish and ChipsRM 16.00
Kid’s Chicken Spaghetti BologneseRM 16.00


French FriesRM 6.00
Butter RiceRM 2.00
BunRM 2.00
Potato Wedges with Cheese SauceRM 7.00


Brownies WalnutRM 7.50
Carrot SliceRM 7.50
American BrowniesRM 7.50
Brownies with Ice CreamRM 9.90
Apple Cheese SliceRM 7.50
Vienna BrowniesRM 7.50
Chocolate LavaRM 8.50
Chocolate Lava with Ice CreamRM 11.00


Signature TiramisuRM 9.80RM 98.00
Moist Chocolate CakeRM 9.80RM 98.00
Chocolate FudgeRM 9.80RM 98.00
Chocolate Chip WalnutRM 9.80RM 98.00
Chocolate BananaRM 9.80RM 98.00
White Chocolate MacadamiaRM 9.80RM 98.00
Chocolate IndulgenceRM 9.80RM 98.00
Chocolate Mud CakeRM 9.80RM 98.00


Wild Blueberry CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Cappuccino CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Hi-fibre Cream CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Yogurt CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Raspberry CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
New York CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Chocolate CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Marble CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Créme Brûlée CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Cheeze ChocolateRM 9.80RM 98.00
Choc Cheese BerriesRM 9.80RM 98.00
Butterfly Pea Lemon CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00
Oreo CheeseRM 9.80RM 98.00


Premium Black ForestRM 11.80RM 130.00
Durian FromageRM 11.80RM 130.00
The Red VelvetRM 11.80RM 130.00
Chocolate BruleeRM 11.80RM 130.00
Chocolate OdysseyRM 11.80RM 130.00
Salted Caramel Macadamia CheeseRM 11.80RM 130.00
Hokaido Triple CheeseRM 11.80RM 130.00
Chocolate StrawberryRM 11.80RM 130.00
Absolute DurianRM 11.80RM 130.00
Hokaido Triple Cheese ChocolateRM 11.80RM 130.00
Turkish IndulgenceRM 11.80RM 130.00


Chocolate Au LaitRM 8.20RM 70.00
Red Velvet SupremeRM 8.20RM 70.00
Boston ChocolateRM 8.20RM 70.00
Peanut Butter ChocolateRM 8.20RM 70.00

Where to Order Secret Recipe in Malaysia

In Malaysia, you can find a Secret Recipe outlet at any major city or within shopping malls. With their fusion menu items and fine cakes, you be spoilt for choice.

Customers may choose to dine-in or takeaway but if you crave the dishes and cakes from Secret Recipe, you can order delivery using Secret Recipe website or Grab (available in Google Play or App Store).

Latest Promotions in Secret Recipe

Latest Promotions
Latest Promotions in Secret Recipe

Fans of Secret Recipe Malaysia

Check out who and why people love Secret Recipe.

Fans of Secret Recipe

Reach Out to Secret Recipe Malaysia

Want to keep up with Secret Recipe menu items and latest promos? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

If you want to give them feedback or have any questions, you may drop them a message on their Facebook page or fill up their contact form.

Secret Recipe FAQs

What is the best way to keep the cakes?

After purchasing the cakes, keep them in the refrigerator within an hour to avoid melting. Make sure the refrigerator’s temperature ranges from 2 to 6 degree Celsius.

Can I customize a cake?

Yes. To do so, visit the Secret Recipe branch at least a week before. You will also need to pick up your cake as no delivery service is available.

How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery charges range from RM10 to RM50.

Are there same-day delivery services?

Yes. Make sure to place your order before 1pm to enjoy same-day delivery services.

Can I change or cancel my online orders?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your orders. An administrative fee of RM20 will be charged whenever you amend your orders.

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