McDonald’s Menu and Price List (Updated 2021)

The Complete McDonald's Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

McDonald’s has always had our backs and always will. With most of its stores open 24 hours, 7 days a week, there’s never a time when McDonald’s isn’t a good option. It’s quick, easy and tasty. Moreover, what’s great about McDonald’s is the continuous innovation of new items on a seasonal basis!

Check out this updated Malaysia McDonald’s menu so you never miss out on all the new goodness coming your way.

**Note: These prices serve as a standard guide and may be subjected to change. Explore the latest items and promotions on the official McDonald’s menu.


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Ramadan Special1x (Grilled Chicken/Crispy Fish) Foldover Set (M)

1x 2pc Ayam Goreng McD McValue Meal (Spicy/Regular)

1 Bubur Ayam (M)
Ramadan Special1x 5pc Ayam Goreng McD Bucket (Spicy/Regular))

2x Coke (L)
Ramadan Special2x Iced Kurma latteRM15.00
Ramadan Special2x Iced Kurma MilkRM14.00
Share beefy Goodness2x BBQ Beef Burger McValue Meal (M)

1x Sundae (Starberry/Chocolate)
Happy Family1x Happy Meal Chicken Burger

1x 2pc Ayam Goreng McD (Spicy/Regular) McValue Meal

1x Spicy Chicken McDeluxe McValue Meal (M)

1x Happy Meal Chicken Nuggets
Double Happiness1x Happy Meal Chicken Burger

1x McChicken McValue Meal (M)
Breakfast for 21x Sausage McMuffin with egg

2x Coffee/Hot Milo

1 Crispy Chicken Muffin with egg
Morning Feast1x Big Breakfast1 Scrammbled Egg Sandwich

1x 2pc Hotcakes

2x Coffee/Tea (S)

1x Hash Browns
RM 25.00
Delicious Bundle1x Nasi lemak McD Set B (Spicy/Regular)

1x Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (ala carte)

1x Fries (M)

1x Bubur Ayam McD (M)
Value Bundle1x Nasi Lemak McD Set A (Spicy/ Regular)

1x McChicken McValue Meal (M)

1x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate)
Sharing Bundle2x Ayam Goreng McD McValue Meal (Spicy/Regular)

1x McChicken Ala Carte

2x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate
Double Delight2x Double Cheeseburger McValue Meal (M)

6pcs Chicken McNuggets
Classic Chicken Delight2x McChicken McValue Meal (M)

2x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate
Chicken Feast1x 2pcs Ayam Goreng McD McValue Meal (Spicy/Regular)

1x Spicy Chicken McDeluxe McValue Meal (M)

1x 6pcs Chicken McNuggets
Malaysian Favourite1x Nasi Lemak McD Set B (Spicy/ Regular)

1x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate)
Spice It Up!1x 2pcs Ayam Goreng McD McValue Meal (Spicy/Regular)

1x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate)  
Nom Nom Chicken1x McChicken Deluxe McValue meal (M)

1x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate)
Beefy Business1x Triple Cheeseburger McValue Meal (M)

1x Sundae (Strawberry/Chocolate)  
Just Chillin’2x Iced Latte (M)RM9.99
Choco Comfort2x Hot Milo (S)RM4.99
Cool Comfort2x Iced Milo (M)RM5.99
Dessert Squad1x Oreo McFlurry1x Sundae (Chocolate/ Strawberry)

1x Sundae Cone

Half Price Wednesday

Half Price Wednesday
Menu ItemPrice
Cappaucino (S)50% off Cappaucino (S)
Hot Latte (S)50% off Hot Latte (S)
Iced Chocolate (M)50% off Iced Chocolate (M)
Iced Latte (M)50% off Iced Latte (M)

New Menu Items

New Menu Items
Menu ItemPrice
Ayam Goreng McD with Sos Cili ManisRM13.30
Foldover Ayam Grill
Foldover Ikan Grill
Banana SundaeRM5.20
Chocolate Banana PieRM4.25

All Time Favourites

Menu ItemPrice
Big MacRM15.60
Quarter Pounder with CheeseRM12.40
Double Quarter Pounder with CheeseRM15.60
Double CheeseburgerRM14.65
Spicy Chicken McDeluxeRM 17.50
GCB- Grilled Chicken BurgerRM 17.50
Chicken McNuggets 6pcs 9pcs  RM13.70 RM16.55
Ayam Goreng McD (regular/spicy)RM15.50
Bubur Ayam McDRM7.35


Menu ItemPrice
Sausage McMuffinRM7.75
Sausage McMuffin with EggRM9.15
Egg McMuffinRM6.50
Hotcakes (2pcs)RM6.99
Big BreakfastRM10.40
Crispy Chicken & Scrambled Egg SandwichRM12.90
Sausage & Scrambled Egg SandwichRM10.90
Scrambled Egg SandwichRM8.90
Crispy Chicken MuffinRM8.50
Crispy Chicken Muffin with EggRM9.90
Hash Browns 

Happy Meal

Happy Meal
Menu ItemPrice
Happy Meal Chicken BurgerRM10.30
Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets (4pcs)RM10.30
Happy Meal CheeseburgerRM10.30
Happy Meal Ayam Goreng McDRM10.30
Happy Meal Sausage McMuffinRM10.30
Happy Meal 2pc HotcakesRM10.30

Dessert & Sides

Menu ItemPrice
French FriesRM6.10 (L)
RM5.20 (M)
RM4.25 (S)
Corn CupRM5.20 (L)
RM4.25 (M)
Apple PieRM3.50
Sundae (Chocolate/ Strawberry)RM4.50
Oreo McFlurryRM6.60
Sundae ConeRM2.00


Mcdonald drinks
Menu ItemPrice
Minute Maid Orange JuiceRM6.10
McCafe Premium Roast Coffee/ TeaRM5.70
Hot MiloRM4.50
Iced Milo
Drinking Water
Frozen Coca Cola/ Frozen MixRM5.60
Carbonated Soft DrinkRM5.60
Iced Lemon TeaRM6.95


Mc Cafe
Menu ItemPrice
Americano EspressoRM9.50
Hazelnut LatteRM8.50
Caramel LatteRM9.50
Small EspressoRM8.90
Flat WhiteRM12.90
Hot ChocolateRM6.00
Iced LatteRM9.90
Iced AmericanoRM9.90
Iced ChocolateRM6.80
Ice Blended MochaRM7.50
Belgium Chocolate Cake- SlicedRM17.00
Chocolate Lava Cake- SlicedRM17.00
Classic Cheesecake- SlicedRM17.00
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake- SlicedRM17.00
Red Velvet Cake- SlicedRM17.00

Where to Order McDonald’s in Malaysia?

With almost 290 outlets in Malaysia, you can get your favourite menu items just about anytime, anywhere! You could also opt for a comfortable setting within their restaurants or al-fresco at a select few. Therefore, we think it’s a great hangout spot for family and friends to catch up.

McDonald’s also offers delivery services.

Download the McDonald’s App and stay tuned to all the updates and promotion deals they have! You could also get your favourite burgers and more via the foodpanda app, GrabFood or pick up your meal through the drive through option available at most McDonald’s outlets!

Latest Menu Item at Malaysia McDonald’s

Foldover Ikan Grill

Iced Kurma

Fans of Malaysia McDonald’s

Check out who else loves McDonald’s!

Fans of Malaysia McDonald’s

History of Malaysia McDonald’s

History of McDonald’s

Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonalds franchise, bought over a humble burger stall located in San Bernardino in 1955. He maintained the same concept the original store had, serving fast and tasty burgers paired with good service.

In fact, if you notice, most if not all McDonald’s staff will greet you the same way across the globe. That’s because it’s an initiative implemented by the founder to ensure constant service all year round. As of now, this mega-franchise owns over 33,000 McDonald’s restaurants across the globe!

In Malaysia, the very first McDonald’s restaurant opened its doors on 29 April 1982 at Jalan Bukit Bintang. While they serve recognisable international favourites like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, McDonald’s Malaysia had persistently implemented the Malaysian culture unto their menu. Additionally, an all-time favourite is the Ayam Goreng, the first Malaysian item introduced ever in the year 1987!

Reach Out to Malaysia McDonald’s

Want to keep up with Malaysia McDonald’s latest promos and menu items? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

If you’re interested, join their team or fill up their feedback form on their website.

McDonalds FAQs

Do all McDonalds provide delivery services?

No. Only 40% of the franchises offer delivery services. Find out if McDonalds deliver in your area here.

Do McDonalds deliver McValue Lunch and McValue Dinner?

No. McValue meals are available for dine in only.

Is there a minimum order requirement for Mcdelivery?

Yes. The minimum order is RM18, excluding delivery fees and GST.

Do McDonalds provide discount cards?

No. However, you can redeem promotional coupons when you dine in McDonalds restaurants.

Are McDelivery services available 24/7?

Yes, but only in selected areas. Click here to see if McDonalds deliver in your area.

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