Taiping Lake Garden 101: All that You Can Do Here

Taiping Lake Garden 101: All that You Can Do Here

If it’s your first time travelling to Perak, here’s a fun fact before you start your journey: Perak is known as one of the largest states in Peninsular Malaysia! Moreover, it has cities which are famous among both locals and tourists such as Ipoh, Taiping, Batu Gajah and more. For today, we’ll be focusing on the town of Taiping.

Did you know, in 2019, Taiping was recognised as the third most sustainable city in the world? It’s true! Hence, it’s no doubt that most Malaysians and tourists would all put Taiping as a place to visit in their bucket lists. Taiping has a lot of attractions, but one of the main ones is Taiping Lake Garden.

You might be wondering what makes this lake garden so fascinating; we’re here to answer your question! Here are examples of the things you can do in Taiping Lake Garden:

1.      Boat Riding Time!

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Taiping Lake Garden has ten lakes and ponds, alongside a lotus pool. Hence, why not take this opportunity to go on a paddleboat ride across the lakes? Also, not to worry because the boat rides are all child-friendly; hence adults can ride them together with their children! This is certainly the perfect activity for those who would like to relax their minds and spend quality time together. 

2.      Get Your Roller Skates to Work

Here’s another thing which makes Taiping Lake Garden so exciting to the public; it has a roller-skating rink! That’s right; you read that right, folks. You can roller-skate here at the rink. Come and bring your kids here to blow off some steam after an exhausting day or week. We can guarantee that this will be an exciting activity to do.

3.      Fun at the Playground

Image credit: tourismperakmalaysia.com

Everywhere you walk in Taiping Lake Garden, you’ll most probably see parents with their kids at the park. Now, we all know what makes kids more excited than video games – playgrounds! Thus, Taiping Lake Garden has just that. The playground is located just near the lakes and has been well taken care of over the years. Hence, rest assured of your children’s safety when you let them play at the playground’s facilities. Besides, who knows, your child might make a friend or two while they’re there!

4.      Let’s Get Exercising!

While the younger visitors enjoy their time at the playground, roller-skating rink and boat paddling; you’d most often see the older ones jogging or going to the reflexology tracks to keep healthy. If you’re into one of those two, you can visit Taiping Lake Garden to do the same! Moreover, they have an open-air gymnasium as well. Doing exercises at a place that has a beautiful view; nothing can ever beat that!

5.      Snap, Snap, Snap

Image credit: @one_eric Ig

A lot of locals and tourists often come to Taiping Lake Garden mainly because of the fantastic view. So, it’s definitely not a rare sight to see people coming here with their cameras ready. You can snap some pictures at the lotus pool where there are pink lotuses on the pond itself. Besides that, take some photos of the birds wandering in the park as well as at the rain trees. We can guarantee your shots will look amazing!

Well, that’s what we have for you, folks! This shows that there are a lot of things to do when you’re at Taiping Lake Garden; so make full use of the time when you’re there. Have fun!

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