Take a Breather at Klang: Introducing some of the Best Café in Klang

Take a Breather at Klang: Introducing some of the Best Café in Klang

From kopitiams to hipster cafes, café culture has been a crucial part of Malaysia’s food culture. Perfect for a little midday break, cafes offer a little escape from our hectic life, being an ideal spot to chill and get together with some friends. With how popular café culture is, you can find a café at almost any malls or corner of your local neighbourhood. When we mention Klang, the image of Bak Kut Teh may first come to mind, but that’s not all Klang is famous for. In recent years, Klang has also become a hotspot for cafes, where numerous stylish cafes have begun to surface, especially in areas like Bandar Botanic Klang. With so many cafes available in Klang, you would never run out of cafes to explore!

Now let us introduce you to some of the best cafes in Klang!

1. Comic Coffee

As you may have guessed from its name, Comic Coffee is a café that is decorated with a comic theme, giving this café a cheery and pleasant ambience that is irresistible for comic lovers. The interior of this Klang café is not its only attraction, though, what café is complete without good coffee and food? With a menu centred on savoury mains, sides, and sweet desserts, such as cheese toast, sandwiches, coffees, and waffles, a signature dish you cannot miss would be their Pasta Aglio Olio. Besides that, they also serve a plethora of unique coffee such as Rose Latte and Nutella coffee cube, which are sure to satisfy any coffee connoisseur on top of being picture-worthy for Instagram.


2. Coffee Ink

Having a spacious interior cladded in pretty lights and potted plants, Coffee Ink gives out a homey ambience perfect for a midday break or a meet up with friends. Serving mostly Western cuisines, a signature dish that you won’t regret trying here would be their Creamy Chicken Breast. Being a simple dish comprised of a creamy French mustard sauce poured generously over seared chicken alongside a side of mashed potatoes and spinach. Here’s a tip: if you like your gravy thick, you can also mix the mashed potato with the sauce to give your sauce more texture. Pair this dish with their Belgian hot chocolate drink to bring your dining experience to the next level, as you get to enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

3. C U Latte (by Cheong Foh)

If the name Cheong Foh sounds familiar to you, that’s because Cheong Foh is a renowned Kopitiam which has graced us with delicious coffee for a good number of years. C U Latte is a modernised version of Cheong Foh Kopitiam, adding a hipster twist to the classic Kopitiam that we are all familiar with. If you are a fan of local Kopitiam snacks like kaya butter toast and local kopi, you can find both of those in this case along with other newer menu items such as honey baked chicken and flat white—this café a mesh-up of both the old and new café culture. Besides the mains, this café also offers a wide selection to choose from, which gives you the perfect closing to your meal. One of their bestselling cakes includes the Lemon Cheesecake, which is perfectly paired with a cup of coffee as well. 


4. Primo’s Café

At Primo’s Café, eating isn’t the only thing you’ll get to enjoy. Having a pool table as well as a dartboard, you are in for an enjoyable dining experience at Primo’s—even more so if you come along with your friends or family. As it is dominating a massive corner of a shop lot, it’s hard to miss Primo’s Café with its large sign, which is brightly illuminated during the night. With an urban industrial themed interior, this café exudes a comfy atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal alongside a song playlist with good taste. This café also has an extensive menu, which revolves around Western cuisines such as soups, pasta, pizzas, burgers, big breakfasts, pork chop, salmon steak. Although the food in this café can be a little pricey, the portions are also generous, so you can share a dish with another if you want to reduce the burden on your wallet. Aside from the mains, the coffee served in this café is not to be missed either, as this café prides themselves in serving rich and creamy coffee, which includes espresso, Americano, mocha, latte, and cappuccino. 

5. Green Sprout Café

As suggested by its name, this café offers a menu that focuses on serving the greens—vegetarian meals. Though you might have the impression that vegetarian meals are bland, this café will surely change your mind, as they serve delectable dishes such as cheese-baked rice, which is their signature too. Aside from mains, Green Sprout Café also offers a vast selection of cakes with a high tea concept, allowing you to have a taste of various cakes and desserts. In addition to that, this café serves aromatic cups of coffee, which are perfect when paired with some dessert. If you are lactose intolerant, but also a coffee lover, chances are you might have had to skip out on creamy coffee or enjoy it with the knowledge that you will suffer after. In Green Sprout café, however, you will not have to go through such suffering as they provide you with the service of replacing the dairy milk in your coffee with organic soy sauce, which lactose intolerant individuals would surely appreciate.

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