KL Restaurant: 8 Must-Try Restaurants in KL

KL Restaurant- 8 Must-Try Restaurants in KL

Malaysia is famous for its food. KL, the capital city of Malaysia, has a lot of restaurants around serving fantastic food. Malaysians are blessed to be able to try them! If you’re in KL, you cannot miss out on some of the best restaurants there. With so many options available, we often find ourselves scratching our heads when asked for the best restaurant in KL. Thus, today, we will be writing on the 8 Must-Try Restaurants in KL.


If you’re looking for the best KL restaurant, read on to find out as we have come up with a list of them!

1.     Troika Sky Dining

First on the list is a restaurant called Troika Sky Dining – just by the name itself gets people excited! Troika Sky Dining is no stranger to Malaysians. This is the perfect place if you plan to have an incredible fine dining experience with your loved ones. Troika Sky Dining is nestled in the heart of KL, so it’s impossible to miss it.

Here in Troika Sky Dining, it offers three rooftop restaurants which are Cantaloupe, Strato and Fuego. Bars are also available here, which are called Claret and Coppersmith. Acknowledge as one of KL’s most famous restaurants; be assured that the quality of dishes served in their restaurants is top-notch!


2.     Nobu KL

Prepare yourself because this world-famous restaurant will impress you with their food. Everyone around the world knows the Nobu restaurant well, and they have one here in KL. Not only does this place have amazing dishes, but they have a fantastic view too! If you want to have a hearty dinner, Nobu KL is a perfect choice. 

Their cuisines are fusions of Japanese food with Peruvian and South American flavours. They offer various types of food on their menu; it’s almost impossible to choose which one to try. Although the foods here are high-priced, it will be worth your money!

3.     Thirty8 KL

Thirty8 KL is another must-try restaurant in KL. This restaurant is famous for serving international cuisines such as Western, Chinese and Japanese. Located on the 38th floor, expect to see a breath-taking 360-degree view of the city. This will surely make your dining experience here unforgettable.

We recommend going over there for tea time to try out their 3-tier Afternoon Tea Set. If you’re coming over for dinner, try out their signature dishes such as Tiger Prawn Butter and Fried Crab Cakes. The food here will blow your mind!


4.     OpenHouse

Here in Malaysia, we celebrate many different kinds of festive seasons. The best part of those festive seasons is the ‘open houses’. Open houses are where Malaysians eat and spend time together. Thus, this Malaysian tradition is brought into this fantastic restaurant, OpenHouse.

This restaurant in KL serves modernised Malaysian cuisines loved by many. If you happen to have a non-Malaysian friend, bring them here. This is where you can introduce to them our delicious traditional Malaysian cuisines. Although the recipes are renewed, the authenticity of the taste is still there!

5.     Dining in the Dark KL

Now, if you’re up for some fun during dining, Dining in the Dark KL would be the right place for that. From the name of the restaurant, you will literally dine in the dark. You’ll only get to depend on your senses (except your sight) for your food.

The fun and best part about this restaurant is that you won’t know what is on your plate. This is because the restaurant will prepare a Surprise Menu for their customers. Don’t worry; their menu is continuously changed. Dining here will totally be a unique experience!

6.     Kouzu Malaysia

Are you craving for some Japanese food? Head down over to one of Malaysia’s famous Japanese restaurant named Kouzu! Expect to experience everything Japanese when you step into this restaurant in KL.

If you’re looking to try out contemporary and authentic Japanese dishes, Kouzu Malaysia is the place you want to be. Not only are the meals delicious, but they are also affordable. We recommend trying out their Dragon Roll, Kouzu Don and Yakitori. Their food will make you want to come back here for more.

7.     My Elephant Thai Restaurant

We are calling all Thai food lovers! This is a must-try restaurant for those who enjoy eating Thai cuisines. They serve food with high-quality ingredients and most importantly, authentic recipes. Did we also mention how affordable all their food are?

If it’s your first time visiting this restaurant, order some of their signature dishes such as their Tom Som, Snow Fish and their famous Green Curry. We can assure you will leave this place with a happy face and tummy – that’s how tasty their dishes are.

8.     Opium

Nestled in Changkat, Bukit Bintang, this famous resto-bar will bring you various Oriental cuisines, Asian cuisines and cocktails. Be prepared to feel like you’ve travelled back in time once you step foot into this restaurant because of its vintage interior design. Apparently, the Shanghai era in the 1920s inspires this interior design.

They offer various types of Oriental and Asian cuisines on their menu. Still, we have our recommendations just for you. Come and try their Angus Beef Rendang, Chicken Yam Curry and Opium Wanton Noodles. We can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the food here.

That’s about it, folks – the 8 Must-Try Restaurants in KL. So, what are you waiting for? Give your loved ones a call and invite them to try out these restaurants!

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