Café Hopping in Bangsar: Cafes you won’t regret visiting

Café Hopping in Bangsar: Cafes you won’t regret visiting

Known by many to have one of the most happening nightlife cultures, Bangsar is a residential suburb located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Walk along the streets of Telawi and Maarof, and you will find no shortages of nightclubs, pubs, and bistros. Due to its abundance of entertainment sites, the town of Bangsar is always bustling with life. Its diverse food culture is another point that attracts people from all walks of life to visit this town. From fine dining to international cuisines to beautiful cafes, Bangsar has them all! As it would be impossible to introduce all the available eateries in Bangsar in one go, we have decided to narrow the scope to just the cafes in Bangsar for this round.


Read on to find some of the best cafes in Bangsar!

1. Antipodean Café

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Promising a full experience of the Australian café culture, Antipodean Café is where you want to be. Instantly recognisable with its homely orange interior, Antipodean Café is an ideal spot for those looking for a place to relax. Antipodean Café is an extremely child and pet-friendly café so you could bring along your kids and pets without worry. Being a Kiwi style café, Antipodean Café prides themselves in serving a good cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast spread. Some of their signature must-tries include Big Breakfast which like its name suggests, offers a generous portion which consists of toast, a choice of protein, sautéed mushrooms, hash browns, and fluffy scrambled eggs.

If waiting in line is not for you, you could opt for a delivery service instead with foodpanda as this café is known to be packed!


2. Alexis Bistro

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With an elegant interior veiled in white with teal undertones, Alexis Bistro exudes as an air of serenity. As the price in this café is known to be on the steeper end, Alexis Bistro would be the ideal place to go to if you’re looking to pamper yourself. Alexis Bistro’s menu comes with a wide selection, where they specialise in the serving of Western food dishes such as breakfast, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, cakes, and even international fine wines. With such a diverse menu, you will be able to find something for yourself. Though if you can’t decide on one, you can never go wrong with ordering their signature cakes—Tiramisu and Pavlova, which are customer favourites too.

Good news for those who are lazy to drive out, you can order for delivery from Alexis Bistro via beepit!

3. Marmalade Cafe

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Bearing a welcoming environment with a casual ambience, Marmalade Café is your stop for an authentic dining experience. If you have kids, you would want to bring them with you when you visit this café as they have two play areas available for kids to mingle. Offering a broad menu inclusive of both Western and Malaysian foods, picking something for yourself from their menu might take a while. However, you could never go wrong with ordering some of their customer favourites such as Salmon Laksa, and Garlic Basil Pesto. Pair your main with a cup of and a cake for dessert, and you will have the perfect combination of a meal.

You could have your favourite dishes from Marmalade Café delivered to your doorsteps now with foodpanda!


4. Jaslyn Cakes

Having a compact size and a simple décor, Jaslyn Cakes bears a cosy atmosphere filled with the sweet scent of baked confectioneries. This café is easily identified with its extensive showcase of cakes displayed near the outer window—the cakes beautifully arranged in the display glass sure to catch your eye. With a step into the café, you will definitely be glued to the array of pastries lined on the countertops. Offering a vast variety of cakes and pastries, Jaslyn Cakes, is a definite must-go for those with a sweet tooth, where their Carrot Cake and Chocolate Ganache Cake are to die for.

Fortunately, the cakes and pastries from Jaslyn Cakes can be delivered to your home through beepit!

5. PULP by Papa Palheta

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A small cottage-like structure hidden among industrial buildings, PULP is a must-go for coffee lovers looking to make their day with a good cup of one. PULP gives off a warm, friendly ambience with its rustic decor with a wood-themed interior, making it an ideal spot for those looking for a place to let off some steam. Aside from their café, they also have their own cupping room, which shows how seriously they take their coffee. Their specialities include Iced Latte Spiked with Hazelnut Milk and Black Matter, and 10 hours cold brew coffee 100% infused with nitrogen. Besides coffee, they also offer delicious cakes which are perfect when paired with their coffee.

Due to its popularity, it could get challenging to find a seat in PULP, especially in the breakfast hours, so another alternative you could go for would be to order from them through foodpanda

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