Apam Balik Recipe: How to Make Homemade Apam Balik

Apam Balik Recipe

Apam Balik is Malaysia’s version of a pancake. It is different from the regular flour, egg and water batter pancakes you see on TV. An apam balik is usually packed with roasted nuts, creamy corn and crunchy granulated sugar. These pancakes are folded as well.

Nowadays, time has brought a new contender to the pancake game. The Apam Balik Nipis uses only 1/3 of the original amount of batter. Vendors cook up thin and crispy batches of this sweet and nutty delight. Yum!


Origin of Apam Balik

Apam Balik has many names across the Southeast Asian region as a result of the Chinese Hokkien Migration. History suggests that the invention of the pancake is related to General Tso, a formidable Chinese statesman and military leader of the Qing Dynasty. On one of their conquests, the dynasty had to provide food for their soldiers who were far away from home.

So, instead of their staple food of flatbread typically eaten with spring onion and chilli sauce, General Tso made a change. He included locally sourced and mass-produced ground cane sugar and peanuts as filling into their pancakes. Thus, the Màn Jiān Guǒ was born. Ever since then, this pancake has made its way all across China and the rest of the world!

Apam Balik Recipe: How to Make Homemade Apam Balik

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This recipe for Apam Balik is great for when you’re looking for snack ideas. Roasted peanuts and a heaping serving of creamy corn make this Malaysian pancake all the better!


  • 200 ml milk

  • 60 ml oil

  • 2 eggs

  • 160 g wheat flour

  • 3 tsp baking powder

  • 1⁄2 tsp salt

  • 25 g margarine

  • 3 tbsp creamed corn

  • 45 g sugar

  • 3 tbsp crushed and roasted peanuts


  • First, prepare the batter. In a large bowl, mix all of the wet ingredients (milk, oil and eggs). Once combined, sift in the flour, baking powder and salt to the wet ingredients. Stir well.
  • Heat a non-stick pan on medium-high flame. Scoop a ladle of the batter right onto the middle of the pan. Hold onto the handle and move the pan to spread the batter around. Cover the pan with a lid for about 30-60 seconds.
  • Remove the lid and add the margarine, cream corn, peanuts and sugar onto the pancake. Fold the pancake onto itself once the bottom has browned.
  • Cut into wedges of four and serve.

Ways to Enjoy Apam Balik

Since this dish is fairly sweet, a hot cup of Teh’O (black tea) is the best drink to have with this snack. 

You could also mix up the fillings by adding bananas, chocolate syrup or strawberry jam too! If you’re more of a savoury person, add in some slices of cooked ham or any meat of your choice.

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