Explore Ampang: Must-try foods and where to get it

Explore Ampang: Must-try foods and where to get it

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A city district in the Eastern part of Kuala Lumpur, Ampang is a bustling city filled to the brim with various cultures and entertainment. Having both high-rise office buildings, and pre-war architectures, Ampang is a unique city where you can enjoy the remnants of history in a new ground. Ampang also houses several embassies as well as the famous landmark—Petronas Twin Tower, which makes it a popular spot for tourists too. The attraction of Ampang doesn’t stop there, though, the food culture in Ampang is not to be forgotten either. Offering a wide selection of eateries ranging from high-end rooftop dining to casual hawker experience, Ampang has them all.

So let us introduce you to some of Ampang’s must-eats! 

1. Yong Tau Fu

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Known as the pioneer of Yong Tau Fu in Malaysia, this cuisine has become synonymous to what the Char Kuey Teow is to Penang. If you’re looking for the most authentic Yong Tau Fu, Ampang is where you want to be. Being a popular dish in Ampang, it is a given that Yong Tau Fu is available in various stores. Even then, most locals would probably agree that the Yong Tau Fu served in Foong Foong at Jalan Merdeka still holds the crown for the best and most authentic Yong Tau Fu. Having served Yong Tau Fu for three decades, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this store marked the beginning of this cuisine in Malaysia. Pan-fried in a hot wok then cooked with stock until it is veiled in a beautiful golden sheen, it is almost impossible not to be a fan of their Yong Tau Fu. 


2. Tandoori

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Sure you may be able to order Tandoori in your neighbourhood Mamak, but there is a Tandoori place in Ampang that’s just on another level. With tell-tale queues that represent the store’s popularity, Uncle Aru’s Tandoori & Naan (now renamed Tandoori Hut), is a place you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of Tandoori and Naan. Priding themselves in serving perfectly marinated, juicy Tandoori Chicken and freshly made Naan, it is no wonder that they have an extensive fan base. Pair their signature Cheese Naan with Tandoori Chicken, and you’ll have the perfect meal fitting for any time of the day. 

3. Nasi Kak Wok

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Being a well-known dish in Kelantan, it might come off as a surprise that you can find this dish in Ampang as well. Characterised by fluffy white rice with a side of creamy chicken dalca, long beans and aubergine, the colourful sight of Nasi Kak Wok is sure to arouse your appetite. If you ask a local for the best place to get Nasi Kak Wok in Ampang, chances are, they are going to direct you to Nasi Cikgu Sue at Jalan Kolam Ayer. Known for serving Nasi Kak Wok topped with turmeric fried chicken and a side of spicy sambal, Nasi Cikgu Sue prides itself in serving Nasi Kak Wok with a well-balanced mix of flavours which will leave you craving for more.


4. Vegetarian Food

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If you’ve been to Ampang, you probably have seen the Guan Yin Temple located near the Petronas Twin Tower. But did you know that you can find good vegetarian food in the monastery as well? In a food-court-like area, a variety of vegetarian dishes is offered, which you could choose. Surrounded by the tranquil temple atmosphere and a good plate of vegetarian dishes, you would not get to have an experience like this anywhere else. With the food being both delicious and affordable, it is a given that a large crowd would appear at Guan Yin temple during meal times—the aim of the crowd most likely not just to perform religious activities. 

5. Hainanese Chicken Rice

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Although Hainanese Chicken rice has become a popular Malaysian staple that is available throughout the country, the Hainanese Chicken Rice in Ampang is not to be missed. A popular stop for Hainanese Chicken Rice in Ampang would be Loke Yun Hainanese Chicken Rice at Jalan Besar Ampang which boasts a long history as they have been around since the 1970s. A unique characteristic of this Chicken Rice shop is in their selection of chicken. Serving both the regular chicken and the kampung chicken, this allows you the luxury of choosing between the usual chicken with its tender texture and the kampung chicken with a firm and lean texture. Although the Chicken Rice here is a tad more expensive, its intense flavours and generous servings of chicken is sure to make you satisfied.

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