Xing Fu Tang Delivery: How to Order Xing Fu Tang Delivery in Malaysia

Xing Fu Tang Delivery - How to Order Xing Fu Tang Delivery in Malaysia

Xing Fu Tang is famous for its brown sugar bubble tea. We are sure you’ve seen on Instagram about this bubble tea shop. It seems like Malaysians can’t get enough of it! We can’t blame them because we agree that their brown sugar bubble tea is one of the best. Continue reading to find out more about the delivery for Xing Fu Tang.

Often, you will see customers queuing up in a long line to buy themselves a cup. Thus, that shows how famous this Taiwan-based brand is among the locals, both young and old. Luckily, Xing Fu Tang offers delivery services for their customers; you won’t have to queue up to get your drink.

What makes Xing Fu Tang so unique? Isn’t it like any other bubble tea shops, you may ask. Well, in Xing Fu Tang, you’ll experience a one of a kind bubble tea experience. As soon as you step foot into the shop, you’ll be greeted with the aroma of the pearls stir-fried in brown sugar.

They also have an open kitchen concept. So, you can see exactly what goes into your drink; and be assured of their quality. They use only the freshest ingredients with the best quality, and most importantly, no preservatives or artificial syrup.

Before placing your orders, have a read on a few of our recommendations from their menu:


·       Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Introducing Xing Fu Tang’s signature drink, Brown Sugar Boba Milk. This drink makes out of fresh milk, stir-fried pearls and brown – all in excellent balance.

When you see pictures of this drink online, you might think that it might be too sweet; well, surprisingly, it’s not too sweet. The flavour is just right, and the chewy texture of the stir-fried pearls is a plus point! In terms of pricing, its price is at an average – not too cheap, not too expensive. All we can say is, it’s worth trying.

·       Matcha Boba Milk

Matcha Boba Milk

Next on the list is their Matcha Boba Milk. For those of you who are a die-hard fan for matcha drinks, you must try this when you pay a visit to Xing Fu Tang.

The Matcha Boba Milk consists of layers of fresh milk, green matcha and strawberry pearls. That’s right – strawberry pearls. It has a strong taste of matcha, which gives a great balance with the other elements. Mix all these layers, and you’ll have your taste buds dancing as soon as you have a sip. 

·       Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta

Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta

We figured this one unique drink on the menu deserves a spot on this list. Some might say it is the ‘cutest’ drink they have ever encountered in bubble tea shops. From the name – yes this is not a bubble tea. It is a smoothie with a strong and rich mango taste to it.

What makes this drink so extraordinary is the rabbit panna cotta jelly which sits on top of the smoothie. Pierce through the rabbit and mix it well with the smoothie – enjoy! The sweetness of this drink will make your day better.

Order Xing Fu Tang Delivery in Malaysia

Like what we’ve mentioned before, there will always be a queue of customers if you visit Xing Fu Tang. Thus, for those of you who don’t want to wait in line or not in the mood to leave your house, opt for delivery! Order your drinks from Xing Fu Tang’s delivery partners who are GrabFood, foodpanda, DeliverEat and Hungry. All these apps are downloadable through Google Play and the App Store.

To find out where else you can opt for delivery, explore Lokataste’s Food Delivery today!


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