Tuhau Recipe: How to Make Tuhau at Home

Tuhau Recipe

Having a very distinctive smell, Tuhau may be a daunting food to try for first-timers. Although it is a type of wild ginger, many claim that it doesn’t taste like ginger. Instead, they would agree that it smells like the fart of small beetle insect called “Posisiang” (Aphids). 

However, once you get past its putrid smell, you will be a fan of this food. The smell will be less of a concern once you grow fond of its tangy flavour. 


Origin of Tuhau

Originating from the Sabah region of Malaysia, Tuhau is an immensely popular food in that area. You can find this food in many markets all year long. Outside of Sabah, however, it is difficult to attain or purchase Tuhau. As a result, many Malaysians may not be too familiar with this wild ginger.

Being a versatile delicacy, this dish can be incorporated into a meal in various forms. It can be eaten as an appetizer, made into spicy sambal, or cooked with salted fish.

Tuhau Recipe

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It may be challenging to get your hands on Tuhau, as it is rarely spotted in local markets. On the bright side, once you’ve managed to collect all the ingredients, making Tuhau is as easy as ABC.


  • 5-8 stems of Tuhau

  • 5 birds eye chilli

  • 1 lime

  • Shrimp paste

  • Salt


  • Peel the hard outer skin of the Tuhau stem, and take only the soft part inside. Chop it finely then put it in a bowl.
  • Next, mash the birds eye chilli, and add it to the bowl with the chopped Tuhau stem, and mix them.
  • Add salt and lime juice (by squeezing the lime) into the mixture. Stir well to ensure that the flavour is diffused evenly.
  • Lastly, leave the mixture in the bowl for a while longer to marinate. And with that, your Tuhau is ready to be served!

Ways to Enjoy Tuhau

As mentioned earlier, this dish is a flexible condiment that can be enjoyed in various forms. When you’re feeling a little sluggish to cook up a meal, you could always drop some Tuhau on white rice. It makes your meal a flavourful one.

You could always explore other possible food combinations with this dish, cause who knows? You could stumble upon a goldmine.

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