The Alley Menu and Price List (Updated 2022)

The Complete The Alley Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

The Alley is one of the most celebrated bubble tea brands in Malaysia, its menu featuring a variety of milk teas with their signature Deerioca pearls. The pearls of this Taiwanese franchise are a tribute to the brand’s iconic deer logo.

Other than the Instagram-famous Brown Sugar series, The Alley also serves many other sophisticated drinks like thick smoothies and velvety tea. Check out this article to know more about The Alley menu!

**Note: This price list only serves as a guide and may be subjected to change. Explore the latest The Alley menu on their official site.

The Alley Menu and Price List


Kurma Lulu Series

Kurma Lulu Series
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Kurma Coconut Smoothe9.90
Kurma Choco Smoothie9.90
Kurma Milk Smoothie9.90

Yogurt Series

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Original Purple Rice Yogurt13.90
Peach Oolong Purple Rice Yogurt14.90
Matcha Purple RiceYogurt14.90
Create Your Own YogurtFrom 13.90

Milk Tea Series

Menu ItemPrice (M) Price (L)
Royal No. 9 Milk TeaRM7.90 RM 8.90
Black/Green/Qing Oolong Milk TeaRM7.90 RM 8.90
The Alley Milk TeaRM 9.70 RM 10.70
The Alley Trip Milk TeaRM 9.70 RM 10.70
Garden Milk TeaRM 9.70 RM 10.70
Little Happiness Milk TeaRM 9.70

Signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Series

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk12.90
Brown Sugar Deerioca Dark Chocolate12.90
Brown Sugar Deerioca Matcha Latte13.90
Brown Sugar Deerioca Crème Brulee Milk14.90

Gold Medal

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
White Peach Oolong Tea9.90
Hojicha Latte9.90
Hojicha Latte with Soy Milk9.90
Matcha Latte11.90

White Velvet

White Velvet
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
White Velvet Brown Sugar Latte14.90
White Velvet Peach Oolong14.90
White Velvet Jasmine Green Tea12.90

The Alley Specialities

The Alley Specialities
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Lemon Green tea9.50
Tropical Passion Fruit Green Tea10.90
Grape Oolong Tea10.90
Apple of My Eye10.90
Guava Lime Juice10.90
Kiwifruit Smoothie12.90
Mango Smoothie12.90
Drown-a-Bear Au Lait12.90

Earl Grey Series

Earl Grey Series
Menu ItemPrice (M)Price (L)
Earl Grey Milk TeaRM 8.90RM 9.90
Earl Grey Tea LatteRM 12.90RM 14.90
Snow Velvet Earl Grey TeaRM 14.90

Original Fresh Tea

Menu ItemPrice (M)Price (L)
Assam Black TeaRM6.90RM7.90
Royal No. 9 Black TeaRM6.90RM7.90
Qingcha Oolong TeaRM6.90RM7.90
Lemon Winter Melon TeaRM7.90RM8.90

Aurora Series

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Morning Sunshine18.90
Northern Lights18.90

Where to Order The Alley in Malaysia

As of now, The Alley has 20 outlets in Malaysia and they’re still expanding! It’s easy to identify their outlets due to the iconic deer logo. Logo aside, you’ll also notice The Alley right away from the long queues. The long line of boba lovers outside are a testament to how good their drinks are!

On the other hand, sip on your favourite beverage at home by ordering The Alley delivery. You can do so via food delivery mobile apps like foodpanda, GrabFood, and GoGet. What’s more? You get to skip the lines and indulge in your favourite drinks!

History of The Alley Malaysia

History of The Alley

The bubble tea connoisseur store was founded in Taiwan in 2013. According to their official website, the founders of The Alley use quality tea leaves that are about 500 days old. Thus, the fermentation process is what gives their teas smooth textures and excellent tastes.

On that note, The Alley serves arguably the most famous brown sugar tapioca pearls, which are freshly made every day in every outlet. This is yet another quality check mandated by the founders. It takes up to 12 hours to make these pearls! Every time you chew on them, think about all the hard work that goes into creating those springy pearls.

Reach out to The Alley Malaysia

Want to keep up with The Alley’s latest promotions and menu items? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

If you’re interested in becoming a part of The Alley, join their team! For more information, email them at [email protected].

  The Alley FAQs

What are the different ways to drink Deerioca beverages?

If you have a sweet tooth, drink the beverages from the top to the bottom without shaking them well. Otherwise, shake well before you drink.

Should I stir the White and Snow Velvet drinks before drinking?

No, there is no need to stir. Slurp the drink by slanting the cup towards your mouth, make sure to taste both the cream cheese and tea.

What are the most popular drinks of The Alley?

The top 6 drinks are Deerioca Fever, Royal No. 9 Milk Tea, The Alley Trio Milk Tea, Apple of My Eye, Hojicha Latte, and White Peach Oolong.

Are the pearls handmade from scratch every day?

Yes. In all outlets, the pearls are handmade from scratch on a daily basis.

Are there different milk options for the drinks?

You can choose between soymilk and fresh milk.


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