Texas Chicken Delivery: Order Texas Chicken Delivery in Malaysia

Texas Chicken Delivery- Order Texas Chicken Delivery in Malaysia

Let’s be frank – everyone loves fried chicken. However, we can all agree that not all places can serve fried chicken that can pique our interests.  If you are a die-hard fan of fried chicken, Texas Chicken is no stranger to you. Specialising in fried chicken, Texas Chicken has become a popular fast-food chain among Malaysians. In recent years, their popularity has even reached a point where Texas Chicken delivery services have grown in demand.

Texas Chicken is a globally famous fast-food chain which specializes in fried chicken, and we can see why! Before anything else, let’s talk about Texas Chicken for a little bit.

Texas Chicken started way back in the 1950s. This fast-food franchise originated from the United States. Thus, in the United States (US), it is called ‘Church’s Chicken’ – due to its owner’s name.

For outlets outside of the US, they are called Texas Chicken. Because of its popularity, Texas Chicken continues to expand its outlets all around the world. Malaysia is blessed to have outlets of its own!

The fried chicken in Texas Chicken is not like any other. They pay great attention to the ingredients, quality and preparation of the chicken. Once you have a bite of their chicken, your jaw will drop over how delicious it is!

As usual, you can choose between the original or spicy flavours. They also offer other meals on their menus such as burgers, wraps, nuggets, French fries and many more!

Here, we prepared some of the highlights from Texas Chicken recommended by us:


·       Fried Chicken

Without a doubt, you cannot miss out on their fried chicken – it’s simply the talk of the town! The ingredients, seasonings and spices used in making them are all directly imported from the USA. So, you can expect some top-notch quality fried chicken is coming in your way! You can choose whether you’d like it spicy or original – it’s really up to your preference. Come and try their crunchy, tender and juicy fried chicken today!

·       Mexicana Burger

Out of all the burgers on their menu, we think their Mexicana Burger tops them all. The flavours this burger brings are extraordinary! As soon as you take a bite into the burger, you might think that your taste buds are having a party. It’s just that good! Besides, the crunchy tortilla chips and spicy mayo play particular parts into it. One burger might not even be enough!

·       Honey-Butter Biscuits

Besides fried chicken, Texas Chicken is also acknowledged for its honey-butter biscuits. Just thinking about these biscuits is making us salivate! This is a must-try when you’re in Texas Chicken. Simply because you won’t be able to find them anywhere else; ones that are as good, at least. These “biscuits” are made from scratch daily; the second they are out from the oven, honey butter is drizzled on top of them. Yummy! You can eat these as appetizers or desserts.

Order Texas Chicken Delivery in Malaysia

Besides dining in or take-away, Texas Chicken can also deliver your orders right at your doorstep! This way, you won’t have to leave the house and have their food at the comfort of your own home. Delivery services are available through GrabFood and DeliverEat. Happy dining!


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