Tealive Delivery: How to Order Tealive Delivery in Malaysia

Tealive Delivery - How to Order Tealive Delivery in Malaysia

Bubble tea lovers, rise! As we are all aware, the bubble tea craze has taken over Malaysia by storm – and we understand why. Nothing ever goes wrong with a cup of bubble tea; it merely brings happiness to the ones drinking it. This drink is so famous to the point there are hundreds of bubble tea outlets here in Malaysia.

If you’ve been keeping up with all these stores, we are sure you know about Tealive. The OG of all bubble tea shops. Besides purchasing a cup of Tealive at the store, you can also order delivery for it.

Now, what makes Tealive so popular? Tealive is a Malaysian-based brand which has over 500 franchises around the world; and more to come. This home-grown brand is always the talk of the town, wherever you are.  

Here in Tealive, your choices of drinks are not limited. They serve over 70 drinks on their menu for you to choose from, ensuring your taste buds will be satisfied. If you’re not a fan of bubble tea, fret not because they also offer coffee, fruit tea and smoothies. And the best part of all these – the prices are all affordable!

Out of all the choices in their menu, here we have compiled some of the highlights in Tealive which we highly recommend:


·       Original Pearl Milk Tea

This is a beverage you cannot miss out on when you’re at Tealive. It’s everyone’s favourite! When you’re not sure on what to get, get this Original Pearl Milk Tea. Nothing can ever go wrong with it. The authentic taste of the milk tea with its chewy pearls, delicious! Besides, it costs less than RM10 for both the regular and large sizes. Need we say more?

·       Bang Bang Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls

We understand that some may not favour tea. Therefore, we highly recommend one beverage which isn’t in the Milk Tea series. The drink is called Bang Bang Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls. This drink is made up of creamy fresh milk combined with brown sugar and chewy pearls—the right choice for those of you who prefer milk over tea.

·       Signature Bang Bang Coffee with Warm Pearls

If you’re not a fan of neither milk nor tea, then we are sure you are a fan of coffee! Those who love coffee have to try out Tealive’s Signature Bang Bang Coffee with Warm Pearls. It’s similar to Bang Bang Fresh Milk with Sugar Warm Pearls – except, replaced with coffee, of course. Grab yourself a cup of this drink before you kick start your day, and it will put you into a good mood.

Order Tealive Delivery in Malaysia

Even with so many other bubble tea branches around, Malaysians will always opt for Tealive most of the time. That explains why there will always be a line at Tealive, especially during their promotion seasons. If you do not want to wait in line for your drinks, you can make an order through their delivery services for Tealive across Malaysia.

The delivery services are available on foodpanda and GrabFood. For those in Penang, you can order through DeliverEat. All these applications are downloadable on both Google Play and the App Store. Besides that, orders can also be made through their website here.

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