Sushi King Menu and Price List (Updated 2023)

The Complete Sushi King Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

Every menu item at Sushi King is an eye-catcher! From sashimi to bento boxes, Sushi King customers are spoilt for choice with a plethora of authentic Japanese dishes.

In this article, we’ve listed out Sushi King’s full menu for you. Additionally, we’ve also included some exciting titbits about your favourite sushi place too!

**Note: This price guide is only accurate at the time of writing. For the most recent updates, check out their official site.

Sushi King Menu and Price List



Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Norwegian Salmon Tsubu Mayo Carpaccio13.90
Norwegian Salmon Sashimi14.40
Sushi King Menu & Prices: last updated on 29 March 2023

Blue Plate

Blue plate
Image Credit to : Sushi King Asia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Egg Mayo2.32
Kanikama Maki2.32
Tamago Maki2.32
Kani Tama Maki2.32
CKT Maki2.32

Beige Plate

Salmon Mayo
Image Credit to : Sushi King Asia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Karaage Teriyaki Mayo3.48
Spicy Tamago3.48
Nasu Agedashi3.48
Cheesy Tamago3.48
Tuna Mayo Maki3.48
Tuna Mayo3.48

Pink Plate

Pink plate
Image Credit to : Sushi King Asia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Golden Ball4.54
Smoked Duck4.54
Teriyaki Chicken4.54
Aburi Tamago Mentaiko4.54
Surimi Scallop4.54
Inari Boat Tuna Mayo4.54
Tori Burg4.54
Salmon Menchi4.54
Kani Tobikko4.54
Marinated Edamame4.54
California Maki4.54
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Roll4.54
Aburi Salmon Mentaiko Roll4.54
Salmon Skin Piri Piri4.54

Red Plate

Red Plate
Image Credit to : Sushi King Asia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Chuka Kurage5.90
Norwegian Salmon5.90
Unagi Slice5.90
Cheesy Salmon Menchi5.90
Chicken Cheese Roll5.90

Purple Plate

Purple Plate
Image Credit to : Sushi King Asia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Norwegian Salmon Nishoku6.96
Chuka Kurage6.96
Ebi Ten6.96
Ebi Fry6.96
Chuka Lidako6.96

Fried Chicken Made the Japanese Way

Japanese Fried Chicken Wings (Original)8.90
Japanese Fried Chicken Wings (Spicy)8.90
Japanese Fried Chicken Wings (Tangy Citrus)8.90
Japanese Fried Chicken Set (Original)17.90
Japanese Fried Chicken Set (Spicy)17.90
Japanese Fried Chicken Set (Tangy Citrus)17.90

Bring the Taste of Hokkaido to You

Hokkaido Set In37.90
Tara Teriyaki Set19.90
Tara Teriyaki13.90

Sushi Packs

Sushi Pack A

1 Pcs Norwegian Salmon Nigiri
1 Pcs Spicy Chicken Katsu Nigiri
1 Pcs Inari Nigiri
1 Pcs Kanitama Maki
Sushi Pack B

1 Pcs Norwegian Salmon Nigiri
1 Pcs Chuka Chinmi Gunkan
1 Pcs Tuna Mayo Maki
1 Pcs Inari Nigiri
Sushi Pack C

1 Pcs Unagi Slice Nigiri
1 Pcs Surimi Scallp Nigiri
1 Pcs Inari Nigiri
1 Pcs Aburi Salmon Mentaiko Roll
Sushi Pack D

1 Pcs Ebi Fry Nigiri
1 Pcs Mentaiko Smoked Duck Nigiri
1 Pcs Karaage Teriyaki Mayo Gunkan
1 Pcs California Maki


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
California Temaki6.00
Ebi Fry Temaki6.00
Salmon California Temaki6.00
Soft Shell Crab Temaki6.00
Unagi Temaki5.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Salmon Skin Piri Piri4.00
Chuka Chinmi5.00
Chuka Lidako6.00
Chuka Wakame4.00
Chuka Kurage5.00

DIY COMBO 2 (Pick any 2 at RM15 before tax)

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Salmon Steak Gohan (S)16.90
BBQ Beef Don (S)15.90
Spicy BBQ Beef Don (S)15.90
Salmon Teriyaki (S)15.90
Saba Teriyaki15.90
Saba Miso15.00
Kinoko tenpura15.00
Big Rice Set15.00
Tenpura Don (S)15.00
Tori Teri Mentaiko Son (S)15.00
Spicy Tori Katsu Don (S)15.00
Chicken Curry (S)15.00
Tori Teriyaki Don (S)15.00
Spicy Tori Teriyaki Don (S)15.00
Piri Piri Karaage Don (S)15.00
Hiyashi Ramen Noodles (S)15.00

DIY Combo 3 (Pick any 3 at RM21 before tax)

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Salmon Steak Gohan (S)22.90
BBQ Beef Don (S)21.90
Spicy BBQ Beef Don (S)21.90
Salmon Teriyaki (S)21.90
Saba Teriyaki21.00
Saba Miso21.00
Kinoko Tenpura21.00
Big Rice Set21.00
Tenpura Don (S)21.00
Tori Teri Mentaiko Son (S)21.00
Spicy Tori Katsu Don (S)21.00
Chicken Curry (S)21.00
Tori Teriyaki Don (S)21.00
Spicy Tori Teriyaki Don (S)21.00
Piri Piri Karaage Don (S)21.00
Hiyashi Ramen Noodles (S)21.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken Salad16.21
Salmon Salad19.71
Karage Egg Salad17.37
Wakame Salad5.71


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Salmon Tsubu Mayo Yaki11.54
Saba Tsubu Mayo Yaki16.21
Unagi Kabayaki25.90
Salmon Teriyaki22.62
Saba Teriyaki12.71


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Japanese Fried Chicken Wing (Original)9.90
Japanese Fried Chicken Wing (Spicy)9.90
Tori Soboro Agedashi 6.88
Soft Shell Crab and Ebi Ten Moriawase17.37
Ika Kaarage7.30
Tara Karaage9.90
Chicken Gyoza6.88
Ebi Tenpura12.36
Chicken Nanban9.33
Salmon Kama Piri Piri5.90


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Black Pepper Udon10.90
Nabeyaki Udon13.90
Beef Nabeyaki Udon15.90
Tara Kinoko Udon15.90
Zaru Udon7.90
Tenpura Udon14.00
Curry Udon12.90
Tokyo Ramen Noodles15.90
Nagoya Spicy Ramen Noodles17.50
Hokkaido Ramen Noodles16.90


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken Katsu Don17.84
Yaki Gyu Don16.90
Chicken Katsu Don with Onsen Egg15.20
Oyako Don17.84
Ten Don18.54

Japanese Curry

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Curry Chicken Katsu19.71
Curry Yakiniku23.20


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Miso Soup3.50
Cheese Sauce2.33
Mentaiko Mayo2.33

Set Meal

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Japanese Fried Chicken Set (Original)25.50
Japanese Fried Chicken Set (Spicy)24.37
Grilled Salmon Belly Set21.90
Salmon Steak Set30.20
Grand Tenpura Yaki Sakana Set20.50
Spicy Yakiniku Set29.62
Unagi Set33.70


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Yakiniku & Chicken Nanban Bento17.90
Grand Mixed Bento18.90
Yakiniku Ebi Fry Bento19.90
Tenpura & Chicken Nanban Bento16.90
Salmon Steak & Ebi Fry Bento18.90
Salmon Belly Nanban Bento19.90
Mixed Seafood Bento16.90

Beverages and Desserts

Green Tea3.19
Hanjuku Cheese Cake4.66
Custard Mochi Puff5.83
Matcha Mochi Puff5.83

Beef Promotion

Spicy Yakiniku Gunkan6.00
Yakinikun Tsubu Mayo Maki5.00
Stamina Don17.90
Spicy Stamina Don18.90
Yakiniku & Chicken Katsu Don20.90
Yakiniku & Ebi Fry Don22.90
Yakiniku & Unagi Don28.90
Yakiniku Double Beef Don29.90
Beef & JFC Benti (Original)20.90
Beef & JFC Bento (Spicy)20.90

Where to get Sushi King in Malaysia?

Currently, this sushi mogul has 130 stores. 28 of them are dine-in stores that are scattered across Malaysia in shopping centres, shop lots and more. The outlets are where you get quality services like no other, seeing as the staffs are incredibly well-versed in the Japanese culture that emphasises politeness. If you choose to dine-in, you’ll be directed to the cosy seating area with easy access to the conveyer belt.

If you’re wondering how they bill your meal, worry not. The price of each sushi is colour-coded. The staff will count the number of different coloured plates on your table at the end of your meal and charge accordingly. Non-sushi items are also available on the menu, of course. You can buzz one of the waiters to your table and they’ll happily jot down your orders.

In a rush? Frent not, because you can stop by at either a Sushi King express, deli or kiosk anytime. Some of these smaller stores offer individual, high stools for you to have a quick bite. This way, you can have your favourite Japanese meals on the go!

You may also download the Sushi King app and place your orders online, then collect your sushi once you receive the pick-up notification. The app is excellent for collecting and redeeming points too!

Last but not least, get your favourite menu items from Sushi King via Malaysia’s food delivery apps like foodpanda and GrabFood.

Latest Menu Item from Sushi King

Fans of Sushi King Malaysia

Check out who else loves Sushi King!

History of Sushi King Malaysia

History of Sushi King

Back in 1968, the owner of Sushi King, Fumihiko Konishi, ventured into Malaysia on a student exchange program. Having experienced a few months of city life at his host university, University Malaya, Fumihiko vowed to come back. He was intrigued by the multi-ethnicity in Malaysia and saw a potential market to popularise his homeland’s national dishes.

Years later, he introduced the very first accessible and affordable Japanese restaurant to Malaysia. Locals instantly fell in love but were wary of the halal status of this sushi store.

Committed to providing the best, Sushi King Malaysia went through the arduous process of proving they were halal and succeeded. The founders are set to open its 200th store within the next five years. More sushi for us all it seems!

Reach Out to Sushi King Malaysia

Want to keep up with Sushi King’s latest promos and menu items? Follow their social media accounts and download their Sushi King App to catch up with their latest promotion and menu item. You can also contact them here:

If you’re interested, join their team or fill up their feedback form on their website.

Sushi King FAQs

Does Sushi King have a membership card?

From 2019 onwards, the membership card system has been replaced by the Sushi King MY app.

Can I earn points with all my purchases from Sushi King?

Promotional purchases, such as Bonanza, and purchases via other delivery platforms, are not entitled for membership points.

Will the membership points expire?

Yes, the points will expire a year from the date of redeeming.

Can I have more than one account in Sushi King MY app?

No. Each customer can only have one account.

If I register as a member before dining, can I enjoy all the members’ benefits instantly?

Yes, you can. Benefits are applicable immediately after activating your account.


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