Sushi King Delivery: How to Order Sushi King Delivery in Malaysia

Sushi King Delivery - How to Order Sushi King Delivery in Malaysia

Sushi is not new among Malaysians. Some might not like it, and some love it. Usually, it’s the latter. For those who are fans of sushi would know that Sushi King is one of Malaysian’s favoured sushi restaurants. With high competition among other sushi eateries, Sushi King is still one of the best on the list.

Sushi King first started in 1995, and up to this day, they continue to expand their outlets all around Malaysia. As they continue to grow, they have also made Sushi King Delivery available in Malaysia.

Sushi King offers various types of sushi on their menu, where you can grab from the conveyer belt. Some other restaurants might sell sushi at a high price, but in Sushi King, all are at an affordable price. And to our Muslim readers, worry not because Sushi King is certified halal!

Be assured that all their sushi is fresh as each one of their plates has time code. Once the time is up, they will discard the plate of sushi. You can expect to taste the authentic taste of Japanese sushi, although Sushi King is a Malaysian-based restaurant. Besides sushi, they also serve other mouth-watering Japanese cuisines on their menu; even desserts!

Today, considering there are so many choices on their menu, we have compiled a list of their highlights which we highly recommend to all of you.


·       Chuka Lidako Gunkan

Chuka Lidako Gunkan

First on the list is sushi called Chuka Lidako Gunkan. Chuka lidako gives the meaning of seasoned baby octopi. For this sushi, they will wrap the vinegared sushi rice balls with nori (seaweed). Finally, they’ll place the seasoned baby octopus on top of the rice.

These three elements go so well with each other. The crunchiness of the nori, vinegary taste of the rice ball and sweetness of the baby octopus – simply perfect! You can get a plate of these from the kaiten, which is the conveyer belt.

·       Surimi Scallop

Surimi Scallop

In case you don’t know yet, sushi falls into three types; Nigiri, Maki and Gunkan. For Surimi Scallop, it falls under Nigiri. For this sushi, they will place a deep-fried fish scallop on top of a vinegared rice ball. Then, they’ll put a spot of fish roe and mayonnaise on top of the scallop for extra flavour. This sushi will blow your mind over how good it tastes, no doubt. You can also grab a plate of these from the conveyer belt (kaiten).

·       Yakiniku & Chicken Nanban Bento

Yakiniku & Chicken Nanban Bento

When you’re a true fan of Japanese cuisine, you must be familiar with bento. In Sushi King, they offer a few bento on their menu. We recommend trying out the Yakiniki & Chicken Nanban Bento. This bento consists of deep-fried chicken cooked in Japanese-style tartar sauce.

Besides that, it also has pan-fried beef and vegetables together with crabstick, omelette and edamame salad. Eat all of those with the rice, and you’ll have a filling meal—worth buying, especially when you come over for lunch or dinner. 

Order Sushi King Delivery in Malaysia

Not only can you dine-in or take away your food from sushi, you can also place deliveries! Place your orders through GrabFood or foodpanda today and have them deliver your orders to you right at your doorstep. You can download the two apps on Google Play or the App Store.

To find out more places which offer delivery services, check out Lokataste’s Food Delivery!


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