Subway Menu and Price List (Updated 2022)

The Complete Subway Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

Sometimes, all you want is a simple sandwich! Subway always has the answers for when you’re craving a thick stack of bread, meat, cheese and fresh veggies. This sandwich franchise is famous for its signature scent of baking bread. From the type of bread to the amount of vegetable in your sub, you could customize your sandwich to your liking once you’ve chosen your main ingredient from the Subway Menu in Malaysia.

With more than a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from, it can get a little hard to choose your meal when your turn is up. So, here’s an updated menu and price list of all the delicious sandwiches and more at Subway!

**Note: These prices serve as a general guide and may be subjected to change. Stay updated on the latest Subway menu on their official site!

New Items

Menu ItemSix-Inch (RM)FootLong (RM)
Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Spicy Mayo Sauce12.9521.70
Smoky Chicken with Hot Pepper Sauce12.3021.35
Bulgogi Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese12.6020.95
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022

Subway Classics

Menu ItemSix-Inch (RM)FootLong (RM)
Chicken Slice12.6021.35
Chicken Teriyaki12.2020.85
Italian B.M.T.13.5022.35
Meatball Marinara12.0020.65
Roast Beef12.9521.70
Roasted Chicken12.9521.70
Spicy Italian12.2020.85
Steak & Cheese12.6021.35
Seafood Sensation11.5510.10
Turkey Breast12.9521.70
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice12.6021.35
Veggie Delite7.5512.35
Veggie Deluxe9.6514.45
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022


Menu Item6- inch or Wrap (RM)Footlong (RM)
Egg & Cheese6.8013.50
Chicken Slice, Egg & Cheese7.2014.40
Streaky Chicken Strip, Egg & Cheese7.5514.70
Tuna, Egg & Cheese7.5514.70
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022


Menu Item6- inch (RM)Footlong (RM)
Extra Egg1.20 (1 strip)2.40 (2 strips)
Double Meat5.0010.00
Extra Cheese1.402.75
Extra Streaky Chicken Strip2.50 (1 scoop)5.00 (2 scoops)
Chopped Mushrooms2.104.20
Egg Mayo2.505.00
Sweet Corn2.104.20
Subway Seafood Sensation2.505.00
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022

Make Your Sub a Footlong

Make Your Sub a Footlong
Menu Item6- inch (RM)Footlong (RM)

Wrap or Salad

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Meatball Marinara Wrap12.55
Tuna Wrap13.50
Roasted Chicken Wrap13.50
Spicy Italian Wrap12.75
Roast Beef Wrap13.50
Roast Beef Salad15.05
Chicken Slide Salad14.70
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice Salad14.70
Subway Club15.60
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Fountain(16 oz.) 2.80 / (22 oz.) 3.40
Bottled Drink(Carbonated, Iced Tea) 3.80 / (Water) 2.80
Hot Americano5.20
Hot Cappuccino/Mocha/Latte6.25
Hot White Coffee3.40
Hot Chocolate5.20
Teh Tarik3.40
*To make it iced, add RM1.00
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Cookies1 for 2.10 / 3 for 5.50 / 12 for 20.90
Mac & Cheese7.40
Cheesy Meat Bowl10.50
Sweet Corn Bowl4.15
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022

Subway Catering

Menu ItemPrice Starting at (RM)
Sub Platter118.05
Subway to Go! Meals13.90
24 Pc Cookie Platters41.75
36 Pc Cookie Platter67.85
Subway Menu & Prices: last updated on 25 April 2022

Where to order Subway in Malaysia

To this day, the Subway franchise is alive and thriving in our nation with nearly 230 stores all around Malaysia. Now, you can get your favourite sub just about anywhere and anytime! Let’s not forget their gooey chocolate chip cookies that are perfect for any sweet tooth.

If you’re looking to dine in at a Subway, you’ll be in for a treat. With the ever-present scent of freshly baked bread, and drink refills upon request, it’s the perfect hangout spot!

However, in case you’re too shy to stuff your face with your favourite saucy sandwich in public- we recommend you opt for their delivery option. This way, you can enjoy your sandwich however you like. Download the foodpanda or GrabFood App and have your subs sent to you!

Latest Menu Item from Subway Malaysia

Limited Time: Subway Black Pepper

Fans of Subway Malaysia

Check out who else loves Subway!

History of Subway Malaysia

History of Subway

The Subway story starts with a medical student struggling with his medical school loan. In 1965, Fred DeLuca soon realised that his dream of becoming a doctor was pricier than he initially thought. With that in mind, DeLuca thought a small business would help make money. So, he asked a close friend, Peter Buck, to loan him $1000 to build a submarine sandwich store.

Have you wondered why the sandwiches at Subway are called subs? DeLuca thought it was interesting that his sandwiches looked like Connecticut’s famous submarines. As a loyal local, DeLuca made sure he paid tribute to the city he loved.

To date, Subway is known for its sandwiches made at an affordable price. With the aim of feeding people fresh food made quickly, and most importantly made healthy, Subway’s popularity grew to what it is today! Having 41, 000 stores in well over 100 countries, Subway has reached wide and far to offer people all around the world healthier food options.

Reach out to Subway Malaysia

Want to keep up with Subway’s latest promos and menu items? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:’

If you’re interested, join their team or fill up their feedback form on their website.

Subway FAQ s

Can one buy stock in Subway?

No, Subway does not trade on any stock exchange.

I wish to open a Subway franchise. What should I do?

On the Subway webpage, visit the Own a Franchise section and follow the instructions given.

Does Subway offer catering services?

Yes. Click here to find out more.

Is there MSG in Subway’s menu items?

Snack chips and some packaged salad dressings may contain MSG. Otherwise, there is no added MSG in other menu items.

Are there any artificial trans fat in the food?

No. All menu items are free of artificial trans fat.


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