Simple Life Menu & Price List (Update 2023)

Simple Life Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Having a healthy vegetarian concept, Simple Life restaurant has become the go-to for many in search of a healthy and organic meal. Though you may hold the misconception that healthy food is equivalent to being bland, Simple Life restaurant is here to change your mind. With the concept of serving delicious, yet healthy organic vegetarian food, Simple Life restaurant encourages people to go vegetarian. Besides its health-conscious concept, another speciality of this restaurant is in its diverse menu, where the Simple Life menu is sure to wow you with its wide selection.

Due to how vast their menu is, it may get challenging to decide what to have. To help you in the ordering process, we have compiled the complete list of the latest menu with prices in Malaysia (do note that the menu may differ slightly based on the outlet, and this is based on the Bukit Bintang outlet).

Simple Life Menu & Prices (2023) in Malaysia


Organic Lei Cha 

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Organic Lei Cha RM25.44
Multi-Grain RiceRM4.77
Lei Cha SoupRM9.01

Set Meal

Kong Poh Lion’s Mane MushroomRM31.80
Marmite Sauce Oyster MushroomRM26.90
Vegetarian Asam Seaweed Beancurd FilletRM30.21
Organic Beancurd Hot PotRM29.15
Vegetable Curry PotRM29.15
Sweet and Sour Crispy Abalone MushroomRM30.20
Black Pepper Mix Soft Beancurd PotRM26.50
XO Paste Oyster MushroomRM30.21
Mixed Ginger Paste with 10 Grains RiceRM23.32
Assorted Braised Soy RollRM29.15
Thai-Style Organic Beancurd with Fried 10 Grains RiceRM23.32
Soy Knot Pot with BrocolliRM31.21
Fried Egg TomatoRM26.50
Shogoyaki Oyster MushroomRM29.15
Spicy Miso Lion’s Mane MushroomRM31.80
Thai Green CurryRM30.21
Spicy Miso Sauce Oyster Mushroom with Fried 10 Grain RiceRM23.32


Asam Laksa with Brown Rice Ramen/Bee HoonRM23.32
Nyonya Laksa with Brown Rice Bee Hoon / Ramen /Brown Rice Bee HoonRM21.73
Tom yam with Brown Rice Bee Hoon RM21.73
Ginger Extract Soup Brown Rice Mee SuaRM23.32
Sour and Spicy Soup with Brown Rice Bee HoonRM21.73
Organic Black Bean Soup with Brown Rice Ramen / Bee Hoon /Mee SuaRM20.67
Veggie Dumpling Miso Soup with Brown Rice RamenRM23.32
Udon Miso SoupRM23.32
Toon Sprout Sauce with Soya NoodlesRM23.32
Organic Mee Hoon Kueh with Organic Black Bean SoupRM20.67
Chili Padi Fried Brown Rice Bee Hoon / Ramen / Soya NoodleRM20.67
Veggie Dumpling Miso Soup with Brown Rice RamenRM23.32
Tom Yum Fried Rice Bee HoonRM21.73
Dried Chili Fried UdonRM23.32
Black Pepper Fried UdonRM19.90
Fried Brown Rice Ramen with Bitter GourdRM20.67
XO Paste Fried UdonRM23.32
Dumpling Vegetable Soup (6 pcs)RM15.90


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Tomato Concasse SpaghettiRM25.44
Pesto Sauce SpaghettiRM25.44

Multi-Grain Porridge

Wild Yam Multi-Grain PorridgeRM21.73
Peanut Multi-Grain PorridgeRM19.61
Sweet Corn Multi-Grain PorridgeRM19.61

Charcoal Pizza

Mix Mushroom Charcoal PizzaRM25.44
Hawaiian Charcoal PizzaRM25.44

Sushi Maki / Sides

Vege Soy Floss InariRM15.79
Seaweed RollRM14.31
Fried Organic BeancurdRM14.31
Vegetable Spring RollRM12.19
Sweet Potato FriesRM13.25
Spicy Oyster MushroomRM18.02
Crispy Pumpkin WedgesRM15.79
Mixed Mushroom PlatterRM18.02
Deep-Fried Lion’s Mane MushroomRM18.02
Roti Canai with Vegetable CurryRM16.96
Thai Style Fried Organic BeancurdRM16.96
Rendang Pumpkin + TempehRM12.90.60
Mixed Fruit RojakRM13.90


Mango SaladRM23.32
Dragon Fruit SaladRM23.32
Green Salad with Fried Shimeji MushroomRM23.32
Mixed Fruit RojakRM16.96

Healthy Bread

Steamed Homemade Charcoal Bread with Kaya & ButterRM8.48
Toasted Wholemeal Bread with Kaya and ButterRM6.25
Toasted Homemade Charcoal Bread with Kaya and ButterRM7.31


Organic Seven-Color BeansRM9.54
Pear White Fungus LonganRM9.54

Happy Kid’s Meal

Tomato Concasse Homemade Mixed Vegetable MacaroniRM18.02
Mixed Veggie Fried Multi-Grain RiceRM18.02

Detox Water

Lemon + Orange + Grapes + Strawberry + Mint Leaf + Honey +Chia SeedsRM10.60
Lemon + Orange + Green Lemon + Mint Leaf + Honey + Chia SeedsRM10.60
Lime + Cucumber + Mint Leaf + Honey + Chia SeedsRM10.60
Fresh Lemon + Honey + Chia SeedsRM9.54

Pure Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juice

Apple + Pineapple + Orange + Cucumber + BeetrootRM12.90
Apple + Cucumber + Celery + Capsicum + Bitter GourdRM12.90
Small Bitter Gourd + Pineapple + AppleRM11.90
Carrot + Tomato + LemonRM14.31
Mango + Pineapple + OrangeRM14.31
Pineapple + OrangeRM13.25
Dragon Fruit + PineappleRM13.25
100% Pure Fresh Mango JuiceRM13.25
100% Pure Fresh Apple JuiceRM13.25
 100% Pure Fresh Orange JuiceRM13.25
100% Pure Fresh Watermelon JuiceRM10.60
100% Pure Fresh Pineapple JuiceRM10.60

Order Simple Life Delivery in Malaysia

Having 12 outlets scattered all across Malaysia, you may be accustomed to Simple Life’s lively and trendy vibe with friendly greeters that invite you in. 

Sure, the dine-in experience is still the most superior, but you can also order your favourite Simple Life dishes to be delivered right at your doorsteps. Some of the well-known delivery platforms available to order from the Simple Life menu includes foodpanda, DeliverEat and GrabFood. Do take note that the menu items available and prices may differ from those offered in dine-in.

Simple Life Latest Promotions

2020 Parents’ Day Happiness Set Meal Promotion (June 8 – June 30)

Parents’ Day Free Bowl Set (Exclusive for online preorder only, limited to first 50 customers)

Fans of Simple Life

Love Simple Life? You’re not alone! 

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1. How did Simple Life come about?

Simple Life started in 1992 as a humble organic store in Melaka, which has grown over the years with the concept of serving healthy vegetarian food.

2. Who is the founder of Simple Life?

The key person behind Simple Life is Madam Tracy Ngo, who is the founder of Simple Life and also the author of three organic recipe books.

3. Where is the first outlet of Simple Life?

The first outlet of Simple Life was put up on the 13th May 2011 in Klang Valley, specifically in Sunway Pyramid.

4. What is Simple Life’s signature?

When you visit Simple Life, you should first give their signature dish—Lei Cha a try. This dish is a traditional nutrient-rich Hakka tea-based gruel, which is topped with various vegetables and beancurd with a side of multi-grain rice.

5. What is Simple Life’s principle?

Simple Life positions themselves as a healthy restaurant for everyone with interest in eating healthy, and due to that, their menu abides by their principle of using no MSG, no whites (e.g. White sugar, flour), no preservatives, and no trans-fat.


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