Seoul Garden Menu & Price List (Update 2022)

Seoul Garden Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Seoul Garden Menu & Prices (2022) in Malaysia

Priding itself for its 2-in-1 self-serving Korean-styled barbeque buffet, Seoul Garden has become a Malaysian go-to for a memorable dining experience. Offering a large variety of Korean-Asian marinades at a reasonable price, Seoul Garden is the perfect restaurant if you’re looking to celebrate a meal with your friends and families. Having both a hot pit and a smokeless grill system, you can enjoy cooking seafood and proteins your way. If you are Muslim, fret not as the menu in Seoul Garden is halal-certified!

With that said, due to the present Covid-19 pandemic, Seoul Garden advocates practising social distancing of 2 metres, which may slightly alter your dining experience there. Nevertheless, you would still be able to experience an enjoyable meal there. Now let us present you with the complete list of the latest menu with prices in Malaysia.



Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Big Bang Set

Whole Chicken
2 Crinkle Cut Fries
Original Chicken Cubes
1.5L Pepsi
Big Bang Set Signature

Whole Chicken
2 Crinkle Cut Fries
Original Chicken Cubes
1.5L Pepsi
One Signature Sauces
Kimchi Mayo3.00
Sharing Set

Half Chicken
2 Crinkle Cut Fries
2 Apple Tea Drink
Sharing Set Signature

Half Chicken
2 Crinkle Cut Fries
2 Apple Tea Drink
One Signature Sauces
Single Set

2 Pcs Chicken
1 Crinkle Cut Fries
1 Apple Tea Drink
Single Set Signature

2 Pcs Chicken
1 Crinkle Cut Fries
1 Apple Tea Drink

One Signature Sauces
Spiced Nacho Cheese5.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Assorted Mushroom Rice Bowl14.00
Black Pepper Chicken Rice Bowl14.00
Coffee Beef Rice Bowl16.00
Coffee Mutton Rice Bowl18.00
Dried Hot Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl14.00
Mala Hot Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl14.00
Spicy Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl16.00
Spicy Bulgogi Chicken Rice Bowl14.00
Spicy Bulgogi Mutton Rice Bowl18.00
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl14.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Black Pepper Fish Bento Box17.00
Black Pepper Mutton Bento Box20.00
Bulgogi Beef Bento Box17.00
Bulgogi Chicken Bento Box17.00
Chicken Wing & Fried Noodle17.00
Spicy Fish Bento Box17.00
Spicy Squid Bento Box17.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Ginseng & Abalone – Chicken25.01
Ginseng & Abalone Hot Pot – Beef35.00
Ginseng & Abalone Hot Pot – Seafood28.01
Kimchi Curry Hot Pot – Beef35.00
Kimchi Curry Hot Pot – Chicken25.01
Kimchi Curry Hot Pot – Seafood28.01
Saengseon Hot Pot – Beef35.00
Saengseon Hot Pot – Chicken25.01
Saengseon Hot Pot – Seafood28.01
Tomyam Kimchi Hot Pot – Beef35.00
Tomyam Kimchi Hot Pot – Chicken25.01
Tomyam Kimchi Hot Pot – Seafood28.01


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken Cubes12.00
Chicken Cubes Signature14.00
Crinkle Cut Fries7.00
Spicy Crinkle Cut Fries9.00
Iced Lemon Tea6.01
3 Pcs Mala Glazed Chicken Wings12.00
5 Pcs Mala Glazed Chicken Wings18.01
3 Pcs Original Chicken Wings10.01
5 Pcs Original Chicken Wings15.00
6 Pcs Spring Rolls9.01
Yachae – Meat with Free Japchae16.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Carbonated Drink5.00
Iced Apple Tea6.01
Iced Lemon Tea6.01
Iced Lemonade6.01
Iced White Coffee6.01

Special Birthday Packages (Valid for Member only)

Image credit: Seoul Garden Malaysia FB

Valid from 3 days before to 3 days after the actual birthday date of the member, a special birthday promotion would be available in either of these two conditions:

  • Free buffet for the birthday person with every 5 other adults paying regular price
  • 50% off for the birthday person with a minimum of 1 adult paying regular price

Order Seoul Garden Delivery in Malaysia

Image credit: Seoul Garden Malaysia FB

Having numerous outlets scattered all across Malaysia, you will probably see one in your nearest shopping malls.

Besides visiting their outlet, you could also have a taste of Seoul Garden at the comforts of your home by ordering delivery. Well, common sense will tell you that they can’t deliver an entire buffet to your doorsteps. Instead, they have a delivery menu. As you may have noticed, some branches of Seoul Garden only serves set meals, so in the case of delivery, this would be what they offer as well. Serving authentic Korean style meals such as Bulgogi Rice Meal, Dakgalbi Chicken Rice Meal, and Soon Dubu, you could order for delivery service from either foodpanda or GrabFood. (Do take note that the availability of specific menu may differ depending on the branch)

Fans of Seoul Garden

Check out your fellow Seoul Garden lovers!

Reach Out to Seoul Garden Malaysia

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1. Does Seoul Garden only serve buffet-style meals?

No, in fact, some outlets of Seoul Garden serves a la carte Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and Jjigae, which are sure to make your mouth water.

2. Where is Seoul Garden from?

Despite its name, Seoul Garden did not start in Korea, but in Singapore in 1983 where it was first introduced as a fine-dining Korean restaurant.

3. What to order at Seoul Garden?

A perfect mix of sweet and savoury, their signature marinated grilled beef—Bulgogi is a must-try! Be sure to add it to your order on your next visit.

4. What are the soup bases offered in Seoul Garden?

Seoul Garden offers a variety of soup bases to cook in, which includes Thai Tom Yum, Kimchi Jjigae, Korean Tom Yum, and Korean Ginseng Chicken.

5. Is Seoul Garden healthy?

Yes, Seoul Garden is healthy as they offer a variety of fresh vegetables and nutritiously balanced Korean food.

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