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Us, Malaysians, we love our coconut desserts. From the santan in cendols to the shredded coconuts on ondeh-ondehs. So, it is no surprise if you find us with a bowl of Sangkaya ice cream.

It is cooling, refreshing and not to mention, delicious. Perfect to have in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather. So, here is the most updated Sangkaya menu and price list for you, featuring all their new flavours and series.

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Sangkaya Menu Step 1: Choose your serving

The best-seller, the Signature comes with 4 scoops of ice cream, coconut flesh and 3 toppings.

With 4 other types to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

Signature + 3 toppingsRM 12.90
Waffle bowl + 2 toppingsRM 10.50
Jumbo cone + 2 toppingsRM 10.50
Cup + 1 toppingRM 6.50
ConeRM 3.90

Sangkaya Menu Step 2: Choose your coconut flavour

What is more thrilling than picking out ice cream flavours?

Sangkaya coconut ice cream with toppings in a coconut husk
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  • Chocolate
  • Gula Melaka
  • Coconut
  • Matcha
  • Teh Tarik
  • Mango
  • Durian

Sangkaya Menu Step 3: Choose your toppings

From aromatic coconut flakes to crunchy corn flakes, pick your toppings, and up your ice cream game.

Oreo and corn flake topping
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  • Coconut flakes
  • Cereal
  • Roasted peanuts
  • Corn flakes
  • Sweet corn
  • Oreo crush

Sangkaya Pints

When scoops are not enough, it is time to go for the big one. Perfect for your enjoyment in the comfort of your home.

Original Coconut Ice CreamRM 33.40
Biscoff CaramelRM 33.40
Chocolate Ice CreamRM 33.40
Milo DinosaurRM 33.40
Gula Melaka Ice CreamRM 33.40
CendolRM 33.40
Royal PopcornRM 33.40
Mango Ice CreamRM 33.40
Teh Tarik Ice CreamRM 33.40
Matcha Ice CreamRM 33.40
Pandan Ice CreamRM 33.40
Durian D24 Ice CreamRM 30.90

Biscoff Caramel Signature

It comes with 4 scoops of coconut ice cream with coconut flesh, caramel sauce, and Bischoff crumb and biscuit.

Coconut ice cream with Lotus Biscoff
Image Credit: Sangkaya fb
Biscoff Caramel SignatureRM 14.50

Sangkaya’s Shakes Series

Shake off the heat with Sangkaya’s Shakes Series! The best-seller, cendol coconut is a fan favourite.

Sangkaya's shake series menu
Image Credit: Sangkaya fb
Original Coconut Shake (R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Chocolate Coconut Shake(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Milo Dinosaur(R) RM 13.90 / (L) RM 16.50
Mocha Chip(R) RM 13.90 / (L) RM 16.50
Mango Coconut Shake(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Strawberry(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Caramel Coffee(R) RM 13.90 / (L) RM 16.50
Mango(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Gula Melaka Shake(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Coffee(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Matcha Coconut Shake(R) RM 10.90 / (L) RM 14.50
Cendol Coconut Shake(R) RM 11.90 / (L) RM 15.20

Toppings (add-ons for your Shakes)

Take your Sangkaya Shakes to a new level with their ice cream or collagen jelly.

Vanilla collagen jelly topping
Image Credit: Sangkaya fb
Ice Cream+RM 2.00
Gula Melaka Collagen Jelly+RM 1.00
Mango Collagen Jelly+RM 1.00
Vanilla Collagen Jelly+RM 1.00

Fans of Sangkaya

Check out your fellow Sangkaya fans!

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Fans on Instagram

Reach out to Sangkaya

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Sangkaya FAQs

1. Can I be a business partner of Sangkaya?
Yes, you can. Apply here.

2. Does Sangkaya offer catering services?
Yes, they do. Fill out this event form.

3. Is Sangkaya Halal certified?
Yes, they are. They are Halal certified by JAKIM and quality assured by GMP, HACCP AND ISO22000.

4. How do I contact Sangkaya?
You can contact them through here. Or call them at +603-89389889 | +6016-448 9405. Or email [email protected].

5. Where is Sangkaya located?
Click here for a list of Sangkaya’s outlets.

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