Pizza Hut Delivery: How to Order Pizza Hut Delivery in Malaysia

Pizza Hut Delivery - How to Order Pizza Hut Delivery in Malaysia

Pizza Hut is a globally famous American-based international franchise and restaurant chain. The public then continued to grow interested in their pizzas, making Pizza Hut expand their outlets worldwide. 

Pizza Hut started its operations in Malaysia in the year 1982 under QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd (QSR). Ever since its service, Pizza Hut Malaysia received great support and responses from Malaysians.

Today, Pizza Hut Malaysia has over 350 restaurants all around, making it the biggest pizza chain here in Malaysia. Suggesting from its name, Pizza Hut specializes in pizza, and they also offer other Italian-American cuisines on their menu.

Be prepared to be wowed at their wide variety of pizza flavours when you visit! This is the perfect place for family and friends to chill and hangout; be it for casual dining or even birthday parties! Besides that, Pizza Hut also offers delivery for its customers. But have you got an idea of what to order, yet?

As to what we’ve mentioned, Pizza Hut offers a variety of pizza and signature Italian-American dishes on their menu. Here, we’ve compiled a list of their highlights which we highly recommend for you to try:


·       Triple Chicken

Triple Chicken

Nothing can ever go wrong with chicken; everyone loves it! Now, imagine – chicken on pizza, three types of it! Triple Chicken is a must-try when you order from Pizza Hut. What are the three types of chicken, you might ask?

This pizza consists of chicken meat, chicken rolls and chicken salami. Besides the chicken, it also includes Thousand Island Sauce together with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. And not to forget, mozzarella cheese to complete it! These ingredients go so well together; it will make your jaw drop as soon as you take a bite.

·       Hawaiian Supreme

Hawaiian Supreme

We all know about the never-ending feud about whether or not pineapples should be on pizza. Well, we understand how some would have divided opinions on it. However, be assured that the Hawaiian Supreme pizza from Pizza Hut is worth-trying.

If you are a fan of pineapples on pizza, make sure you try it out! Hawaiian Supreme is topped with a chicken loaf, chicken meat and pineapples. And not to forget, together with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese for a full taste. The savoury flavour of the other elements goes perfectly well with the sweetness of the pineapple. Simply yummy!

·       Chicken Bolognaise Spaghetti

Chicken Bolognaise Spaghetti

Besides their pizzas, try out one of their kinds of pasta as well, which is the Chicken Bolognaise Spaghetti. Just like any other spaghetti, it is made up of chicken meatballs in Bolognaise sauce and onions. This dish might be simple, but the taste of it is impressive. Be assured you’ll leave the restaurant feeling satisfied and full! Order this together with a pan of pizza – you won’t regret it.

Order Pizza Hut Delivery in Malaysia

Order Pizza Hut Delivery in Malaysia

If you’re not in the mood to go out of your house to grab yourself a meal from Pizza Hut, fret not because you can now place deliveries in Malaysia! Order from their official website here or you can also download their official Pizza Hut app.

Besides that, you can also place orders from their delivery partners – GrabFood and foodpanda. These two apps, together with the Pizza Hut app, are downloadable on Google Play and the App Store.

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