NeNe Chicken Menu & Price List (Update 2022)

Nene Chicken Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Since 1999, NeNe Chicken has been offering authentic Korean fried chicken that have rich flavours and crunchy textures. Due to the quality and delicious menu items, NeNe Chicken managed to establish a large fan base. The founders of this Korean food brand then expanded their business not only in Korea, but also across Southeast Asia. To date, NeNe Chicken has over 1,200 branches in South Korea and 11 branches in Malaysia.

NeNe Chicken Malaysia serves 8 fried chicken flavours, which are Original, Swicy, Snowing Vegetable, Freaking Hot, Bulgogi, Hot Topokki, Snowing Cheese, and Mala. This article provides the latest menu and price list of NeNe Chicken Malaysia. Let’s check it out!

Fried Chickens


Mixed Parts

OriginalRM 12.90RM 16.90RM 32.90RM 56.90
FlavouredRM 13.90RM 19.90RM 36.90RM 59.90


OriginalRM 18.90RM 35.90
FlavouredRM 19.90RM 38.90

Add On

Combo (Drinks + Fries)+RM 5.90
2 Mix Flavours+RM 3.00

Ala Carte

Nasi LemakRM 11.90
Dosirak (original & all flavours)RM 15.90
Shake iT! Fries (flavours: NeNe BBQ or Spicy Ramen)RM 5.90
Chicken Skin (flavours: NeNe BBQ or Spicy Ramen)RM 5.90
Coleslaw WrapRM 9.50
Kimcheese WrapRM 9.50
Vegie WrapRM 9.50
Cheezy FriesRM 5.90
NeNe Chicken SaladRM 12.90
NeNe FingersRM 9.90
Chicken Cheese & ChipsRM 13.90
Sweet Potato FriesRM 5.90
NeNe FriesRM 3.90
Korean RiceRM 4.90
KimchiRM 3.90
ColeslawRM 3.90
Soft Serve (Chocolate/Twist/Strawberry)RM 3.00

NeNe Burger

OriginalRM 14.90
FlavouredRM 15.90
Kimchi (Add On)RM 1.50
Cheese (Add On)RM 1.50
Patty (Add On)RM 3.90
Cheezy BurgerRM 7.90
Blackpepper BurgerRM 7.90
Ranch BurgerRM 7.90

NeNe Nuggets

6 PiecesRM 8.90
10 PiecesRM 13.90  


AmericanoRM 7.50RM 8.50
CappuccinoRM 8.90RM 9.90
LatteRM 8.90RM 9.90
ChocolateRM 8.90RM 9.90
Cold Press
Calamansi JuiceRM 4.20
Mineral WaterRM 3.00
Soft Drinks
CokeRM 4.20
Coke ZeroRM 4.20
SpriteRM 4.20
Minutemaid OrangeRM 4.20
Ice Lemon TeaRM 4.20
Fanta GrapeRM 4.20

NeNe Chicken Malaysia Delivery

NeNe Chicken outlets in Malaysia provide quality delivery services. You can check out their delivery menu and place your orders here.

Alternatively, there are also other food delivery companies that help deliver NeNe Chicken menu items. Some examples include foodpanda, GrabFood, DeliverEat, Hungry Delivery, and Beep Delivery.

NeNe Chicken Malaysia Latest Promotions

  • Weekend Treats
    • Enjoy cheaper set meals when you dine in from 10am to 10pm every weekend!
    • Saturday set meal: 2pcs Chicken + 1 Calamansi RM 12.90
    • Sunday set meal: Chicken, Cheese & Chips + 1 Calamansi RM 11.90
  • Delivery Discount
    • Get 10% off your bill when you order NeNe Chicken delivery through their website here. Just enter the promo code (NENE10) during your check out and you’re good to go
  • Daily Treat
    • Visit NeNe Chicken outlet any weekday from 10am to 10pm. Then, get a treat for as low as RM 9.90!

Fans of NeNe Chicken Malaysia

Reach out to NeNe Chicken Malaysia

Check out where is the nearest NeNe Chicken outlet by clicking here.

Phone: +603 6262 9198

Alternatively, you can contact the friendly staffs via these platforms:


Does NeNe Chicken offer sponsorships?

Yes. Click here to find out more.

Does NeNe Chicken offer catering services?

Yes, submit your enquiries or bookings here.

How do I become the business partner of NeNe Chicken?

File an enquiry about franchising opportunities here.

I’m not happy with my dining experience. What should I do?

Submit your feedbacks here.

Is NeNe Chicken halal?

This brand is pork and alcohol-free. NeNe Chicken is in the process of obtaining a halal certificate.

This sums up all you need to know about NeNe Chicken Malaysia. Discover more food articles via LokaTaste and more!


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