Nandos Delivery: Order Nandos Delivery in Malaysia

Nandos Delivery -Order Nandos Delivery in Malaysia

Since its establishment in Malaysia in 1998, Nando’s popularity has grown immensely—now having up to 76 branches all across Malaysia. Often compared to Kenny Rogers by chicken dish fanatics, Nando’s has become Malaysians’ go-to for flame-grilled chickens, and of course, their renowned Peri-peri sauce.

It is undeniably a delicacy on its own. However, most would agree that Nando’s flame-grilled chicken is never complete without Peri-peri sauce! The sauce has a range of spice level to choose from—the Peri-Ometer allowing a choice from “Plain…ish” to “Extra Hot”.

The popularity of the Peri-peri sauce is comprehensive to the point that it started hitting the shelves of local supermarkets, having several variations. Some of their well-received flavours include Garlic Peri-peri sauce, Medium Peri-peri sauce, Hot Peri-peri sauce, and the ultimate Extra Hot Peri-peri sauce.

Although the sauce brand is a favourite amongst Malaysians, many don’t exactly know what it is. Peri-peri refers to African Bird’s eye chilli, which is the main ingredient of the sauce. Contrary to common misconception, Nando’s did not invent the Peri-Peri sauce but rather adopted it from South Africa.


Ways to Order Nando’s

The shop has a uniquely South-African-market inspired interior design. When visiting a Nando’s branch, you’d feel transported to a different country.

Even then, it is not always convenient to dine at a nearby outlet, so delivery services are provided. Through delivery services, you can enjoy Nando’s delicacies in the comforts of your own home.

Nando’s Malaysia offers delivery services through several platforms. If you’ve never ordered online, it can be pretty confusing. To help you with that, we have compiled all the available platforms for the delivery services. We also included tips that will hopefully allow you to navigate through your ordering process more efficiently!

1. Delivery services

Not offering delivery services by its own unless it fulfills specific criteria; Nandos has instead partnered with the two well-known delivery platforms: GrabFood and foodpanda.

Even then, the availability of this service is dependent on your location. If you live too far away from any Nandos outlet, this service may, unfortunately, be unavailable for you.

Moreover, if you are planning to order a feast from Nandos for a party or a gathering, you could ring up Nandos on 03- 7848 7555. Ensure that it is a day in advance when you place your order! The feast will be delivered right to your doorsteps. However, as mentioned above, this service is only available for a specific criteria. The requirements are as follows:

  • Orders have to be at RM150 and above.
  • Delivery must be within 10km or less from nearby Nandos branch.
  • The order has to be placed a day in advance.
  • Also, there is a delivery charge of RM10 imposed along with the full payment. You’ll have to pay to Nando’s bank account before the delivery takes place.

2. Nando’s Takeaway Service

For those who prefer to eat at home, but don’t mind picking up their orders themselves; Nando’s offers take away services that you can access through two ways. The first being to ring them up (refer to the number given above) and give them your order directly. The second being to place your order through their app.

You can download the Nando’s app from both the App Store or the Google Play Store. Through the app, you could place your order along with the desired pick up date and time; then your food will be prepared according to that.

Extra: Nando’s Loyalty Programme

Nando’s Loyalty Programme

Nando’s also has a loyalty programme, which you can register for through the app as well. This programme works in a simple system of collecting chillies, where collecting a certain number of them would lead to redemption of rewards such as a free ¼ Chicken, or even a free Whole Chicken depending on the number of chillies collected.

Unfortunately, chillies can only be cumulated for dine-in or takeaway, and not through delivery. So this could be another aspect you might want to consider when deciding between your modes of ordering Nando’s.

With that, you have the complete guide for ordering Nandos delivery online. Hopefully, after this, you would be able to order your favourite Nando’s meal without much of a fuss!

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