What Mall Directories don’t tell you: Best Food in MyTown

What Mall Directories don’t tell you: Best Food in MyTown

On a weekend or public holiday, it has become almost a custom for Malaysians to visit a mall. Being equipped with everything ranging from cafes, diners, retail shops, entertainment centres to a supermarket, it’s no mystery that malls are always bustling with people. With so many malls emerging around us, malls have become accessible to us, and we all probably have one or two favourite malls that we frequent. With that said, here’s a quick question: Have you been to MyTown? If you are a foodie and have yet to set foot in this mall in KL, you ought to do so as there is a wide selection of food available in MyTown!

Conveniently located near the MRT, you can easily get to MyTown with a hop on the train. Having a convenient location and an array of fantastic food, what more could you possibly ask? With that said, let us introduce you to some of the best food in MyTown.

1. Burgers @ myBurgerLab

Image credit: myBurgerLab Malaysia Ig

If you are tired of burgers from typical fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, then it’s time for you to expand on your burger repertoire at myBurgerLab in MyTown. Known for serving classic burgers with crazy flavour combinations you can only imagine, you will never be short of options in myBurgerLab. With freshly baked bamboo charcoal buns and a variety of juicy patties, you are sure to find your next favourite burger at myBurgerLab. In the case where you can’t find a burger that suits your fancy, you can even make your own burger with their “Hack Your Own Lab Burger” option. The burgers themselves have unique names too that are sure to put a smile on your face, some examples being Ultraman, Vivien’s Husband, and The Juicy Lucy.

This shop is located at G-020, Ground floor at MyTown Shopping Centre, so be sure to give them a visit if you’re looking to sate your burger craving.


2. Café food and desserts @ Midorie x The Owls Café

Image credit: Midorie x The Owls Cafe Ig

In MyTown, if you are looking for some sweet delights and café food, the Midorie x The Owls Café is the place to be. Decorated with beautiful flowers and greeneries, a step into this café would make it seem as if you’ve entered a garden. Even so, the décor and aesthetic of this café in MyTown isn’t its only attraction as they are known to serve up delicious food as well. With a vast menu offering café delights ranging from pasta to dessert and drinks, Midorie x The Owls Café would be the perfect stop for you to take a break after a shopping trip in MyTown. Some of their customer favourite pasta would be the Chicken Pesto Pasta as well as the Curry Seafood Pasta. Besides that, their waffles are also a must-try where they have a variety of unique waffles available. One unique waffle they have would be their savoury waffle that is topped with bacon, tomato and egg.

This shop is located at G-048, Ground floor at MyTown Shopping Centre, so be sure to give them a visit for a delightful café experience.

3. Italian-Spanish fusion food @ SPASSO

Image credit: spasso.mytown Ig

Formerly having only an Italian concept, SPASSO has reinvented its concept, incorporating a Spanish twist to their dishes. Set with both a chilled indoor setting as well as some umbrella-shaded al fresco tables, this restaurant exudes a welcoming feel. Offering classic Italian pizza, pasta and Spanish tapas on their menu, SPASSO serves as a perfect stop for meals around the clock—fitting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One of their must-try tapas would include the Gorgonzola Cheese Fries, which has a generous load of hot blue cheese poured over it, making it irresistible for cheese fanatics. Besides that, a customer-favourite SPASSO signature would be the Diavola Pizza. Having a thin wood-fired crust topped lavishly with pork salami, basil, Parmesan, black olives, fresh chilli, and Mozzarella atop a fresh tomato spread, the aroma of this pizza is enough to get your mouth watering. 

This shop is located at G-038, Ground floor at MyTown Shopping Centre, so be sure to give them a visit if you’re looking to try something new and exciting.


4. Ramen @ Bari-Uma Ramen

Image credit: MyTOWN Shopping Centre Ig

Translating to “really delicious Ramen”, Bari-Uma Ramen is guaranteed to satisfy if you’re looking for a delicious bowl of Ramen. Known to serve authentic Japanese Ramen, Bari-Uma Ramen serves bowls of flavourful Ramen that is sure to make any Japanese Ramen enthusiast nod in satisfaction. In each bowl of Ramen, you will get a taste of their thick pork bone broth infused with umami flavour along with springy, chewy noodles that will have you slurping up your Ramen in no time. Though the menu at Bari-Uma ramen isn’t too extensive, there is still a selection of Ramens for you to choose from such as the Chashu-Uma and the Tori Ajitama-Uma. With that said, one Ramen that you must try would be their signature Bari-Uma Ramen which comes with thick-cut flamed chashu, and pork flavoured shoyu soup. Pair the Ramen with a side of Gyoza, and you are in for a satisfying meal.

This shop is located at L1-035, Level 1 at MyTown Shopping Centre, so be sure to give them a visit if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese Ramen experience.

5. Vietnam food @ Pho Street

Image credit: MyTOWN Shopping Centre Ig

If you are a fan of Vietnam food, then Pho Street in MyTown is one that you don’t want to miss. Serving up an array of authentic Vietnamese cuisines such as Pho and Bahn Mi, you would be able to sate your Vietnam food craving here at Pho Street. A distinct characteristic of the Bahn Mi here is that it is customisable to your liking, allowing you to choose from a choice of chicken, beef, and pork, which you can enjoy with a zesty pickled vegetable, sandwiched between a crispy baguette. As suggested by the name of this store, another star of this Vietnam restaurant is their Pho. One signature must-try Pho would be the Pho Beef Combination, which packs a beefy punch, having everything beefy on top of its noodles such as beef balls, beef tendons, beef slices and more.

This shop is located at L3-043, Level 3 at MyTown Shopping Centre, so be sure to give them a visit if you’re looking for an authentic Vietnamese Food experience.

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