Marrybrown Menu and Price List (Updated 2020)

Marrybrown Menu and Price List (Updated 2020)

Marrybrown is undeniably one of the most suitable fast food chains for catering, parties, gathering, and simple family meals. This fast food branch provides a wide array of dishes, ranging from burgers to chickens, rice, local delights, kid’s meals, sides, and beverages. With the new Oden and Churros dishes, Marrybrown can certainly satisfy the cravings of every family members and friends.

This article provides updated and complete information regarding Marrybrown menu, delivery options, and promotions. Let’s check it out!

Marrybrown Complete Menu


Burger Meals

Cheesy-O-Burger Meal RM 10.90
Chicken Burger MealRM 9.90
Hotouch Burger Meal RM 13.00
Tower Burger Meal RM 17.15
Fish Fillet Burger Meal RM 12.90
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020


Cheesy-O-BurgerRM 6.20
Chicken BurgerRM 5.25
Hotouch BurgerRM 9.30
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020

Ultimate Chicken Meals

Lucky Plate MealRM 15.10
Chick-A-Licious with Black pepper SauceRM 16.50
Chick-A-Licious with Mushroom SauceRM 16.50
Double Chicken DelightRM 15.45
Fish N Chips MealsRM 15.55
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020

Local Delight Meals

Nasi MarrybrownRM 11.90
Nasi Ayam MarrybrownRM 11.90
Bubur Ayam MealRM 12.90
Bubur Pedas MealRM 11.90
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020

Nasi Bowl

Nasi Kari KapitanRM 5.85
Chick-O-RiceRM 5.85
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020

Happy Sharing Meals

Buddy Meal (4 Crispy Chicken, 2 Sides and 2 Soft Drinks)RM 28.20
Happy Combo (8 Crispy Chicken, 2 Cheesy-O-Fries, 1 Vegetable Salad (L), 1 Mashed Potato (L), 4 Soft Drinks (R))RM 62.70
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020

Side Orders

Cheesy-O-FriesRM 6.10
Chicken NuggetRM 7.45
French FriesRM 3.65
Mashed PotatoRM 4.15
Vegetable SaladRM 4.15
MB RiceRM 3.00
Fragrant RiceRM 3.00
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020


Coca-ColaRM 3.30
SpriteRM 3.30
Fanta StrawberryRM 3.30
Fanta GrapeRM 3.30
Minute Maid Fresh OrangeRM 4.70
Heaven and Earth Iced LemonRM 4.70
Iced MiloRM 4.25
Dasani Drinking WaterRM 2.25
Marry Brown Menu & Prices: last updated on 07 June 2020

Marrybrown Delivery Malaysia

Besides visiting the nearest Marrybrown branches, you can also order delivery via multiple platforms. Marrybrown offers delivery services known as MB Delivery. However, MB Delivery might not be available in all Marry Brown branches across the nation.

Hence, food delivery platforms come in handy while ordering Marrybrown Delivery. The food delivery partners of Marrybrown are foodpanda, Grabfood, DeliverEat, BiteRider, Hungry and MoreFun.  In addition to the food delivery platforms, you can also opt for same-day delivery courier services, such as MrSpeedy and Lalamove.

Speaking of food deliveries, check out Lokataste Food Delivery to know other brands that offer delivery services too!

Marrybrown Malaysia Latest Promotions

1. Memang Berbaloi Meal

Memang Berbaloi Meal
Image Credit:

Enjoy wholesome set meals at as low as RM5.50! The set meals in Memang Berbaloi Meal are available every day during 2 time slots: lunch (12pm-3pm) and dinner (6pm-9pm).

2. Student Discounts

Student Discounts
Image Credit:

Present your Student ID during your order and obtain the MB Student Card. Then, enjoy the special Student’s Meal at only RM6.50! Each set meal consists of a main course and a drink. Get yours now!

3. Limited Edition Doraemon & Friends Casing

Limited Edition Doraemon & Friends Casing
Image Credit:

Purchase a Kiddy Meal and get one Limited Edition Doraemon & Friends Casing for free! Collect all 4 casings now!

4. Oden Kari MB

Oden Kari MB
Image Credit:

With the new Oden Kari MB, you can add a side to your Oden Bowl at as low as RM0.90! Alternatively, order the Oden Bowl from as low as RM4.60!

5. MB Churros

MB Churros
Image Credit:

The new menu which is Marrybrown Churros is here to satisfy your sweet tooth! Have some crunchy churros dipped in rich chocolate sauce or ice cream!

For more information regarding the terms and conditions of these promotions, visit the Marrybrown Promotion page.

Fans of Marrybrown Malaysia

Reach out to Marrybrown Malaysia

Marrybrown FAQs

How do I book a catering service?

Fill in the booking form here.

How to organize a birthday party in Marrybrown?

Make a reservation here.

How can I buy a gift voucher?

Fill in the enquiry form here to purchase gift vouchers.

Is MB delivery available in all branches?

Unfortunately, MB delivery is only available in selected outlets. Click here to find out if Marry Brown delivers in your area.

How do I know if my order is out for delivery?

Track your orders via the order tracker on Marry Brown’s website.

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