Explore Mahkota Cheras: Must-try foods in Mahkota Cheras

Explore Mahkota Cheras: Must-try foods in Mahkota Cheras

Located in Cheras, Mahkota Cheras is a bustling township filled with people who are attracted to what Mahkota Cheras has got to offer. From delicious food and restaurants to trendy shopping malls to luscious green parks, Mahkota Cheras has them all. In the heart of this town, there is the Mahkota Walk as well, which is the town’s main commercial centre, where all sorts of businesses and restaurants can be found. With that said, if you are a foodie and haven’t visited Mahkota Cheras before, you are genuinely missing out as this town is a food paradise. 

Read on, and we will introduce some of the must-eat foods in Mahkota Cheras!

1. Meat dishes

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If you are a meat lover, Mahkota Cheras is the place you want to be. At Jalan Temenggung, you will find Elixir Kitchen, which is a unique restaurant that specialises in meat dishes, having a vast repertoire of meat. Set up like a marketplace, you can walk around the vicinity and choose your proteins from the displayed meat cuts, which the chefs would then cook for you. Aside from their out of the norm concept, Elixir Kitchen also prides itself in its flavours—the meats marinated in-house with a mix of spices and herbs that gives your meat the flavourful kick. With a personalised dining experience that is reasonably priced to boot, once you’ve gotten a taste of Elixir Kitchen, you are sure to be coming back for more!


2. Pork Noodle

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Although Pork Noodle is widely available in hawker stalls all across Malaysia, the Pork Noodle in Mahkota Cheras has a charm of its own. In Mahkota Cheras, a different variation of Pork Noodle is available—XO Pork Noodle, which is less common in other areas of Malaysia. With a slightly darker broth than the usual bowl of Pork Noodle, the XO Pork Noodle bears a thicker and spicier taste, which is sure to leave you a fan if you can take the heat. The popular go-to for this dish in Mahkota Cheras would be Fun Fun Kitchen at Jalan Jalan SL 1/3. Offering delectable XO Pork Noodles with a generous serving and a low price, what more could you possibly ask? 

3. Wantan Mee

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Sure, Mahkota Cheras may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Wantan Mee, but maybe this will change your mind. Like any other Malaysian state, Wantan Mee is available in most hawker stalls in Mahkota Cheras too. But when it comes to finding the best Wantan Mee, the locals would probably direct you to Good Taste Restaurant at Jalan Temenggung 3/9. When you visit Good Taste Restaurant, it is a must to order their signature Char Siew Wan Tan Mee. With firm egg noodles topped with a neat row of juicy, tender meat, a plate of their delicious Wan Tan Mee is sure to have you coming back for more.


4. Pan Mee

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Characterised by the thick, chewy noodles topped with various toppings such as ikan bilis, mushrooms, and minced meat, Pan Mee is a Malaysian staple that is loved by many. In Mahkota Cheras as well, there is a unique Pan Mee restaurant that is worth visiting—especially if you’re looking for a unique Pan Mee experience. Frequently visited by local university students, Meet Mee at Jalan SL 1/3, is a Pan Mee speciality shop that serves not only delicious bowls of Pan Mee but also cakes. Priced generously despite its generous portion, it is no wonder that Meet Mee has a loyal customer following. Pair a bowl of their signature Pan Mee or Chilli Pan Mee with a slice of cake after and you will have an unforgettable Pan Mee experience.

5. Asam Laksa

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Though Asam Laksa is a dish that is commonly associated with Penang, you will be surprised to know that you can find a good bowl of one in Mahkota Cheras as well. With individual preferences coming into play, it may be challenging to determine the best Asam Laksa, but you can never go wrong with the Asam Laksa at Bao Bao Kitchen. Located at Jalan Temenggung, Bao Bao Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant that prides itself in serving flavoursome Asam Laksa. Full of fish meat, cucumbers and pineapples with a scoop of prawn paste, the Asam Laksa in Bao Bao Kitchen has a tangy broth that is the perfect mix of sweet, sour, and spicy.

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