Madam Kwan Menu and Price List (Updated 2023)

Madam Kwan Menu and Price List (Updated 2020)

Madam Kwan’s is a restaurant that is no stranger to most Malaysians. Many would know this restaurant from its delicious nasi lemak. No one can ever resist Madam Kwan’s nasi lemak! Although it’s a bit pricier than your typical nasi lemak, it is definitely worth the price. However, Madam Kwan’s does not only serve nasi lemak many other delicious signature dishes fill the Madam Kwan menu.

If you’re craving for Malaysian cuisines – this restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. They offer so many choices of dishes on their menu; it’s almost impossible to choose which to order! Be assured that all the dishes taste extraordinary, so it is worth your money and time coming over here.

Check out the complete Madam Kwan menu and price list below:

**Note: This Madam Kwan menu only serves as a guide for their overall prices. Feel free to check out any recent changes on the official site.


Chicken SatayRM23.90
Beef SatayRM27.90
Mixed SatayRM27.90
Madam’s Starter for 2RM35.90
Dumpling SoupRM25.90
Deep Fried DumplingsRM 25.90
Deep-Fried Chicken WingsRM21.90
Fruit Rojak Without Soft Shell CrabRM24.90
Fruit Rojak With Soft Shell CrabRM 34.90
Cream Of Mushroom SoupRM 15.90
Garden SaladRM 17.90


Nasi Lemak with Curry ChickenRM25.90
Nasi Lemak with Beef RendangRM27.90
Nasi BojariRM35.90
Petai Fried RiceRM27.90
Salted Fish Fried RiceRM24.90
Mushroom Chicken RiceRM26.90


Cantonese Fried NoodlesRM27.90
Cantonese Fried Beef NoodlesRM27.90
Char Kway TeowRM27.90
Stir-Fried Beef NoodlesRM27.90
Curry LaksaRM 22.90
Assam LaksaRM 22.90
Mushroom Chicken NoodlesRM 23.90
Mushroom Chicken Curry NoodlesRM 27.90
Hokkien MeeRM 27.90
Ipoh Kway Teow SoupRM22.90
Slow-Cooked Chicken Broth NoodlesRM22.90
Dumpling Soup NoodlesRM23.90
Prawn NoodlesRM 23.90
Claypot Glass Noodles With Soft Shell CrabRM 37.90
Fish Noodle SoupRM27.90
Sang HaRM63.90 (M)
RM67.90 (L)


Sotong (Squid) Assam/Stir-FriedRM35.90
Pomfret FishRM 185.00
Tenggiri Fish (Mackerel) Pan-FriedRM59.00
Tenggiri Fish (Mackerel) CurryRM 71.00
Assam PrawnsRM36.90
Assam Fish SoupRM 42.90
Madam’s Curry Fish HeadRM 150.00
Madam’s Assam Fish HeadRM 150.00
King PrawnsRM 30.00


Sambal PetaiRM39.90
Asparagus with Lily Bulbs and CashewsRM26.90
Asparagus with Sambal BelacanRM26.90
Belacan Mix VegetablesRM23.90
Fried Mixed Vegetables with SeafoodRM29.90
Curry/Assam VegetablesRM 21.90
Wok-Fried Mix VegetablesRM25.90
Wok-Fried Broccoli with GarlicRM24.90
Broccoli MushroomRM 31.90
Beansprout With Salted FishRM 22.90
Okra/Long Beans Plain Fried/BelacanRM20.90
Egg Plant Plain Fried/BelacanRM20.90
Choy Sum/Lettuce Garlic/Oyster/Salted FishFrom RM20.90
Kai Lan Garlic/Oyster/Salted FishFrom RM21.90
Egg Tofu Cold/Deep FriedRM14.90
Claypot Seafood BeancurdRM34.90
Foo Yong EggRM27.90


Curry Chicken (4 pieces)RM32.90
Beef RendangRM22.90
Fried Chicken DrumstickRM16.90
Wok-Fried Beef with Spring Onion & GingerRM32.90
Kung Po ChickenRM 29.90
Kung Po BeefRM 32.90
Crispy Lemon ChickenRM33.90
Sweet & Sour (Chicken/Prawn/Fish)From RM30.90


Chicken Chop
(Mushroom/Black Pepper Sauce)
Fish & ChipsRM 35.90
Spaghetti AlfredoRM 27.90
Spaghetti NapolitanRM 27.90
Spaghetti BologneseRM 27.90


Shrimp FlossRM7.90
Sambal Ikan BilisRM7.90
Fried EggRM3.90
Curry Chicken (2 pieces)RM16.90
Braised Black MushroomRM 20.90
French FriesRM8.90
Mushroom SauceRM 3.90
Black Pepper SauceRM 3.90
Curry Tofu PokRM 13.90
Honey SyrupRM 2.90
Rice (White/Coconut/Bojari/Oil)From RM2.90


Soft DrinksRM9.50
Black Jelly IceRM9.50
Soya BeanRM9.50
Black & WhiteRM9.50
LycheeRM 9.50
Barley With LimeRM 9.50
Lime SodaRM 10.50
BandungRM 10.50
Honey LemonRM 10.50
MiloRM 9.50
Milk RM 7.50
Artisan- (Earl Grey/Chamomile Dream/ White Gingerlily)RM 10.50
Lemon TeaRM 10.50
English Breakfast TeaRM 8.50
Chinese TeaRM 8.50
Teh TarikRM 8.50
Local CoffeeRM 8.50
Freshly Brewed CoffeeRM 11.50
CappuccinoRM 12.50
EspressoRM 12.50
Freshly Squeezed Fruit JuicesRM 13.50
Mix Of 3 FruitsRM 14.50
Perrier Sparkling WaterRM 14.50
Chocolate / Vanilla Float RM 16.50
Bottled BeerFrom RM 24.50
Mineral WaterRM4.50

Where to Order Madam Kwan’s?

Madam Kwan’s restaurants are located in big shopping centres such as Empire Shopping Gallery, Suria KLCC and Pavilion Shopping Centre. The crowds in Madam Kwan’s are always large, so why not opt for delivery instead? You can make your order for delivery through Madam Kwan’s partners who are GrabFood, foodpanda and DeliverEat. Just download these apps on either Google Play or the App Store.

Fans of Madam Kwan’s

Check out who else enjoy and love Madam Kwan’s!

Fans Madam Kwan’s
Fans of Madam Kwan’s

Reach Out to Madam Kwan’s

Have any further enquiries or want to keep up with promotions by Madam Kwan’s? Follow them on their social media accounts here:

Besides their social media, you can also get in contact with them through their official website here!

Madam Kwan’s FAQs

Is Madam Kwan’s halal?

Yes. All Madam Kwan’s branches are certified halal.

Are there any vegetarian food options?

Yes, there are plenty of vegetarian friendly dishes.

How do I reserve a table for dining in?

Fill in the form here to reserve a table in Madam Kwan’s.

Is the reservation free of charge?

You’ll need to pay a deposit of RM20 while making a reservation.

Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund?

You can only obtain a full refund if you cancel 72 hours before your reservation.


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