Kyochon Menu & Price List (Updated 2022)

The Complete Kyochon Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

Speaking of Korean cuisine, one of the best restaurants is none other than Kyochon. Kyochon serves a wide array of menu items, the most popular being Korean fried chicken.

Indulge in various flavours of fried chicken, ranging from honey to red pepper and soy garlic! Besides, the fried chicken pieces are best paired with authentic Korean dishes, such as Kimchi fried rice and Bibimbap.

We’ve gone ahead and listed out their latest menu items. The next time you head to Kyochon, you’ll have your order locked and loaded.

**Note: Prices may be subjected to change. For the latest updates, the official Kyochon menu is available for your perusing.

Kyochon Menu and Price List


Special Offers

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Rice Combo 16.00
Rice Combo 29.00
Online Set A95.00
Online Set B100.00
Online Set C52.00
Online Set D55.00
DIY Kimchi Fried Rice Kit18.00



Soy Garlic Series

Soy Garlic
Image Credit to:kyochon fnb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
8 PCS Soy Garlic Wings19.00
12 PCS Soy Garlic Wings29.00
20 PCS Soy Garlic Wings46.00
2 PCS Soy Garlic Drumsticks12.00
4 PCS Soy Garlic Drumsticks24.00
8 PCS Soy Garlic Drumsticks46.00
Soy Garlic- Half Chicken29.00
Soy Garlic Whole Kitchen54.00

Red Pepper Series

Red Pepper
Image Credit to:kyochon fnb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
8 PCS Red Pepper Wings19.00
12 PCS Red Pepper Wings29.00
20 PCS Red Pepper Wings46.00
2 PCS Red Pepper Drumstick12.00
4 PCS Red Pepper Drumstick24.00
8 PCS Red Pepper Drumstick46.00
Red Pepper- Half Chicken29.00
Red Pepper – Whole Chicken54.00

Mixed- Soy Garlic and Red Pepper

Mixed- Soy Garlic and Red Pepper
Image Credit to:kyochon fnb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
8 PCS Mixed Wings19.00
12 PCS Mixed Wings29.00
20 PCS Mixed Wings46.00
2 PCS Mixed Drumstick12.00
4 PCS Mixed Drumstick24.00
8 PCS Mixed Drumstick46.00
Mixed Whole Chicken54.00

Honey Series

Image Credit to:kyochon fnb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
8 PCS Honey Wings22.00
12 PCS Honey Wings32.00
20 PCS Honey Wings52.00
Honey- Half Chicken32.00
Whole Honey Chicken60.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
12 PCS Kyochon Mixed Wings32.00

Salsal Series

Salsal series
Image Credit to:kyochon fnb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
4 Salsal13.00
8 Salsal25.00
12 Salsal36.00

Crispy Series

Crispy series
Image Credit to:kyochon fnb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
8 PCS Crispy Wings22.00
12 PCS Crispy Wings32.00
20 PCS Crispy Wings52.00
Crispy- Half Chicken32.00
Crispy Whole Chicken60.00

Ala Carte

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Bibimbap (Soy)22.00
Bibimbap (Spicy)22.00
Spicy Bulgogi28.00
Japchae Original13.00
Japchae Spicy13.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Steamed Rice4.00
Garlic Fried Rice12.00
Kimchi Fried Rice19.00
Potato Wedges9.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Organic Green Salad15.00
Soy Salsal Salad20.00


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Coca- Cola (320ml/Can)3.00
Coke Zero (320ml/Can)3.00
Sprite (320ml/Can)3.00
Red Bull Original (Can)8.00
Red Bull Sugar Free (Can)8.00
100 Plus (Can)3.00
Iced Lemon Tea (300ml/Can)4.00
Mango Chamomile Tea (300ml/Can)4.00
Passion Fruit Tea (300ml/Can)4.00
Bottled Water (600ml/Bottle)3.00

Where to Order Kyochon in Malaysia?

Soon to open their 20th outlet, Kyochon has sucessfully expanded thier business across KL, Nilai and Johor Bahru. If you’re living around these areas, look for the branch nearest to you here.

Since their outlets are always packed, Kyochon encourages customers to order online and pick up from their stores. To do so, sign up as a Kyochon member and place your orders online. Then, pick up your orders and you’re good to go.

They are all about keeping the food fresh. Hence, be sure to collect your orders within 20 minutes after receiving pick up notification. If not, they’ll insist to fry another batch of chicken for your orders.

Alternatively, you could order your favourite chicken via food delivery apps like foodpanda and GrabFood. 

Latest Menu from Kyochon Malaysia

DIY Kimchi Fried Rice Kit

DIY Kimchi Fried Rice Kit

Crispy Wingettes

Crispy Wingettes

Fans of Kyochon Malaysia

Check out who else loves Kyochon!

Fans of Kyochon
Fans Kyochon
Fan of Kyochon

History of Kyochon Malaysia

History Kyochon

Kyochon was first opened in 1991. The opening was a dream come true for its founder, Kwon Won Kang, who wanted to share Korean cuisines with the world. More importantly, he intended to bring the most traditional Korean recipes to those who are far from home.

While fried chicken is commonly deemed unhealthy, Kyochon is committed to serve fresh, organic fried chicken. All the chicken and main dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients in store. Interestingly, Kyochon has 50 outlets worldwide with its largest outlet located in Pavilion shopping centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Reach Out to Kyochon Malaysia

Want to keep up with Kyochon’s latest promos and menu items? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

If you’re interested, join their team or fill up their feedback form on their website.

KyoChon FAQs

What is the meaning of KyoChon?

In Korean, “KyoChon” literally translates to “wisdom village”.

What type of chicken does KyoChon use?

All KyoChon branches use broiler chickens that are reared in sealed and air-conditioned shelters. This is to prevent air-borne viruses and diseases that deteriorate the quality of the chicken meats.

Are the salads organic?

Yes. All vegetables are sourced from organic farmers in Malaysia.

Does KyoChon provide catering services?

Yes. Click here to contact the staffs for more information.

Why are the chicken pieces in KyoChon smaller than other restaurants?

KyoChon uses less batter when frying the chicken pieces. Besides, they insist to use smaller sized chickens to achieve the best of tastes and textures.


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