Kyochon Delivery: Satisfy your Kyochon Craving with Kyochon Delivery

Kyochon Delivery - Satisfy your Kyochon Craving with Kyochon Delivery

Due to the unique and irresistible flavours, Korean cuisines have been steadily establishing their fanbase in Malaysia. Speaking of Korean cuisines, Kyochon must be one of the restaurants that come to mind. Who can resist Kyochon’s crunchy fried chickens that are drenched in flavourful sauces? Better yet, you could have them at the comforts of your home by ordering Kyochon delivery!

Not to mention many other mouth-watering Korean dishes, such as Kimchi fried rice, Bibimbap, Spicy Bulgogi, and Japchae. This article shows where and how you can order Kyochon delivery in Malaysia. Let’s check it out!


Kyochon Delivery Platforms in Malaysia:

1. Kyochon Delivery

Kyochon’s delivery menu offers value sets and combos that are made especially for online customers. Discover various promotions under the ‘Special Offer’ section!

For instance, you can order an a la carte chicken dish, and add on a bowl of rice and a drink for just RM6! There are also seasonal promotions such as the Ramadan Special set meals, which offer various flavours of fried chicken at discounted prices. 

Do you lack ingredients to cook your favourite Kimchi fried rice? Kyochon has got you covered! Order the DIY Kimchi Fried Rice Kit that consists of all ingredients you need to make a bowl of delicious fried rice. In the kit, you will have a generous amount of white rice, Kimchi paste, and various chopped spices such as scallions, garlic, and chillies. 

Similar to the dine-in menu, Kyochon serves fried drumsticks, wings, and whole chickens in three different flavours, which are Soy Garlic, Red Pepper, and Honey. Order the Sampler plate to try on all 3 signature flavours!

Besides that, Kyochon also provides catering services. Two weeks before your party, gathering, or wedding, make a catering enquiry here. You can even have waiters and waitresses coming over to serve your guests! 

2. Grabfood

Grabfood is one of the delivery partners of Kyochon. You can place your orders on the Grabfood webpage or the mobile app. To have Grabfood application on your mobile phone, download the app from Google Play and App Store.

No matter which Grabfood platform you’re using, you will need to provide your location details. Then, on the search bar, key in ‘Kyochon’. Expect to see the menu of the Kyochon branch nearest to you. Tap on the pop-up menu, and you will be greeted with a variety of Kyochon dishes.

Don’t miss out on the seasonal promotions and special offers made exclusively for Grabfood customers! What’s more? You’ll get free delivery for orders above RM20! 

3. MAPE Delivery

MAPE Delivery is a food delivery company that delivers for many Korean food brands. Some popular Korean cuisine restaurants include NeNe Chicken, The Café Chicken, Doma, Chon Dak, and of course, Kyochon. To order Kyochon delivery via MAPE Delivery, visit the official website here.

Before placing your orders, you will need to register as a member and key in your location details. Besides food deliveries, MAPE Delivery also provides errand-running services, sending bags of shopping right to your doorstep, such as groceries, flowers, beauty products, electronics—you name it! Kill two birds with one stone by ordering via MAPE Delivery now!

There you have a list of delivery platforms that can deliver your favourite Kyochon dishes right to your doorstep. Explore other food delivery options with Lokataste and more!


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