Sizzle on your Grill: Guide to the Best Korean Bbq Buffet

Sizzle on your Grill: Guide to the Best Korean Bbq Buffet

With the recent rise in popularity of the Korean culture in Malaysia, many may have felt the urge to visit a Korean bbq Buffet place after seeing it in their favourite K-drama. One popular K-drama that features Korean bbq would be the “Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo”, which mentions that in order get your money’s worth, it is crucial to strategize what to eat first in a buffet. When your stomach growls, there is nothing more satisfying than fulfilling that hunger with a trip to a Korean bbq buffet. With an all-you-can-eat concept, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth of fill, where many Korean bbq buffet restaurants offer a wide selection for you to choose from. Best enjoyed with a group, it is always an exciting experience to cook up your meal on a grill in front of your eyes.

With that said, let us introduce you to some of the best Korean bbq buffets. 

1. San Nae Deul

Image credit: @pualine_jane.w Ig

Located at Bangsar South Nexus, as well as having seven outlets across Klang Valley, San Nae Deul is a well-known Korean bbq buffet restaurant that serves some excellent Korean bbq. From an affordable rate of RM39.90 for lunch and RM44.50 for dinner, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited flow of proteins such as pork belly, bulgogi, lamb ribs, and pork shoulders to put on your grill. As a palate cleanser, you can also grill up some vegetables for a break between meats. In addition to that, San Nae Deul also offers cooked dishes such as sushi and garlic fried rice for you to enjoy while you wait for your barbecued food to cook as we all know nothing great comes out of being impatient in a bbq buffet.


2. Zip Bap

Unlike the typical Korean bbq restaurant, this Korean bbq restaurant in Cheras houses a vibrant and lively atmosphere, serving up buckets of Hite beer, soju, and rice wine for diners to enjoy alongside their all-you-can-eat buffet. Offering Korean bbq buffet for dinner at an affordable rate—RM35 for adults and RM22 for kids, you will be able to enjoy various cuts of meats. Besides offering an array of pork, beef, and chicken from the meat section along with two unique sauces for you to dip your meat into, you can also enjoy six flavours of ice cream from the dessert aisle to give your meal a refreshing finish. Besides that, if you aren’t feeling hungry enough for buffet, you can also enjoy a la carte dishes such as bulgogi and jeyuk dubbap.

3. Bamboo House Korean Bbq Restaurant

Image credit: Bamboo House Korean BBQ FB

From the outside, Bamboo House may not seem much, looking like yet another store amidst the rows of shop lots in PJ. You would be surprised to know that Bamboo House offers one of the best Korean bbq buffets, serving up authentic Korean sides along with juicy cuts of meat. Open from 12 pm to 11 pm daily, you would be able to enjoy a free flow of pork belly meat with just Rm29 for lunch and RM 32 for dinner. Unlike the usual DIY style of a buffet, in this restaurant, the servers would bring a huge plate lined with meat slices once the hot charcoal grill has been set up. Even so, it doesn’t mean that you are only limited to that one-time serving of meat though, as you can either call up a server for more or make way to the refill corner to grab any fresh ingredients of your liking.


4. KG Korean Charcoal BBQ

Located in Subang Jaya, KG Korean Charcoal BBQ is one of the top-rated buffet restaurants in 2015. Offering a choice between Korean steamboat and BBQ, you can enjoy your food the way you prefer, either boiled or grilled. However, if you come in a group of six or more, you would et to enjoy both options. Offering a wide selection of meat as well as seafood dishes alongside cooked foods and sides such as fried rice, fried noodles and kimchi, the slightly pricy fee of RM35-rm55 is justifiable as you can quickly eat your money’s worth of food. Besides the fresh selection of food, another attraction of KG is its excellent ventilation system, where you would not have to worry about the smoky smell clinging onto your clothes even after your dining experience.

5. Don Dwae Ji Sam Gyeob Sal

Located in Sri Petaling, this Korean bbq buffet is known to serve fresh and delicious pork that you will be hauling mouthfuls of grilled meat into your mouth much like how the name of this Korean bbq place is a mouthful. From only RM27 for lunch and RM29 for dinner, you can get unlimited refillable Korean bbq for 2 hours. Although various dipping sauces are offers, most of their meat cuts are marinated with authentic Korean flavours, so they are already flavourful on their own. Though they are already a delight on its own, the best way to enjoy the juicy meat is probably by wrapping it with lettuce along with some garlic and kimchi. Especially for first-time diners, do make sure to pay attention as the servers brief you on the dos and don’ts as you wouldn’t want to damage their grill or have your meat to stick on the grill.

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