Get Some Fresh Air at these Hiking Trails in KL!

Get Some Fresh Air at these Hiking Trails in KL!

Kuala Lumpur is a modern and great city to live in. Also known as the business heart of this country, Malaysia’s capital is ideal for anyone looking for some urban lifestyle. Not only that, but KL also continues to draw tourists from around the world. However, if you’ve lived in the city long enough, we bet that there are times the hustle-and-bustle of the city can be suffocating. With that said, it’s good to plan an escape from this concrete jungle now and then. We don’t have to fly across states or climb Mount Kinabalu to get some fresh air because there are so many hiking trails near KL that could visit.

Clear your schedules and start your hike at these areas for fresh air, breath-taking view and a good work-out!

1.         Bukit Broga @ Semenyih

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Broga Hill is one of the most famous hiking spots here in Selangor. Locals love this hill so much that the Ministry of Health had to close it down for a short period, because of the enormous crowd that came to hike during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). Broga Hill stands at 400m tall, and visitors can trek it in an hour. The trails may be steep and strenuous, so hikers should be extra careful or bring along a hiking stick because it may get slippery. Nevertheless, it’s perfect for a good exercise. The trail is straightforward and easy to follow. Visitors often hike this hill to catch the breath-taking view of the sunrise. If you’re an early riser, you should give Broga Hill a try. However, even if you don’t feel like hiking in the morning, you can still enjoy a magnificent view of the hills and town. It’s is a must-go hiking trail, but be aware that it may get crowded during the weekends and public holidays!

Address         : Broga Hills, Jalan Broga, Selangor

2.         Bukit Gasing @ Petaling Jaya

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Bukit Gasing is a great place to hike for hikers who enjoy multiple routes. The lush tropical forest that is Bukit Gasing will make sure to give you a sense of calmness and peace of mind. Sounds like a good detox from the city! There are a few pathways ranged from different difficulty levels for visitors. Not only that, but you can also take in a jaw-dropping view of the scenery, or snap a few pictures at the suspension bridge and watchtower there. Bukit Gasing stands at about 160m high. The trail is at a moderate level and not too tricky for beginners and newbie hikers. However, for those in search of a challenge, they can hike up the steep terrains called the ‘Killer Stretch’. Prepare to have wobbly legs the next day!

Address         : Bukit Gasing Forest Park, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

3.         Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) @ Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

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Founded in 1929, FRIM is one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research in the world. It was also declared a National Heritage in 2012. With the lush greenery surrounding you, this place is where you want to be for fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and rejuvenation. There are a few activities that you can do in this forest. Some of them include trekking at nature trails, jogging, bird-watching and visiting the botanic gardens. However, visitors are allowed to trek the nature trails with a FRIM nature guide (with charges), and some paths may be off-limits for research purposes. With that said, hikers can visit the Keruing Trail, which is the oldest trail in the FRIM and is open to the public. The best time to visit the FRIM is in the morning where the air is cooler. In short, if you’re planning to hike and witness beautiful floras along the way, FRIM is the place for you.

For more information on the attractions and entrance pass, click here for their official website.

Address                     : Bukit Gasing Forest Park, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation Hours      : 8 am to 5 pm (Weekdays Only)

Admission Fee         : Adult (13 years old and above) – RM1

                                      Child (13 years old and below) – Free

4.         KL Forest Eco Park @ Kuala Lumpur

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Also known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, this is one of the oldest permanent forest reserves in Malaysia and a popular ecotourism destination. To preserve the natural surroundings and habitats, the construction of the Menara Kuala Lumpur beside this Forest Eco Park was done carefully. Hence, as you visit the KL Tower on your next holiday, this forest will be sure to get on your radar. On your visit to this park, you can find not only well-maintained walking trails, but also a variety of trees, herbs, bamboos, and creepers. All paths here are suitable for all ages. There are also several facilities available here such as a playground, campsite and a gazebo looking towards the KL Tower. Visitors should also visit their Canopy Walk, which is an aerial bridge 200m in height above the forest reserve. The KL Forest Eco Park is a beautiful natural setting to be at, not only to escape from the busy city but also take a trip to the many attractions found at the KL Tower. Better yet, it’s so easy to access as it is located at the heart of the city!

Address                     : Lot 240, Jalan Raja Chulan, Bukit Kewangan, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours      : 7 am to 6 pm (daily)

5.         Bukit Kutu @ Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

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Bukit Kutu, also previously known as ‘Treacher’s Hill’ was a British colonial monitoring station hill. However, it was abandoned shortly after the bombings by the Japanese army in World War II. Today, Bukit Kutu stands as a hill that is loved by hike enthusiasts. Among all the hiking trails in KL, Bukit Kutu is considered one of the tougher hills to hike. It is because of Bukit Kutu’s characteristics that are similar to that of a mountain. It’s even taller than some mountains in Malaysia! But not to worry, the hike along the way will be a pleasant experience as you trek through different terrains including river crossing, bamboo forest trails, and root climbs. Also, you better rest up before the hike as it may take a few hours to reach the top. However, when you do, all the hard work will be worth it because of the majestic and stunning view.

Another thing to take note of is that you will need a hiking permit to hike Bukit Kutu. For more information on how to apply for this permit, you can click here for a blog post’s helpful insight. 

Address         : Bukit Kutu, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

These are some of the hiking trails worth your visit if you want to escape from the massive traffic jams, and noisy environment that is the city. If you’ve conquered them all, try out the other hills and trails available here in KL!

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