A look into KL’s café culture: Must-visit cafes in KL

A look into KL’s café culture: Must-visit cafes in KL

If you are Malaysian and don’t know the capital city, do us a favour and give yourself a good slap across the face cause you deserve it. Housing a population of over 1.73 million people, Kuala Lumpur (often shortened colloquially as KL) is the capital city of Malaysia that we pride. When we think of KL, we instantly think of their landmark, Petronas Twin Tower and other tourist attractions such as Petaling Street, KL Tower and Tugu Negara. However, that is not all that this city has got to offer—their diverse food culture being another one of its charms as well. With the recent rise in popularity of cafes, cafes have become a prominent part of KL’s food culture as well. 


Interested in taking a peek at the cafes available in KL? Read on to find out!

1. Acme Bar & Coffee

Image credit: Acme Bar & Coffee FB

Bearing a chic yet casual atmosphere, Acme Bar & Coffee is a café that is situated within the Troika. With just the right amount of natural light coming from the floor-to-ceiling glass window and an interior furnished with sleek pipes and cushy sofas and chairs, this cafe resembles a New York City loft. If you are looking for a comfortable and quiet café experience with jazz music in the background, Acme Bar & Coffee is the place for you. Specialising in serving Asian-Western fusion food, Acme Bar & Coffe boasts a vast menu that is as gorgeous as their interior. Some of their specialities include the Stellar Salt Beef Eggs Benedict and Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Strips which will surely have you planning for your next visit after one bite. Besides their mains, their desserts are another one of their charms as well—one customer favourite being their Pavlova cake, which has a light and airy texture and a generous serving of berries on top of the meringue.


2. The Red Beanbag Café

Image credit: klexpatmalaysia.com

Situated in Publika Mall, The Red Beanbag Café is a contemporary Australian inspired café that specialises in the serving of hearty all-day breakfasts and Western delicacies. Although having a compact space, The Red Beanbag Café does not feel suffocating as they have large windows from which you can enjoy the scenery, giving the café a homey feel. Having a menu that focuses predominantly on Western foods which comprise of breakfast options, mains, and drinks, the Red Beanbag Café is an ideal stop for brunch or tea. Some of their must-tries include The Red Beanbag’s Signature Baked Eggs, which is a combination of eggs, tomato sauce, lamb, chicken, and beef bratwurst, with a topping of Mozarella cheese. In addition to that, this dish is served with several slices of toast, making this dish a filling one.  

3. Botanica+Co

Image credit: botanica.com.my

As its name suggests, a step into this café will transport you to a botanical garden, making you feel as if you have entered a different dimension. With that said, if you are looking for a unique café experience, you might want to check our Botanica+Co at Bangsar South. Offering a garden dining experience, with an interior decorated with luscious greeneries, Botanica+Co bears a unique glass-house like ambience. Menu-wise, they serve mainly Western food and some Middle-Eastern cuisines. From pizza, Middle East Mezza, to pasta, coffee, and cocktails, this cafe has them all. With such a wide selection offered, choosing a dish might take a while. In the case where you really can’t make a decision, you could always try out their vegetarian pizza—Green Goddess, which is a customer favourite.


4. Feeka Coffee Roasters

Image credit: magicpin.in

Maintaining the outer appearance of the old-heritage shop lot, Feeka Coffee Roasters at Jalan Mesui may not look like a café from the outside. However, the interior tells a different story, as a step into Feeka Coffee Roasters is enough to show that it is a bona fide café. Bearing a bright, wood-themed interior beautifully decorated with small potted plants, Feeka Coffee Roasteries is the ideal place for a mid-day break. As you can tell by their name, they pride themselves in serving aromatic coffee, where one of their signature coffees include the El Salvador, which has a creamy and pleasantly lingering aftertaste. Aside from coffee, their menu consists of hearty breakfasts and homemade desserts, which would make for the perfect brunch experience if paired with a cup of coffee. 

5. Jam & Kaya Café

Image credit: discoverkl.com

A charming café at Lorong Sultan, Jam & Kaya is a café that bears a relaxed and homey atmosphere, having an overall white look with wooden undertones. Having a modest menu inclusive of all-day breakfasts, delicious chocolate drinks, cakes, and espresso-based drinks, Jam & Kaya is the ideal spot to grab some hearty breakfast to start your day. With that said, their speciality lies in their signature fluffy pancakes—Jam & Kaya’s Pancake. Consisting of pancake stacks lathered with a generous spread of jam and kaya, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, this dessert dish is truly an irresistible dish for dessert lovers. Aside from that, another one of their notable signature dishes includes the Hot Chocolate with Choco Balls. By ordering this dish, you could enjoy the luxury of both the smooth, creamy texture of the chocolate drink as well as the crunchy texture of the chocolate balls, what’s there not to love about this combo especially if you are a chocolate lover? 

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