KFC Delivery: Order KFC Delivery in Malaysia

KFC Delivery - Order KFC Delivery in Malaysia

It is ubiquitous to see long queues in KFC branches, especially during lunch and dinner hours. Imagine having to queue while your stomach is growling furiously, how frustrating! So, why not say goodbye to these frustrations by ordering KFC delivery?

If you’re planning to do so, we’ve compiled some useful information to ease your ordering process. This article provides a list of delivery platforms for KFC and brief guides to ordering KFC meals from each platform. Let’s check it out!  


KFC Delivery Platforms in Malaysia:

1. KFC Delivery

Besides delivery services, KFC also has delivery menus and promotions, especially for customers who order via the delivery platform. To have your favourite KFC meal delivered, visit the website and specify your location.

Then, you will have access to the delivery menu that consists of three major sections, which are ‘For One’, ‘Sharing’, and ‘Deals’. Place your order, pay via cash or card, and you’re good to go!

The KFC delivery menu offers a wide array of dish combinations that cannot be found in the dine-in menus. For instance, the set meals in ‘For One’ focuses on providing a balanced diet. The Nasi Kari Atuk Combo has fried chickens, rice, curry, coleslaw, and a drink, while the Signature Box serves fried chickens, burger, fries, and a drink.

To cater to parties and gatherings, the ‘Sharing’ menu offers value set meals suitable for 5 to 15 persons, emphasizing on both quantity and variety. For example, the Mega Box has fried chickens, nuggets, wedges, whipped potato, dip, and drinks. Choose between the 6, 9, and 15 chicken combo sets, and have a different number of fried chickens paired with a generous amount of sides.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Deals’ menu for discounts that are exclusively for customers who order through the delivery platform.

2. foodpanda

To order KFC delivery via foodpanda, you can either visit the foodpanda webpage or download the foodpanda mobile app from Google Play or App Store.

Once you have entered your location details, tap on the search button and key in ‘KFC’. You’ll see the KFC delivery menus that offer a wide selection of KFC delicacies, ranging from chickens to fries, wedges, desserts, and drinks. Explore the various set meals and a la carte dishes, as well as the add on sides and beverages.

3. MrSpeedy

MrSpeedy is a courier company specializing in same-day delivery. Unlike the standard few-days delivery offered by other courier companies, MrSpeedy’s delivery feature allows you to purchase items that are fragile and short-lived, including flowers and food.

Hence, order KFC delivery via MrSpeedy can be one of the best options. Visit MrSpeedy’s order page to book and schedule your KFC delivery now! One of the riders will pick up your orders from KFC and deliver your meal right to your doorstep.

Did we mention that MrSpeedy’s services are affordable too? Enjoy delivery rates from as low as RM5! For more information, head to MrSpeedy’s website.

There you have a list of delivery platforms that can deliver your favourite KFC dishes right to your doorstep. Explore other food delivery options with Lokataste and more!


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