Kenny Rogers Menu and Price List (Updated 2021)

The Complete Kenny Rogers Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ menu is primarily known for their healthy yet drool-worthy rotisserie chicken. Can you picture the golden brown chicken deliberately rotating in a wall oven? Well, it’s an appetising image to imagine, especially when you’re craving a hearty chicken dinner.

In this article, we’ve provided you with the complete menu of Kenny Rogers Roasters alongside its prices.

**Note: The prices listed below only serve as a general guide and may be subjected to change. Find out the most recent updates on KRR.

Latest for a Limited Time

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Ayam Nyior Pedas22.74
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak Ayam Ohsem20.90

Lite- Up Your Meal

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Italian Delights16.91
Kenny’s Quarter Lite Meal18.07
House Favourite18.07
T-Chic Rice15.74

Healthy Bites

Healthy Bites
Image Credit to: Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Classic Chicken Sandwich11.54
‘Egg’cellent Sandwich10.38

Grilling Moments

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Teriyaki Chicken and Soup Meal22.74
Teriyaki Chicken Lite Meal19.24
Teriyaki Chicken meal23.90
Beef Steak40.22

Pasta Meal

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken Macaroni Cheese22.04
Tangy Chicken Spaghetti22.04
Beef Bolognaise Spaghetti22.04

Kenny’s Chicken Meal

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Red Hot Meal22.74
Kenny’s Quarter Meal22.74
Kenny’s Half Meal34.40
Kenny’s Chicken and Pasta Meal27.87
Kenny’s Chicken and Soup Meal21.57
Kenny’s Ala Carte
Chicken Quarter
Half Whole
Kenny’s Chicken and Garden Meal23.20

Moments to Share

Moments to Share
Image Credit to: Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia fb
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Kenny’s Family Meal88.50
Kenny’s Wholesome Meal103.66

Hearty Snacks

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Golden Wedges Classic7.50
Golden Wedges Beef Bolognaise11.90
Golden Wedges Chicken Cheesy11.90

Fresh Hitz

Kenny Roger Fresh Hitz
Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Crisp Garden Salad9.21
Fresh Fruit Salad9.21

Hot Hitz

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Macaroni and Cheese9.21
Mashed Potato and Gravy9.21
BBQ Baked  Beans9.21
Aromatic Rice9.21
Chunky Veggie9.21


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken Caesar Salad Meal20.87
Caesar Salad Supreme9.21
Classic Garden Salad9.21
Roasted Chicken Salad Meal20.67

All Times Favourites

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Garlic Toasties5.25
Rock N Roll13.41
Round-up Platter12.24
Country Style Chicken Soup6.88
Chicken Macaroni Soup6.88
Rollie’s Bowl11.54
Cheezy Bowl11.54

Sweet Indulgence

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Kenny’s Home- made Muffin in Golden Vanilla, Banana Raisin, Chocolate Raisin
1 pc
6 pcs
12 pcs

Single Happiness5.25
Muffin Submarine12.71
Warm Chocolate Oasis9.21
Classic Cheese Cake8.78


Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Café Latte11.54
Café Mocha13.41
Tea latte9.91
Chocolate Milk10.38
Earl Grey Tea8.05
Green Tea8.05
Fruit Juice9.91
Iced Lemon tea7.58
Bottled Water4.08
Coke Light5.71
Unlimited Refill Beverages7.58
Ice Blended Chocolate Extreme15.04
Ice Blended Cappuccino15.04
Tropical Paradise9.91
Triple Passion9.91
Minty Passion Mocktail9.91
Four Season Fizzy8.75
Iced/Warm Water1.57
Yogurt Ice Blended Strawberry Dream15.04
Yogurt Ice Blended Mango Magic15.04
Fruity Ice Blended Kiwi Kisses12.24
Fruity Ice Blended Breezy Island12.24

Where to Order Kenny Rogers Roasters in Malaysia?

Kenny Rogers serves some of the best chicken for miles. Still, they go the extra mile to provide you with an excellent dine-in service. The franchise currently has approximately 90 outlets all across Malaysia. Dining in at one of the many Kenny Rogers Roasters outlets is a treat on its own, as the staffs are known for their quick and well-mannered services.

Whilst awaiting your order, you can watch the tantalising rotisserie chicken cooking away. Plus, Kenny Rogers Roasters swears by healthy meals. All their chicken pieces are roasted fresh, guaranteeing a quality meal. We think Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants are the prime spots to hangout with family and friends.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to feast in the comforts of your home, don’t sweat it! Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia has teamed up with a few food delivery companies. Download the foodpanda, GrabFood, or DeliverEat app and place your orders now!

Latest Menu Item from Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia

Ayam Nyior Pedas

Ayam Nyior Pedas

Korean Style Fried Chicken

Korean Style Fried Chicken

Fans of Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia

Check out who else loves Kenny Rogers Roasters!

Fans of Kenny Rogers Roasters
Fans Kenny Rogers Roasters

History of Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia

History of Kenny Rogers Roasters

This famous restaurant was a dream-come-true for an American country singer, Kenny Rogers. Back then, he envisioned an eatery that mainly serves grilled chicken, salads, and other dishes that are not only tasty but healthy.

In 1991, Mr Rogers and the former Kentucky State Governor collaborated and established their first-ever restaurant. It was a hit in the early 90s with an impressive growth of nearly 350 restaurants across America under five years. Unfortunately, as other similar franchises came about, Kenny Rogers Roasters struggled to maintain its brand presence in the US.

It was a different story in Asian countries, however, where people absolutely loved the concept of Kenny Rogers Roasters. The franchise found itself thriving in the Asian market with a strong fan base shortly after.

In 2011, a Malaysian company bought over the franchise and now runs Kenny Rogers Roasters, KRR, independently. Since its new ownership, KRR has brought about regional menu items that cater specifically to Malaysians’ taste buds.

Reach Out to Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia

Want to keep up with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ latest promos and menu items in Malaysia? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

If you’re interested, join their team or fill up their feedback form on their website.

Kenny Rogers Roasters FAQs

Does Kenny Rogers Roasters offer catering services?

Yes. Click here for more information.

Is Kenny Rogers Roasters membership available in Malaysia?

Yes. A KRR membership card allows you to accumulate points and go cashless. Register as a member here to unlock unlimited benefits!

How much money can I reload into the KRR card?

You can reload a minimum of RM10 and a maximum of RM500 in one go.

Will my KRR card expire?

Yes. It will expire 36 months from the last time you use your card. As long as you continue using the card, it will not expire.

How to activate my KRR card?

Reload a minimum of RM50 into your card to activate it. No set up fee required!

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