Kenny Rogers Delivery: Order Kenny Rogers Delivery in Malaysia

Kenny Rogers Delivery-Order Kenny Rogers Delivery in Malaysia

Being a multicultural country with religious dietary restrictions, the staple protein amongst Malaysians is chicken. Amongst the chain restaurants that specialize in chicken, Kenny Rogers is one of the more well-known stores. Priding themselves for their healthy roast chicken with their famous tag line “less fat…less salt…less calories”, Kenny Rogers have become the go-to for Malaysians to satisfy their chicken cravings.

Founded in 1991 by country singer Kenny Rogers, this famous rotisserie chicken restaurant has begun to expand its branches from its single store in Coral Spring, Florida, all the way to Malaysia where it houses approximately 84 branches that are still in operation. Today, after a series of ownership changes, Kenny Rogers primarily operates in Asia— being managed by Berjaya Corporation Bhd.

Even then, the popularity of Kenny Rogers in Malaysia doesn’t seem to wane, as many are obsessed with diverse sides and muffins that often complement the main chicken. One of their popular sides includes mac and cheese, which is a must-have for cheese lovers. Despite being a chicken rotisserie restaurant, their muffins are not to be underestimated as well.

Offering a choice between banana, vanilla, and chocolate, Kenny Rogers’ muffins are simply the best appetizer or dessert to your chicken meal. The presence of these sides is so prominent that it is probably not an understatement to say that a meal at Kenny Rogers is not complete without its sides and muffin.


Ways to Order Kenny Rogers Delivery

Besides the typical dine-in experience, you can enjoy Kenny Rogers in the comforts of your home by opting for delivery. With various platforms offering delivery services, it can get confusing to order Kenny Rogers online.

To help you with that, we have compiled all the available platforms with tips that will hopefully allow you to navigate through your ordering process more efficiently.   

1. Delivery services

Offering delivery service for only advanced orders from its official website, the availability of this service is subjected to several conditions:

  • You have to place your order three days in advance.
  • Your location has to be within a 5km radius from selected Kenny Rogers’s outlet.
  • Your order has to exceed the minimum spending of RM25.

This service would be suitable if you live close to a Kenny Rogers outlet and plan to order up a feast. Click here to access this service.

On the other hand, if you want to have your order delivered immediately, opt for third-party delivery platforms. With a choice of either foodpanda, GrabFood, or DeliverEat, it would be wise to browse through all three of these platforms as they often offer vouchers and promotions that would reduce the cost of your order.

One example of this being foodpanda’s promotion in commemoration of the Ramadan month. They are now giving out a 25% discount for your Kenny Rogers order with the minimum spending of RM15. 

2. Kenny Rogers Takeaway Service

If you prefer to eat peacefully in the comforts of home, the takeaway option is probably for you. The takeaway service entitles you to a discount of 15% off your order from Kenny Rogers. By driving out a little, you can save the delivery fees and get an additional discount on your order.

Extra: Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) Card Member

Another noteworthy service provided by Kenny Rogers is its KRR Card. It is a prepaid card that gives you rewards of free items with the collection of loyalty points; one of its well-known reward being a free Kenny’s Quarter Meal during your birthday month.

Besides that, it can also serve as a cash card akin to the touch and go. This allows for convenient cashless payment in all Kenny Rogers branches in Malaysia. The purchase method of this card is relatively simple and can be made in any local Kenny Rogers outlet. You will need an initial reload of RM100 to activate your card.

Then, by registering your card online at this link, you would officially be able to enjoy member privileges. With all that said, this card would be suitable for those who frequent Kenny Rogers.

With that, you have the complete guide for ordering Kenny Rogers online. Hopefully, after this, you would be able to order your favourite chicken meal easily. 


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