Food You Must Not Miss Out On in Kampar, Perak!

Food You Must Not Miss Out On in Kampar, Perak!

Kampar, also known as the Education City, is a humble town located in Perak, Malaysia. This town is rich with history, as it was formerly a flourishing tin mining industry. Kampar is also broadly divided into ‘old town’, and ‘new town’, where the former is filled with pre-war shophouses and the latter is lined with residential developments.

Despite being a small town, there are many things one could do at Kampar. This town offers historical museums, beautiful nature, recreational farms, medical facilities, supermarkets, housing developments and connectivity to other towns and cities such as Ipoh, Tapah and Taiping.

Plus, Kampar does not shy away from offering some fantastic food for visitors to enjoy here. With that said, here’s a list of food you must not miss out on whenever you’re in town!

1. Claypot Chicken Rice

When in Kampar, one dish you must not miss out on is the Claypot Chicken Rice served here. If you haven’t had a dish like this before, well you’re in luck! It is truly worth a taste. This no-frills dish is a one-pot meal where each claypot consists of steamed rice, served with delicious chicken chunks, Chinese sausages or lap cheong, chopped onions, spring onions, salted fish and some soy sauce. Some eateries would also add-on an egg to the dish.

There are a few places where you can eat the Claypot Chicken Rice here in Kampar. Some of the most famous spots include Restoran Foo Kee and also Heng Kee Claypot Chicken Rice.


2. Shaved Ice Dessert

When the weather is scorching hot, everyone needs a place to cool down. What better way to do so than munching down on some delicious shaved-ice dessert? If you’re feeling hot in Kampar, then try the Shaved Ice Dessert at Ice Shark for a delectable cool-down. There is a variety of flavours that comes with the shaved ice. You can even pair this dessert with ice cream, fruits, syrups and other toppings according to your liking!

Not only that, but students in Kampar also love having the shaved-ice here for its delicious taste and affordability. What are you waiting for? Go get your dessert fix at Ice Shark.

3. Curry Chicken Bun

Here’s another unique dish that is very worth a taste on your visit to Kampar. Visitors must try the iconic Curry Chicken Bun here. Diners will get to taste the aromatic and fragrant chicken curry cooked in an array of spices with tender chicken pieces.

If you’re curious and want to know how the Curry Chicken Bun tastes like, we recommend you to visit the first shop that started to sell this dish, and that is the Yau Kee Restaurant. This restaurant also serves other types of pastries such as chicken buns, egg tarts, kaya puffs and more. Other eateries where you can try the Curry Chicken Bun includes Restoran Jia Kampar and Kam Ling Restaurant.


4. Fresh Water Prawns

If you’re craving for some seafood dishes, Kampar has got you covered. Many restaurants offer seafood, but one of the famous places to have a hearty seafood meal is at the Thong Lok Seafood Restaurant. Here, diners can try their vast array of seafood from prawns, fish, crabs, clams and more; along with vegetables, beancurd and other dishes.

However, a local favourite and must-try dish here is the Fresh Water Prawns. Diners love the huge, flavourful fresh prawns that they serve here. It is indeed one of their signature dishes and worth anyone’s try!

5. Homemade Rice Noodles

Diners can find authentic noodle soup dishes at eateries like Ah Boy Noodle at Kampar. Over here, customers must try their chef-recommended dishes such as the ‘Yue Po Noodles’ and  ‘Bursting Meatball Noodles’. The Yue Po Noodles has a soup base that is boiled for six hours with fresh pork bones. Upon every order, diners will get a flavorful bowl of rice noodles served with pork slices, minced pork, pork liver, vegetables and pan-fried ginger egg.

On the other hand, the Bursting Meatball Noodles consists of noodles served with a soup base, followed by their huge bursting meatballs, vegetables and a hint of rice wine for an extra burst of flavour. If these dishes seem interesting to you, then go ahead and visit Ah Boy Noodle restaurant!

6. Tau Fu Fah

Another popular snack that is loved by the locals here in Kampar is the silky smooth Tau Fu Fah. Tau Fu Fah is a Chinese snack and dessert that is made with very soft tofu, eaten either hot or cold. This dish is made with coagulated soy milk, served with ginger syrup, clear syrup or palm sugar syrup. The Tau Fu Fah is indeed a delicious and light snack for anyone who wants a taste of local and traditional dessert. Besides that, you can also opt for something similar other than the Tau Fu Fah such as the soy milk drink.

You can find this delicious and famous Tau Fu Fah here at Ding Feng Tau Fu Fa at Kampar. Students also love coming here for an affordable snack or a cold soy milk drink on a hot day.

Indeed, Kampar prides itself in many things; and the food they offer is one of them! Take a tour around the city and pamper yourself with some flavourful food here.

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