Instea Menu & Price List (Update 2022)

Instea Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Due to the manic bubble tea craze that flared up two years ago, you’ve probably already heard about Instea. Instea Creative Tea & Coffee Bar is an innovative chain that produces creatively infused teas, from milk tea infused with cheese to crème brûlée with matcha to fresh, pure brews—whatever sparks the imagination, Instea does.

With many branches across Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Sunway and Puchong, Instea is easily accessible to tea connoisseurs everywhere. Coffee drinkers shall not fret as they also have a series of delicious coffees.

This article provides a complete and updated menu of Instea’s nectarous goodness, as well as promotions, contact information and FAQ. Read on to find out!

Instea Complete Menu


Seasonal Drinks

Ms BoboOriginal Oreo/Cheese/Roasted Cheese12.90/15.90/15.90
Ms BubuCrème Brûlée Fresh Milk/Crème Brûlée Cocoa Crème/Brûlée Milk Tea14.90/12.90/12.90
Ms BibiOriginal Bibi/Cheese Bibi11.90/14.90

Instea Milk Tea

INS’s Cheese Milk TeaGreen Tea / Black Tea Heavy / Light Cheese13.90
Oreo Milk TeaGreen Tea / Black Tea Heavy / Light Cheese13.90
INS Milk TeaGreen Tea / Black Tea 1 Topping of Pearl / Coconut Jelly / Red Bean / Grass Jelly / Golden Pearl10.90
Crème Brûlée Milk TeaGreen Tea / Black Tea 1 Topping of Pearl / Red Bean / Golden Pearl14.90

Pure Brew Tea

Green TeaWithout cheese/With cheese9.90/11.90
Black TeaWithout cheese/With cheese9.90/11.90

Fresh Brew Tea

Golden Phoenix Tea with Cheese13.90
Four Season Tea with Cheese13.90
Rose Oolong with Cheese13.90
White Peach Oolong with Cheese13.90
Cranberry Oolong with Cheese13.90

Winter Fruits Tea

Fresh Mango TeaWithout cheese/With cheese10.90/13.90
Fresh Grape TeaWithout cheese/With cheese10.90/13.90
Fresh Watermelon TeaWithout cheese/With cheese10.90/13.90
Fresh Melon TeaWithout cheese/With cheese10.90/13.90
Fresh Grapefruit TeaWithout cheese/With cheese12.90/14.90

Uji Matcha & Cocoa Series

Crème Brûlée Uji Matcha15.90
Uji Matcha Latte15.90
Cheese Uji Matcha15.90
Cocoa Latte11.90
Cheese Cocoa14.90

Coffee Series

Cappuccino / Latte11.90  14.50
Americano / Long Black11.90  14.50
Mocha12.90  15.50
Rose Latte12.90  15.50
Macadamia Latte12.90  15.50

Yakult Summer Series

Aloe Mango Yakult12.90
Nata Lemon Yakult11.90
Pop Grapefruit Yakult12.90

Crunchy Series

Crunchy Boba Shake17.90
Crunchy Yummy Yam13.90

Instea Perfume

Red Silk19.90
Blue Silk15.90
Mango Tango15.90
Mr Bobo15.90
Matcha Latte15.90
Coffee Latte15.90
Taro Latte15.90
Strawberry Latte15.90
Cocoa Chanel15.90

Greek Yogurt

Original Purple Rice Yogurt13.90
Original Oat Yogurt13.90
Strawberry-Berry Yogurt13.90
Mango Tango Yogurt14.90
Grapes Yogurt15.90
Watermelon Yogurt14.90
Yam Yogurt14.90
Avocado Yogurt15.90
Haw Yogurt13.90
Jujube Yogurt14.90
Peach Yogurt16.90
Dragon Fruit Yogurt19.90
Honey Melon Yogurt13.90
Passion Fruit Yogurt13.90


Curly Fries10.90
Potato Wedges10.90
Shoestring Fries10.90
Popcorn Chicken12.90
Tom Yam Popcorn Chicken13.90
Tempura Nugget10.90
Sweet Potato Fries10.90

Instea Latest Promotions

1 Utama October Promo

  1. Purchase any 1 drink and get a perfume drink for only RM13.90!
  2. Purchase any 1 drink and get the 2nd drink for 50% off! (Perfume drinks excluded)

Premium Bird’s Nest Mooncake Promo

  1. Originally RM198 per set, purchase any 2 drinks and get a RM50 discount on your mooncakes, applicable at all outlets!
  2. Get a RM30 discount on your mooncakes by ordering from Shoppee Online!

History of Instea

Instea Creative Tea & Coffee Bar is a local Malaysian franchise founded by John Chua back in 2018. Together with four partners—Hebe Sim, Cherrie Teo, Jx Teo and Esther Ning—the IOI Boulevard Puchong outlet was born. John believes in sharing innovative ideas and building meaningful relationships with people, all while unconventionally pushing the boundaries of our tea-drinking culture.

What sets Instea apart from other bubble tea stores is that every cup is carefully brewed with handpicked selections of tea and infused with high-quality, authentic ingredients. They also offer an extensive array of cakes at their outlets that pair perfectly with the tasty drinks.

Reach Out to Instea


Is Instea available on GrabFood?

Instea is available on GrabFood around certain areas near their outlets, like Subang or Puchong. You may check if it is available in your area on the Grab app.

Where are all the outlets located?

You can find out all the Instea outlets across Malaysia here.

Do the promos apply to all outlets or GrabFood?

The 1 Utama October Promotion is only applicable in the 1 Utama Instea outlet and not available on GrabFood.


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