IKEA food: Introducing the best of IKEA food

IKEA food: Introducing the best of IKEA food

With a homey ambience and the calming smell of wood that fills the building, what’s there to not love about IKEA? Usually, you wouldn’t associate furniture shops with such fond memories, but when it comes to this Swedish furniture shop, it’s a different story entirely. Almost like a theme park of furniture, furniture shopping in IKEA is an experience you can never have anywhere else. Even then, we all know that the furniture in IKEA isn’t its only appeal, the other one being none other than their food!

With that said, we will introduce you to some of the most popular IKEA food that you don’t want to miss.

1. Swedish Meatballs

Image credit: rojakdaily.com

When the topic of IKEA food is mentioned, it is almost impossible to skip over this meatball dish. With the perfectly balanced combination of meaty and juicy, IKEA’s Swedish meatballs have become a customer favourite. Served with a generous amount of gravy poured over the meatballs and a scoop of mashed potato and jam on the side, this dish is probably the first one you put in your trolley. Now that they have also expanded their selection of meatballs, you could pick from either beef, chicken, or vegetable meatballs—all of them guaranteed to be a satisfying treat.


2. Fried Chicken Wings

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Though fried chicken wings are a common side, the one served in IKEA is simply too good to be missed. Characterised by its appetising dark brown appearance and its lightly seasoned juicy and crisp meat, you can never get enough of this iconic IKEA food. This dish is so addictive that you will finish a plate of fried chicken wings in no time. Who knows, you might even be licking your fingers and gnawing on the bones before you even realise it yourself. It’s okay though no judgements there, cause this dish is just that good! 

3. Pastries

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While waiting in line to get your food in IKEA’s cafeteria, you will probably be entranced by the buttery scent of baked pastries. Besides their mains, IKEA is also known to serve an array of golden brown fluffy pastry goodness. Perfect as a side to your snacks or soup, their dinner rolls and croissant would make for the ideal addition to your meal. If you are a fan of sweet pastries, their sticky and gooey cinnamon rolls are a must-try as well.


4. Hotdog (located in bistro)

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Moving out of the main cafeteria in IKEA to their bistro, another must-have IKEA food would be their hotdogs. With a tender and meaty sausage sandwiched in the middle of a buttery bun, this dish makes for the perfect midday snack, especially when your hunger pangs strike. Once you’ve received your hotdog from the counter, don’t forget to customise it by putting on your preferred amount of sauce on them, where the selection of sauces include ketchup, chilli sauce, and mustard.

5. Curry Puff

Image credit: IKEA foursquare

Almost as well-known as the Swedish meatballs, the curry puff served in IKEA’s bistro is yet another one of IKEA’s signatures. With a crunchy shell and a filling inside made of potatoes, curry chicken, and boiled egg, this IKEA version of curry puff is sure to satisfy. Made fresh daily and served hot in a simple paper bag, no wonder there is always a long line of customers waiting for a piece of IKEA’s curry puff!

6. Soy Ice cream

Image credit: klfoodie.com

Once you’ve completed your purchase and are ready to go home, head over to their bistro for a final sweet delight. Creamy, smooth yet light on the stomach, IKEA’s soy Ice cream makes for the perfect finisher to mark the end of your IKEA trip. A lick of this delectable soft serve that melts on your tongue will surely quench your thirst and blow away all your fatigue. This dessert is sure to cool you down before you head towards the humid car park.


IKEA fans, rejoice as delivery service of IKEA food is now available on Bungkusit. Order your favourite dishes from the nearest IKEA branch—both the Cheras or Damansara IKEA branch, and soon you will have your favourite IKEA food delivered to your doorsteps.

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