Gong Cha Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Gong Cha Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Bubble tea fanatics, rise! Today, our article is about another popular Bubble Tea brand in Malaysia – Gong Cha! This Taiwan-born brand aims to offer tea of only the best quality; and we believe that they actually managed to do so. Additionally, Gong Cha does not only have bubble tea on the menu; there are also fruit juices, coffee, latte and more!

This brand started in the year 2006, and since then, they have rapidly expanded internationally. It has over 1500 outlets worldwide and lucky for us, Malaysia was included as well! Gong Cha Malaysia would change their menus once in a while; and customers might get confused on which menu is the latest and updated one. Therefore, today we have listed out Gong Cha Malaysia’s complete and updated menu and price list for 2020!

Would you like to know what they have on their menu before ordering? Continue reading to find out more:

Gong Cha Menu & Price List 2020



Gong Cha Signature Green Tea (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey)RM7.50RM8.50
Gong Cha Signature Winter Melon TeaRM8.00RM9.00
Gong Cha Signature Black CoffeeRM8.50
Gong Cha Signature Brown Sugar Tea (Oolong/Earl Grey)RM8.50RM9.50
Gong Cha Signature Chocolate MilkRM9.50RM10.50
Gong Cha Signature Taro MilkRM9.50RM10.50
Gong Cha Signature Mango Green TeaRM9.50RM10.50
Gong Cha Signature Matcha Milk with Red Adzuki BeanRM10.50RM11.50
Potted Tea with OREO Crumbs (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey)RM9.00RM10.00


Taiwan Green Tea (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey)RM5.00RM6.00
Roselle TeaRM6.00RM7.00
Winter Melon TeaRM5.50RM6.50


Plum TeaRM6.50RM7.50
Green Tea with White PearlRM7.00RM8.00
Winter Melon Tea with White PearlRM7.50RM8.50
Roselle Tea with White PearlRM8.00RM9.00
Lemon Juice with Ai-Yu & White PearlRM8.00RM9.00
Longan Red Date TeaRM6.50RM7.50
Basil Seeds Lemon Winter Melon TeaRM7.50RM8.50
Honey LemonRM6.50RM7.50
Lemon JuiceRM6.00RM7.00


Plum Green TeaRM6.00RM7.00
Grapefruit/Peach Green TeaRM6.50RM7.50
Passion Fruit Green TeaRM7.00RM8.00
QQ Passion Fruit Green TeaRM9.00RM10.00
Mango Green TeaRM7.00RM8.00
Honey Green TeaRM6.00RM7.00
Yoghurt Green TeaRM7.00RM8.00
Mango/Lemon YoghurtRM7.00RM8.00


Milk Tea (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey)RM6.00RM7.00
Milk Tea with PearlRM7.50RM8.50
Milk Tea with Herbal JellyRM7.50RM8.50
Milk Tea with White PearlRM8.00RM9.00
Milk Tea with Red BeanRM8.00RM9.00
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J’sRM8.50RM9.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea with Coffee JellyRM7.50RM8.50
Caramel Milk TeaRM7.00RM8.00
Taro Milk TeaRM7.00RM8.00
Oreo Milk TeaRM7.50RM8.50
Chocolate Milk TeaRM7.00RM8.00
Oreo ChocolateRM8.50RM9.50
Matcha Milk with Red Adzuku BeanRM8.00RM9.00
Longan Red Date Milk TeaRM7.50RM8.50
Honey Milk TeaRM7.00RM8.00
Salted Caramel ChocolateRM9.50RM10.50
Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Oolong/Earl Grey)RM7.00RM8.00
Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly (Oolong/Earl Grey)RM8.50RM9.50


Image credit:gong-cha.com.my
Brewed Tea Latte (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey)RM7.00RM8.00
Winter Melon Tea LatteRM7.50RM8.50


House Special Milk CoffeeRM8.00
Caramel Milk CoffeeRM9.00
Coffee Milk TeaRM8.00
Oreo MochaRM8.50


Ai-Yu JellyRM1.50
Basil SeedsRM1.50
Coconut JellyRM1.50
Coffee JellyRM1.50
Herbal JellyRM1.50
Oreo CrumbsRM1.50
Red BeanRM2.00
White PearlRM2.00
Special FoamRM2.50

Where to Order Gong Cha Malaysia?

If you’re not sure where to go for a cup of Gong Cha, try going to any big malls nearby. Most of Gong Cha Malaysia’s outlets are typically located in malls. Hence, shoppers of the shopping mall can shop while drinking a cup of Gong Cha!

However, we understand how sometimes you might not be in the mood to go out of the house. Worry not – avoid all the hassle and opt for delivery instead! You can place your order through their delivery partners like foodpanda and GrabFood. Both apps are also downloadable on Google Play and App Store.

Latest Promotions on Gong Cha Malaysia

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Fans of Gong Cha Malaysia

Check out who else love and enjoy Gong Cha Malaysia!

Reach Out to Gong Cha Malaysia

For any further enquiries or updates and promos from Gong Cha Malaysia, follow or subscribe them on their social media accounts here:

You can also e-mail to them at [email protected]!


1. What makes Gong Cha unique?

Gong Cha is famous and unique for their specialty in using foamy milk in their drinks. The creamy and slightly salted foam milk is usually used as the topping of their drinks.

2. Are the drinks in Gong Cha healthy?

Yes, they are. Gong Cha uses only the best and most fresh ingredients in making their drinks. The tea in their drinks also contains an abundant of antioxidants.

3. Are the teas in Gong Cha prepared fresh every day?

Yes. The teas are all brewed fresh every day in store.

4. Where can I apply for a Gong Cha Royalty Card?

You may apply at any Gong Cha outlets, except for ones in Genting Highlands and KLIA2.

5. Is there any minimum expenditure for me to apply for Gong Cha Royalty Card?

No, there isn’t.

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