Daboba Menu & Price List (Updated 2023)

Daboba Menu & Price List (Updated 2020)

During the pearl milk tea craze that took over in Malaysia, numerous milk tea stores had set up its branches in Malaysia—one of the more prominent ones being Daboba. A look at the massive line for this bubble milk tea may turn heads away, but their milk teas are simply worth the wait!

Having frequent menu changes and additions, here is the complete list of the latest Daboba menu with prices in Malaysia.

**Note: This menu is based on the offers in West Malaysia, and minor changes may apply if you’re ordering from other regions or countries. Feel free to check out Daboba for the latest updates.

DABOBA roasted brown sugar series

Roasted brown sugar pearl fresh milk (M) RM 13.90
Roasted brown sugar pearl milk tea (M)RM 13.90
Roasted brown sugar pearl coco (M)RM 13.90
Roasted brown sugar pearl matcha (M)RM 13.90

DABOBA brown sugar series

Brown sugar pearl fresh milk (M)RM 12.90
Brown sugar pearl milk tea (M)RM 12.90
Brown sugar pearl coco (M)RM 12.90
Brown sugar pearl matcha (M)RM 12.90

DABOBA honey golden pearl series

Honey golden pearl green milk tea (M)RM 9.90
Honey golden pearl milk tea (M)RM 9.90
Honey golden pearl fresh milk (M)RM 9.90
Honey golden pearl roasted oolong milk tea (M)RM 9.90

DABOBA classic milk tea series

Authentic milk tea RM7.90 (M)
RM8.90 (L)
Japanese roasted milk tea RM7.90 (M)
RM8.90 (L)
Pearl milk tea RM8.90 (M)
RM9.90 (L)
Grass jelly milk tea RM8.90 (M)
RM9.90 (L)
Cheese milk teaRM8.90 (M)
RM9.90 (L)

DABOBA frappe series

DABOBA frappe
Image Credit: Daboba Malaysia fb
Mango frappe (yoghurt)RM 13.90
Matcha frappe (cheese)RM 12.90
Coco frappe (cheese)RM 12.90

DABOBA fruit tea series

DABOBA fruit tea series
Image Credit: Daboba Malaysia fb
Kumquat lemon seasons tea RM 7.90 (M)
RM 9.90 (L)
Passion fruit green tea RM 7.90 (M)
RM 9.90 (L)
Melon green tea RM 7.90 (M)
RM 9.90 (L)
Fruity party RM 7.90 (M)
RM 9.90 (L)

DABOBA shooting star series

Butterfly pea seasons tea (L)RM 12.90

DABOBA cheese tea series

Cheese green teaRM 8.90 (M)
RM 11.90 (L)
Cheese black teaRM 8.90 (M)
RM 11.90 (L)
Cheese seasons teaRM 8.90 (M)
RM 11.90 (L)
Cheese roasted oolong teaRM 8.90 (M)
RM 11.90 (L)

DABOBA pure fresh tea series

Green tea RM 6.90 (M)
RM 7.90 (L)
Black tea RM 6.90 (M)
RM 7.90 (L)
Seasons tea RM 6.90 (M)
RM 7.90 (L)
Roasted oolong tea RM 6.90 (M)
RM 7.90 (L)

DABOBA Dinosaur Kiwi Series

Image Credit: Daboba Malaysia fb
Dinosaur Kiwi YogurtRM 17.90
Jurrasic Kiwi LemonadeRM 12.90
Volcano Kiwi Cheese SmoothiesRM 15.90

DABOBA Soya Series

Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl SoyaRM 13.90
Honey Golden Pearl SoyaRM 12.90
Brown Pearl Sugar SoyaRM 12.90
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Peanut SoyaRM 13.90

DABOBA Taufufa Series

Image Credit: Daboba Malaysia fb
Taufufa Mochi PeanutRM 8.90
Taufufa Pearl Milk TeaRM 7.90
Taufufa Brown SugarRM 7.90

Toppings (add-on )

Daboba pearl RM 1.50
Honey golden pearl RM 1.50
Red beans RM 1.50
CheeseRM 1.50
Nata de cocoRM 1.50
OreoRM 1.50
Grass jellyRM 1.50

Order Daboba Delivery in Malaysia

Having approximately 43 outlets scattered across Malaysia, it is easy to spot Daboba with its trademark bear logo and its stylish design. Don’t fancy lining up in the long queues? Don’t worry because you can get your favourite cup from the Daboba menu via delivery too!

Delivery of Daboba menu drinks is available through several platforms, namely, foodpanda, Bungkusit, DeliverEat, and GrabFood. Unfortunately, these services are only available if you live close to a Daboba outlet. Along with delivery fees, the prices and availability of several menu items may differ when using the delivery service as well. 

Daboba Malaysia Latest Promotion

For those who want to catch the latest concoction on the Daboba menu, look out for their limited edition Galaxy Grape series that just launched on the 11th of March 2023. The price for these drinks is dependent on the flavour and your preference and can range from RM12.90 to RM17.90. This series is available in three different flavours: 

  • Thanos Grape Yogurt
  • Scarlet Grape Yakult
  • Baby Yoda Grape Matcha

Fans of Daboba Malaysia

Check out your fellow Daboba fans!

Fans of Daboba
Fans Daboba

Reach Out to Daboba Malaysia

Don’t want to miss out on any promotions and limited edition beverages from Daboba? Follow them now on their social media accounts:

Daboba FAQs

What are the top beverages of Daboba?

The top 5 drinks are Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea, Cheese Black Tea, Cheese Milk Tea, and Pear Milk Tea.

How to drink Daboba correctly?

Before drinking, stir the beverage gently with the straw for 6 times.

What are the different types of pearls in Daboba?

You can choose between original black pearls, brown sugar pearls, and golden pearls.

Can I own a Daboba franchise?

Yes, you can. Fill in the application form here for business opportunities.

Does Daboba merely sell beverages?

There are also Lemon Sponge Cakes and Daboba Bubble Cakes.

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