Cheras Cafe: 10 Best Cafes to Hangout and Chill in Cheras

Cheras Cafe -10 Best Cafes to Hangout and Chill in Cheras

Situated at a convenient geographical location—sandwiched between Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Cheras is one of the famous places that people enjoy visiting and living too.

Besides its convenient location, its food culture serves as another attraction point, where hawkers and night markets in Cheras are known to sell mouth-watering and unique foods that you might not be able to get anywhere else in Malaysia.

With all that said, however, the food culture of Cheras does not only stop at hawkers and night markets. There are beautiful cafe with delicious food and drinks in Cheras as well.

Conventional coffee chains such as Starbucks has become the typical hangout zone for many, so it is about time that we step out and explore other alternatives which could potentially be your new hangout zone.

So then, let’s explore the 10 best cafes to hang out and chill in Cheras!

1. Ebony & Ivory Coffee

Being a small café, Ebony & Ivory Coffee gives off a cosy vibe, similar to being home. Don’t let the small interior of the café fool you though, as Ebony & Ivory Coffee packs a lot of customers, giving off a lively atmosphere.

Due to having a small kitchen, their menu mainly consists of desserts and drinks, and the choice of main dishes only going up to six or seven. Even within the limited menu, their foods and beverages have satisfied many customers where some favourites comprise of cheesecake, as well as the Minced Pork Scrambled Egg Rice.


2. Craft Café

As the name suggests, this café embraces creativity to the max, as Craft Café has successfully combined both elements of food and art into one.

With most of the mains being Western food, they offer dishes from chicken chops to waffle sandwiches with a witty name: Beauty & The Beast. Their beautiful drinks and desserts are another one of their selling points as they produce cute latte art and desserts with illustrations that almost makes it a shame to eat. For those with a penchant for art, this is one place you don’t want to miss!

3. Simple Break Time Café

Showered in warm yellow light and having a modern minimalistic décor, Simple Break Time Café gives off a humble and peaceful feel that is fitting for those who want a place to relax.

Providing a wide variety of food, some of their notable dishes include their seafood Aglio Olio, Pangkor style laksa, and premium Nasi Lemak with drumstick berempah. Aside from their mains, customers have also reviewed their coffee and coco raspberry cheesecake as being an absolute delight.


4. Chye Seng Foo Coffee Shop

This is yet another cafe worth visiting in Cheras. Pulling off a mostly white aesthetic, Chye Seng Foo Coffee Shop gives out an almost retro feel, some claiming that it felt as if they have returned to their grandma’s house.

Contrary to its ambience, their menus propel customers to the modern era, as it consists of desserts and snacks with a Japanese twist. One of their unique signature dishes—Lychee Meat Ball Rice, which as bizarre as it sounds, is a customer favourite that you don’t want to miss!

5. I. One Café

Having a wooden theme, I. One Café bears a rustic feel—creating a casual and comfortable atmosphere that is ideal for working on assignments or hanging out with a friend.

Their menu mainly comprises of cakes and coffees, where they offer a variety of different flavours. Some unusual cakes and drinks being their rich and chocolaty Chocochoco cake, and their fragrant, spicy mango latte.

6. STAGE Café Malaysia

The simple yet elegant design of this café is a sight for sore eyes, being surrounded by earthy colours such as brown and grey. With a relatively spacious interior and tranquil atmosphere, STAGE Café Malaysia provides a perfect place for completing your assignments and chilling with your friends.

Coffee takes the main spotlight in this café, as it is managed by coffee enthusiasts, who pour their passion for coffee making in every cup. Other than their coffee, their picturesque Friendship cake is another speciality of this café that you won’t regret trying.


Ever thought of having a haircut and dining in a café at the same time? Well, ICON BREWINGS has got you covered as they provide this unique concept of merging a salon and a café!

This café is ideal for those who want to pamper themselves. Customers could enjoy both a relaxing head massage and also scrumptious pastries and food—all in one stylish space. A must-try when you visit ICON BREWINGS is their moist homemade brownies topped with ice cream.


8. Thurs 2.0

A very hipster and Instagram-worthy café, Thurs 2.0 is a great hangout spot for a beautiful picture or two, while enjoying gorgeous desserts.

With a monochrome theme, the café gives off a calm and stylish atmosphere. Besides the design, Thurs 2.0 is also well-known for their French Bubble Milk Tea Cake. It is infused with a milky cream with boba pearls that dribbles out with a small slice of the knife.

9. Bookmark Coffee

With great lighting and cosy décor, Bookmark Coffee is the perfect cafe in Cheras to complete assignments. A unique amenity of this café lies in their book collection that is lent out to customers during their dine-in.

Besides that, the coffee art in Bookmark Coffee is yet another pull factor. They offer to hand-paint any design on your coffee so long as you provide them with reference. Other than that, they also serve various mains and cakes that are as appealing to the tongue as the eyes. One of the customer’s favourites being their Cheesy Cornflakes Fried Chicken.

10. Loop Café

Set in a tiny but comfortable space, Loop Café offers the perfect spot for those who need a break.

Passionate about coffee, this café provides delicious coffee that is sure to satisfy any coffee fanatic. The cafe’s love for coffee doesn’t end there, as Loop Cafe often opens up brewing workshops as well.  Besides the drinks, their Japanese-inspired foods are another aspect that appeals to customers—one must-try being their Japanese Ebiko Pasta.

Now you have the best list of cafe that Cheras has got to offer you! For more local food guide, please check out

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