Burger King Delivery: Learn How to Order Burger King Delivery in Malaysia

Burger King Delivery - Learn How to Order Burger King Delivery in Malaysia

The quality burgers in Burger King branches are irresistible. Once in a while, we do crave for the extraordinary flavours Burger King has to offer. Juicy patties soaked in delicious sauces and sandwiched between the soft and fluffy buns. Better still, you could have them delivered to your doorsteps with Burger King delivery!

Not to mention the crunchy fries that are best paired with a variety of dips, and the sweet and refreshing bubbling soda drinks. Is your stomach growling now?

Stay where you are and have your favourite Burger King dishes delivered to you! This article shows where and how you can order Burger King delivery in Malaysia. Let’s check it out! 


Burger King Delivery Platforms in Malaysia:

1. Grabfood

Burger King delivery is available on Grabfood webpage and mobile app. If you have yet to download Grabfood application on your mobile phone, you can find the app on Google Play and App Store. On the webpage or app, enter your location details. Then, select the search button and key in ‘Burger King’. Tap on the Burger King menu, and you will be greeted with a variety of Burger King dishes. Don’t miss out on the offers and discounts available exclusively for Grabfood customers! You can find various promotions on sections such as ‘Today’s Offer’ and ‘Limited Time Offer’. 

2. foodpanda

To order Burger King delivery via foodpanda, you can either visit the foodpanda webpage or download the mobile app from Google Play or App Store. Key in your location details, tap on the search button and type ‘Burger King’. Be prepared to see a wide array of Burger King delicacies, ranging from burgers meals to sides, desserts, and drinks. For ease of navigation, foodpanda has categorized the burgers based on the patty and meat options available, namely chicken, beef, fish, and even vegetarian! What’s more? Enjoy various discounts from the Limited Time Offer, Bundle Deals, and Whopper sections! 

3. MrSpeedy

Specializing in same-day delivery, MrSpeedy, is a delivery feature that allows you to have fragile and short-lived items delivered to you. Choose between instant delivery and scheduled delivery for your orders at Burger King!

Visit MrSpeedy’s order page and enter your location details, which are the pickup and drop off locations. Then, one of the MrSpeedy riders will collect your orders from Burger King and deliver your meal right to your doorstep. Known for offering fast and affordable delivery, enjoy delivery rates that are as low as RM5! For more information, head to MrSpeedy’s website.

Burger King delivery

There you have a list of delivery platforms that can deliver your favourite Burger King meals right to your doorstep. Explore other food delivery options with Lokataste and more!


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