Boost Juice Menu & Price List (Update 2023)

Boost Juice Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

When you think of healthy drinks, the image of a chunky green or brown liquid might come to mind accompanied by a scrunching nose. We often have bear this association that healthy beverages are equivalent to being bland or well, disgusting. With Boost Juice, however, it’s another story. This Australian juice brand has transformed the concept of healthy drinks so that they are not only nutritious but also delicious as well! Having a variety of flavours, Boost Juice has also become immensely popular amongst Malaysians—both to the health-conscious and the not so health-conscious. With its bright colours, you’ll never miss a Boost Juice outlet, where your eyes would instantly fixate on the diverse Boost Juice menu.

Having a vast selection of drinks, it may take you some time to decide on one even if you are a regular customer. To help you with that, we have compiled the latest and complete Boost Juice menu with pricing for your reference!

Boost Juice Menu & Prices (2023) in Malaysia


Low- fat Smoothies

(kids – From RM13.00, medium – From RM15.00, original – From RM16.00)

*This category of smoothie is 98% fat-free and made with real fruits & Boost Juice’s TD4 Australian yoghurt

All Berry Bang

Mango Magic

Strawberry Squeeze

Banana Buzz

King William Chocolate

Malaysian Favourites

(kids – From RM13.00, medium – From RM15.00, original – From RM16.00)

Passion Mango

Cookies & Cream


Lean & Green

Image credit: Boost Juice Twitter

(kids – RM14.50, medium – RM17.50, original– RM18.50)

*This category of drinks are low fat, gluten-free and dairy-free

Veggie Juice (Juice)

Lean & Green Juice (Juice)

Super Juices

(kids – RM15.00, medium – RM18.00, original – RM19.00)

*This category of juices are freshly squeezed with super booster powers, with no added sugar or water

5 A Day Juice (+ a vita booster)

Energiser Juice (+ an energiser booster)

Wild Berry Juice (+an energiser booster)

Immunity Juice (+ an immunity booster)

Vita C Detox Juice (+ a vita booster)

Protein Smoothies

Image credit:

(medium – From RM17.50, original – From RM18.50)

Gym Junkie (+ a protein booster)

Strawbrekkie Protein

Protein Supreme

Dairy Free Crushes

Image credit:

(kids – RM11.00, medium – RM13.00, original – RM14.00)

*This category of drinks is 99% fat-free

Berry Crush

Watermelon Lychee

Mango Tango Crush

Mango Lychee Crush


Super Smoothies

Image credit:

(medium – From RM15.00, original – From RM18.50)

Wonder Melon (+ a superfruit booster)

Brekkie to Gogo (+ an energiser booster)

Skinny Dip (+ a protein booster)

Soraya’s Favourite (+ an immunity booster)

Create Your Own Juice!

    Super juices (kids – RM14.00, medium – RM17.00, original – RM18.00)

    • choose up to 5 from local faves & green apple, orange, carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger, passion fruit, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, lemon, mint, spinach, cucumber & green grapes

    Order Boost Juice in Malaysia

    Having approximately 92 outlets scattered all across Malaysia, you will probably be able to find a branch at your nearest mall. You could also look for you nearest Boost Juice outlet here with their store locator.

    Besides visiting their outlet, you can also order your favourite Boost Juice and have them delivered to your home. Boost Juice is partners with two third-party delivery platforms—foodpanda, GrabFood. Do take note that only some outlets offer delivery service, so do check if your nearest Boost Juice outlet is in the list of deliverable branches here!

    Boost Juice’s Latest Menu Addition (available in both dine-in and delivery)

    Mango Berry Crush (includes mango, raspberry and strawberries)

    VitaMAX juice series (inclusive of free VITA booster):

    • PICK ME-UP

    Fans of Boost Juice

    Still don’t believe that healthy juice can taste so good? Maybe these smiles will change our mind!

    VIBE Card

    Did you know that Boost Juice has a card system too? If you didn’t, you’re missing out on so many benefits and deals! Take a look at some of the member benefits here:

    1. With every drink purchased, you will earn one VIBE point, and with the collection of just 10 points, you will be able to redeem a free Boost (bonus: there is no expiration of points so you can redeem your free drinks any time so long as your account is active).

    2.  You will be entitled to a free Boost on your birthday! Available 2 days before and after your actual birthdate, head to your local Boost outlet and you will be able to redeem one free Boost (be sure to bring your IC, Driver’s licence, Passport, or anything with your birthdate on it).

    Oh, and most importantly, there is no registration fee involved, so what are you waiting for? To get a VIBE card, just talk to any friendly face behind any Boost counter, and ask for a card to go along with your drink. Then, visit this website, and fill up your details and submit them. And TA-DAH! You are officially part of the VIBE Club. 

    Reach Out to Boost Juice Malaysia

    Want to keep up with Boost Juice’s latest promos and menu items? Follow their social media accounts here:


    1. What is the best Boost Juice?

    Arguably, the “best” would be dependent on individual preference and taste, but the top three most popular Boost Juice are Mango Magic, Banana Buzz, and Cookies and Cream.

    2. How many Boost Juice can you drink in a day?

    Fans of Boost Juice, rejoice! Based on the nutritional factor of a Boost Juice, it has been stated that you can consume it more than once a day. The guidelines suggest drinking only up to three bottles per day, though, so don’t go overboard.

    3. Is Boost a meal replacement?

    As much as we would love to fill our stomachs with Boost Juice, not all of them can serve as a meal replacement. On the contrary, it is recommended that you have it as a “mini-meal” or a between-meal snack.

    4. What is Boost Juice’s purpose?

    Boost Juice’s purpose is outlined in their mission which is to “become one of the world’s most famous and well-loved brands!”

    5. Is Boost Juice ethical?

    Yes, they are. Boost Juice follows 100% of the ethics and corporate social responsibility in their promotion campaign.

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