7 Best Burger in Bukit Bintang

Best Burger Bukit Bintang

Today, we will discover the 7 best burgers in Bukit Bintang.

Burgers have always been everyone’s all-time meal or snack staple for many years. Be it homemade burgers, or fast-food burgers, this Western food is always the most preferred food item of all times, globally.

Burger originates from the United States and became famous first in New York. Now it has transitioned throughout the years in many different countries into the local taste based on the population’s trend of the area.

In Malaysia, we are privileged to experience many different kinds of burger – local roadside Ramli burger, international fast food burgers and homemade cafe speciality burgers.

Burger On 16
Instagram @ tiredhungrynbroke

1. Burger On 16

Burger On 16

A very hipster and refreshing type of burger shop, Burger On 16 is a great hangout spot for people of all walks of life.

Their burgers are very promising too, with some of their signatures such as Mad Cheese, California Cheese Skirt and Inferno Chicken, this burger restaurant is one of the places you do not want to miss if you are a huge fan of burgers!

2. D Empire Pavilion

D Empire Pavilion

Though this is an Italian-European restaurant located inside the famous shopping mall, they serve one of the best burgers in Bukit Bintang area. Famous for their top-notch service quality and great food choices, D Empire Pavilion is a great place for business meetings and catch-ups.

What to try when you visit? Angus Beef Burger is the answer! Smoked and grilled to perfection, it is the tenderness of the meat you will miss right after!

3. Flam’s

Featured before in Pizza Time! And Kickass Burgers, Flam’s is a casual dining and bar place for the city people. Their homemade burgers taste healthy but still sensational with the flavour and softness of their bun.

Be sure to check out their West Coast Beef Burger, Our Famous Cheeseburger and The Nasty Double Trouble!

Fuel Shack Burger
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4. Fuel Shack

Located in Suria KLCC, Fuel Shack is one of the go-to restaurants for a great plate of a burger. It is more like a fast-food kiosk but minds you, their burgers will sweep you off your feet! Some of their must-try are Mini Tower, Blue Cheese Deluxe, Lamb Supreme and Original Shack!

Of course, they serve their classic Cheeseburger the best too!

Instagram @ michan_comel

5. Friends Of Burger

This burger spot is located inside the mall of Berjaya Times Square, with affordable price tags for each of their menu item. Best of all, they are a pork-free restaurant and they do not sell alcohol at the premise too. Muslim friendly!

The vegetarian burger is available too for the plant-based foodies. Some of the worth mentioning burgers are Lamb Slider, Mr Krabby and Double Friends.

Bulgogi Brothers Burger
Photo Credits @ Carolyntay.com

6. Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers
Image Credit: ctfand

A Western cuisine with a twist. To cater to the now trending K-Pop wave, Bulgogi Brothers is here for the Anyeong lovers!

Check out their eatery located inside Pavilion shopping mall and be sure to get wild over their Korean style burgers namely Unyang Burger, Kimchi Burger, Bibimbap Burger and Spicy Gwangyang Burger!

7. Woods


Located at Wisma Bukit Bintang, Woods is a special burger and food restaurant that features both local and healthier and organic option for the wellness group.

Feel better even after a burger, as you munch away their all-time favourite – Carrot, Okra, Lentil Burger! No more guilty, only pleasure.

You sure have the best list of best burgers Bukit Bintang has got to give you. For more of local food guide, please check out lokataste.com

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