Auntie Anne Menu & Price List (Update 2023)

Auntie Anne Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Legend has it that pretzels were first created by an Italian monk who wanted to make some sweet treats for his students as a reward. Intending to make treats that resemble his students folding their arms across their chest when praying, he rolled and twisted the dough—this being the origin of the shape of pretzel that we’re all familiar with. Over time, pretzels have become a snack that is enjoyed by all ages, popularised in Malaysia by none other than Auntie Anne’s. Having a diverse menu, with various pretzels to choose from, it may be inexorable for you to stop and stare up at the Auntie Anne menu for a good 5 minutes before deciding on your order. Sure, it’s okay to take your time, but if you are afraid of holding up the line, why not check out their menu beforehand?

Look no further, as we have compiled the latest Auntie Anne menu with pricing for you! 

Latest, most up-to-date Auntie Anne Menu & Prices (2022) in Malaysia


Original Pretzel

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Specialty Pretzel

Cinnamon SugarRM5.20
Green TeaRM5.20
Sour Cream & OnionRM5.20
Chocolate MintRM5.20
Parmesan CheeseRM5.20
Sesame SeedsRM5.20

Premium Pretzel

Caramel AlmondRM7.00
Jalapeno CheeseRM7.00
Cheezy TurkeyRM7.00
Cinnamon RaisinRM7.00
Choco EclairsRM7.00


CheeseRM1.90 (per dips cup)
CaramelRM1.90 (per dips cup)
ChocoRM1.90 (per dips cup)

Savory Pretzel (Add RM3.70 to make it Combo with 16oz Beverages)

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Jumbo Cheese SausageRM11.20
Sausage BitesRM10.20 (6pcs)
Cheese NuggetsRM9.20 (8pcs)

Pretzel Stix (Add RM2.50 to make it a combo)

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Cinnamon SugarRM6.20
Choco Eclairs RM7.40


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Lemonade/Passion Fruit(Small) – RM5.30
 (Large) – RM6.40
Mineral WaterRM2.60 per bottle

Make it a Combo (Juice included: Small Lemonade or Passion Fruit)

1 Original and 1 drink- RM 8.50
1 Specialty and 1 drink- RM 9.50
1 Premium and 1 drink- RM11.30

Pretzel Stix (1 Original, and 1 drink) – RM9.50

                    (1 Cinnamon, and 1 drink) – RM10.50

                    (1 Eclairs, and 1 drink) – RM11.70

Pretzel Sausage (1 Jumbo Cheese, and 1 drink) – RM15.50

                           (1 Bites, and 1 drink) – RM14.50

Order Auntie Anne’s Delivery in Malaysia

As you walk through malls, it is almost impossible to miss Auntie Anne’s with its dark blue signboard and its trademark bright yellow pretzel logo set in the middle of it. Though nothing can beat buying a piping hot pretzel and having it on the spot, you could also have your favourite pretzels delivered to your doorsteps too.

Now, you can order delivery from Auntie Anne’s via several platforms, namely, foodpanda, and GrabFood. Most items from the usual menu are available for delivery, including the limited edition promotion items. Even then, do take note that prices of some items are slightly higher when ordering from these third-party delivery platforms.  

    Fans of Auntie Anne’s

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    History of Auntie Anne’s Malaysia  

    Did you know that Malaysia was Auntie Anne’s second international location? That’s just how long this pretzel shop has been in Malaysia. Setting up its first branch in the year 1996 at One Utama, Aunty Anne’s has since become the Malaysian go-to for a midday snack. 

    Based in the US, Auntie Anne’s boasts an array of pretzels that captures the love of pretzel lovers around the globe. Now with an astonishing total of 1314 stores in 45 states and 26 countries, Auntie Anne’s has catalysed a global pretzel revolution. Even in Malaysia itself, there is a total of 49 outlets across Peninsular Malaysia, which just goes to show how much we love our pretzels!

    Reach Out to Auntie Anne’s Malaysia

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    1. Is Auntie Anne’s halal?

    Unfortunately, Auntie Anne’s is deemed as non-halal due to the name of one menu item— ‘Pretzel Dog’.

    2. What makes Aunty Anne’s Pretzels so good?

    Some speculate that it is baking soda solution slapped onto each Pretzel that gives them that signature Auntie Anne’s crust, creating the delicious Pretzel we all love.

    3. Are Auntie Anne’s Pretzels bad for you?

    For the health-conscious, do take note. Pretzels can be pretty unhealthy as they have a high calorie of approximately 470 calories with 12 grams of fat and 29 grams of sugar. Of course, you can still indulge in your favourite pretzels, but just make sure not to have too many of them.

    4. What should I get at Auntie Anne’s?

    If you are a first-timer, you may be wrecking your head over deciding what to order at Auntie Anne’s. For starters, you can always go for their Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel if you’re looking for something sweet, and the Cheese Pretzel Dog if you’re looking for something savoury.

    5. Can you reheat Auntie Anne’s Pretzels?

    Yes you can. In fact, you can do it either by using a microwave or an oven. In the case of using an oven, first preheat your oven to 400◦ while allowing the pretzels to thaw. Then, wrap the pretzels in foil and bake for 3 minutes. As for using a microwave, start by allowing the pretzels to thaw. Then, proceed to microwave the pretzels for approximately 10 to 15 seconds on a medium setting.

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